Hirschhausens Checkup (2) Ausschnitt: Stressbewältigung mit Chistopher Gordon
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Hirschhausens Checkup (2) Ausschnitt: Stressbewältigung mit Chistopher Gordon

The reporters Nico and Lisa want to find out if one can escape that. They’re doing the relaxation check. That is in Würzburg – the city with the fewest heart attacks in Germany. Together with the stress researcher Christopher Gordon, they want to find out how relaxed Würzburg residents really are. Excuse me, are you very stressed? Very. Would you like to do a very small experiment with us? Oh dear. It takes four minutes. No, very stressed. I could spare one minute for you. I will just take the ladder over there. It all starts with the heart rate monitor at the ear. Your profession? Roofer. Do you find your job stressful? Partially yes. It always depends on how you handle it. Do you feel relaxed? I am relaxed. I’m not stressed at all. How do you relax? What do you do? Eat something first. Do sports. Relaxation techniques. I just sit there first and admire the scenery. I have a nice big fish pond. Deep and concentrated breathing should calm the heartbeat. It takes a minute now. Please do not speak. Just breathe in deeply as much as you can, in line with the bar, and exhale deeply. Christopher Gordon thereby checks the heart rate variability. Who can connect with his breath, runs less danger to take things to heart. Very good. Fine. It was quite easy. Actually not that stressful. Under stress, the heart rhythm becomes too uniform and too fast. Christopher Gordon compares the data with the measurements of over 8,000 people. So this is the most important thing. That means you are very resilient to stress. Well, great. And that’s good. That means you are better by 80% than other people in your age group. And now you tell me the opposite, right? Yes, a little bit. Really? The two points here have something to do with your stress resilience – your ability to reduce stress. And it is a bit low here. Wow, it looks cool. He actually has a very good stress compensation system – just as he said. 100 percent. I am a very relaxed person. The evaluation of our sample: 9 out of 10 subjects are with regards to their stress resilience above the average of their age group. You may have also found out the secret now – on the right and left here are just people with a glass of wine in their hands. That looks quite relaxed for a Monday afternoon. Amazing for a Monday afternoon. Or? Yes. What can one do to keep one’s stress level down? Well, we barely give ourselves time – we need boredom. A plea for boredom? Exactly. Just taking a breath, so to speak. Or? Exactly. Breathing may be central to the simplest form of stress management. That is, inhale for 5 to 6 seconds and exhale for 5 to 6 seconds – for a quarter of an hour. And that changes the heart, brain, nervous system.

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