Herbal & Natural Remedies : Remedies for Stretch Marks
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Herbal & Natural Remedies : Remedies for Stretch Marks

If you have recently given birth, or lost
a lot of weight, you may have some stretch marks that you want to get rid of. I am here
to help. I’m Isabelle Simon, your personal and workplace wellness consultant, and today
we’re going to learn some natural remedies to care for stretch marks. What you want to
do is, first of all, drink plenty of water. If you’re dehydrated, and you don’t help your
body get rid of the toxins, it’s not going to be as easy. So, drink plenty of water.
Half your body weight in ounces of water is the recommended amount. Eat plenty of fruits
and vegetables, because they are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which
are all excellent vitamins for healthy skin. You can take supplements, as well, of course.
You can also use something called a dermal roller, or you can use just a…a cooking,
you know, rolling tool that you use in the kitchen, here, to flatten your pies when you
make apple pie. Or, here, for a demonstration, you can take anything that has a round shape,
and just roll it into your skin gently, because it will help massage your skin and firm up
your skin. And exercise, light exercise, is very good as well. And something I would recommend
is an exercise ball. And I just happen to have one here with me. And, a little demonstration
here. You would just sit on it, at your desk, or, you know, anywhere you’re at, and you
can just roll on it. And it will help work the muscles of, you know, your abdominal area,
your thighs, your bottoms, the outer area here of your thighs, which is usually the
areas that we tend to accumulate, especially for us women, you know, the stretch marks.
So, roll it. Easy does it. And you can do this as often as you want. You can do it with
your kids as a fun activity. It is so simple that it’s easy to do. I hope these tips will
help you get rid of your stretch marks. I’m Isabelle Simon, your personal and workplace
wellness consultant. And remember, good health begins with good nutrition.

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