Health Check Kids: Raising Awareness of Childhood Wellness
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Health Check Kids: Raising Awareness of Childhood Wellness

Time now for health check kids sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island and tonight in Health Check we are kicking off a weekly series we call Health Check Kids its a partnership between NBC10 and Blue Cross and Blue Shield It will air every Thursday health check 10 Reporter Barbara Morse Silva joins us now with what we can expect hello Barbara. Hi Emily and Dan, every Thursday at 5:30 we’ll be letting you know what’s being done to help get our kids on the healthy track, there are many programs out there, and many that are being proposed. Tonight a sort of overview of some of the topics we will covering throughout this school year. Here at the MLK community garden in Providence students are engaging in a scavenger hunt of sorts identifying plants, roots, and vegetables People are eating on the fly, too much prepared food making children really get excited about the source of their food supply like this community garden, what Michelle Obama did in the White House all of those things really add up up to increasing awareness
Rhode Island kids count monitoring what’s working in our schools to improve children’s overall health and wellbeing So is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island we wholeheartedly believe in giving kids a chance because 1/3 of Rhode Island Children are either overweight or obese so getting them to form habits early in life is really important one of those Blue Cross programs: Recess Rocks which involves teaching the educators how to have a structured and productive recess over the coming weeks we will talk about programs like recess rocks and Girls on the Run and some of the initiatives in the works like Tracking kids body mass index or BMI one of our key priorities at Rhode Island Kids Count is to really push the state to have a regular source of data that we can track annually. We are already pushing for it we have a great partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island we are being data sleuths. Its important because we are trying to understand the starting line are we solving the issue so data and tracking matters

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