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Health Care in America

President Obama: What
we are talking about is no longer
just a law. It’s no longer
just a theory. This is healthcare
in America. Is there any greater
measure of life and liberty and the pursuit of
happiness than those simple pleasures that are
afforded because you have good health and you
have some security? Nearly one in three
uninsured Americans have already been covered, more
than 16 million people, driving our uninsured rate
to its lowest level ever. Americans can no longer be
denied coverage because of preexisting conditions
from you having had cancer to you having had a baby. Women can’t be charged more
just for being a woman and there are no more
annual or lifetime caps on the care
patients receive. Medicare has been
strengthened and protected. We’ve added 13 years
to its actuarial life. Healthcare prices have risen at
the lowest rate in 50 years. Employer premiums are
rising at a rate tied for the lowest on record. The average family
premium is $1, 800 lower today than it
would have been had trends over the decade before
the ACA passed continued. In the years to come,
countless Americans who can now buy plans that are
portable and affordable on a competitive marketplace
will be free to chase their own ideas, unleash
new enterprises across the country, knowing
they’ll be able to buy health insurance. And here’s the thing,
that security won’t just be there for us. It’ll be there for our kids
as they go through life. When they graduate from
college, they’re looking for that first job, they can stay
on our plans until they’re 26. When they start a family,
pregnancy will no longer count against them as a
preexisting condition. When they change jobs or
lose a job or strike out on their own to
start a business, they’ll still be able
to get good coverage. They’ll have that peace
of mind all the way until they retire into a
Medicare that now has cheaper prescription
drugs and wellness visits to make sure that
they stay healthy. And while we were told
again and again that Obamacare would be a job
killer, amazingly enough some critics still
peddle this notion. It turns out in reality,
America has experienced 63 straight months of
private sector job growth, a streak that started
the month we passed the Affordable Care Act. (applause) The longest streak of private
sector job growth on record. That adds up to 12.6
million new jobs. And now it’s up to all of us,
the citizens in this room and across this country,
to continue to help make the right to healthcare a
reality for all Americans.

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