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Health and Care Innovation Expo 2018

>>Jane Cummings: People I’ve spoken to that
have come to Expo say that what they take away are some new ideas, so they learn something
that they would not otherwise have a chance to do, that they meet new people, that they
can build networks.>>Nick Harding: It’s great to come to Expo,
just to come and see what’s going on, the innovation, the new things that are happening
in different bits of the NHS.>>Maryanne Mariyaselvam: I think Expo’s
a great event for innovators because you really see the future of the NHS here, and you see
all of the potential that it could be, so I think it’s a really fantastic conference,
and it’s really uplifting as well.>>Tony Young: So Maryanne and I are both front-line
clinicians and, you know, just sometimes you need to go somewhere to get an injection of
“can-do” from other people who are around you. There are lots of problems on the front
line, lots of challenges we face day in, day out on the front line, but you know coming
to a place like this where you meet lots of like-minded people from different parts of
the country, addressing issues, addressing the challenges they face in a different way,
learning things from others, networking with them and trying to come up with solutions together, it’s a great place to meet new people.>>Emily Lawson: It’s really to seize the opportunity of having, you know, the commercial
sector, to have government and civil service, to have members of arms’ length bodies,
patients, physicians – we have basically everybody involved in the NHS here in some
form, so it’s a good wake-up call, it’s a good challenge, and it’s a good opportunity
to do some, sort of creative problem-solving that would be hard to get any other way.>>Kim Innes: Digital transformation is going to need more collaboration, not only with
the NHS but with tech partners as well, so we’re here looking for the right partners
to drive those outcomes for patients as quickly and as efficiently as we can.
Teva is a pharmaceutical company, and although we’re experimenting in tech, we need collaboration
both from the NHS and other digital suppliers to really take our patients forward in being
at the centre of everything and that they can control their own health outcomes.>>Andreas Haimbock-Tichy: In terms of my impression of Expo – it’s that I think it’s getting
better every year. It’s been – I think it’s the third time now that we’ve participated.
What I really personally like about it – I think it brings a real pragmatic approach
and insight into how we can make technology change happen in the NHS.>>Brett Lewis: So one of the things we’re trying to take away from this conference together
with NHS Diabetes is the fact that we’ve moved away from just selling traditional products
for people with diabetes and moving into helping solutions for people with diabetes when it
comes to healthier lifestyles. We’re actually helping them along with the prevention of
diabetes.>>Keith Jordan: Some of the things that people
might take away if they visited Roche today: it’s really a focus on what we’re doing
for the future. It’s very much focused on people getting an understanding of how we
are trying to change what we do in the way we work with the NHS, but also challenging
our own thinking about, you know, how can people drive us to think differently and challenge
what we’re thinking. So it’s very much a collaboration and very much an opportunity
to have a good debate about the future.>>Rachel Gregson-Brown: So, we want to make
sure that Microsoft is known as a brand in healthcare. We work with all customers from
ALBs right through to Trusts and independent small healthcare organisations. So we want
to make sure that everyone understands the digital transformation journey from Microsoft
and our partner ecosystem and how we are partnering with our customers to actually move forward.>>Matt Hancock: I can tell you today it is great to be in the company of so many people
who feel the same. It is invigorating and exciting to be here at Expo, the gathering
of people who can see the future in the health and social care system here in Britain.>>Simon Stevens: We are obviously going to use the opportunity presented by a five-year
funding settlement now to shape a long-term plan for the National Health Service, looking
out over the decade ahead. In doing that, we’re going to build on a lot of the changes
that are under way in terms of service redesign, integrated care, many of the approaches that
are here on display at Expo.>>Andrea Sutcliffe: One of the things that
I’ve noticed, and I’ve been coming to Expo for a few years now, is that over that
time we’ve had much better links between health and social care. The sessions on the
stage have been talking about social care, lots of the stands have got things which would
be interesting to both health and social care, and it’s a great opportunity for people
to meet up with people. I’ve bumped into all sorts of folk I’ve worked with over
the last 20-odd years so it’s a really great place to be.>>Jennifer Lee: The benefit of sponsoring NHS Expo really is to show genuine partnership
with the NHS. An obviously, for Johnson & Johnson the NHS is our single biggest customer in
the UK. And if you think about, you know, where the NHS is going over the next 70 years,
to be sustainable for the future, it’s the same thing with us as the world’s biggest
healthcare company, you know. It’s about innovation and modernising and we like to
think as J&J that we are at the forefront of innovation, and things like NHS Expo show
that the NHS is very interested in innovation.>>Dido Harding: Everywhere I go across the
NHS, I find pockets of absolute brilliance. And so there is an enormous opportunity for
us to learn from each other, for us to share what’s working, not be afraid to copy, and
to work together, which is very much what Malcolm and I are trying to do with NHS England
and NHS Improvement.>>Malcolm Grant: Because we get it, actually.
You can’t expect people to do things in localities and put in an enormous amount of
effort and emotional intelligence into forging new relationships if we can’t do it nationally.>>Stephen Powis: This is a really important event for those in clinical leadership because
not only is it an opportunity to find out what’s going on in the NHS, it’s a great
stage on which to network with colleagues, to network with innovators and industry, who
are driving the technology that will deliver the healthcare that will improve the lives
of our citizens over the next ten years.

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