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(inspirational music) – Ask a nurse about his
or her career choice and you’ll hear the same
thing over and over. – I became a nurse because I wanted to be someone that helped people. – It allows me to help
people at some of the most challenging points in their life. – To know each and every day that I’m gonna make that difference. – And that’s exactly
what we do here at HCA. Here nurses learn and
share in one of the world’s largest international
healthcare communities. – So working at HCA, you
have endless opportunities. – I really like that HCA
provides opportunities to be a leader and a teacher
in our special fields. – HCA offers many benefits to grow and to extend your education and your background and your knowledge base. – And so there’s all
kinds of opportunities, just depends on you, like,
what you want out of it ’cause HCA has it, it’s just
all about going to get it. – And there are so many ways
nurses make a difference. – It’s the beauty of nursing
in general is there’s always something to do, there’s
a different shift that you can work, a different
field you can go into, there’s doctors offices, bed side care, radiology nursing, there’s
all kinds of different things and there’s something for everyone. – Whether we’re caring at the bedside or in the boardroom, we
are all in this together. – It’s definitely an
environment where we know as much as we are caring
for those that are in the hospital, we’re
also caring for each other. – When you can go to work and really count on the people that
you work with to be there, that shows that we’re really a family. – I love the work that I do and cannot imagine a better place to do it. – Nurses are the cornerstone
of our mission at HCA. Above all else we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. – So being a nurse at HCA,
you’re part of a culture. You’re part of a culture that is committed to the care and improvement of human life. – It’s about dignity,
it’s about integrity, it’s about treating each patient as an individual human who deserves our respect and our kindness and our best efforts. (Above all else we are committed to the care and improvement of human life)

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