Guinea Pig Grease Gland
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Guinea Pig Grease Gland

hey guys, Scott here, Scotty’s animals
and I’m at the guinea pig rescue today giving baths right now and this piggy
who came in for a bath we’re in the middle of his bath and he’s got a lot of
boar grease okay and I wanted so I wanted to do a quick little video
talking about grease glands and guinea pigs grease glands so this is not poop
okay this right here is not poop and this is not there but above their but
their actual anus okay is below their penis in between their testicles sorry
there’s a little pouch right there there’s a pouch and there’s a place
where the poop comes out and this is above that this is kind of like at the
base of their spine and you see it in boys I’ve not experienced greasy girls
I’m not even sure if they have the grease gland maybe that’s a little
something I should Google we’ve butt up against my knowledge at the limits of my
knowledge but with boys they often have a greasy grease spot right at the end of
the where their tail would be at their tailbone now I’m gonna show you this
this once it’s covered in hair but it’s just greasy and look I’m a gross person
anyways but it doesn’t smell like poop or funk or anything disgusting it
actually has an industrial kind of lubricant smell it smells like some
grease that you’d put on your bike or car
or skateboard ball-bearing something like that so now what’s the deal with
this stuff it just is it’s it’s just a grease gland I’m not sure what modern
purpose it serves but depending on the type of fur it really builds up and it
can be quite clumpy and if it’s really soft for it can really cling so I’m in
the middle of I just finished giving him a bath and I worked off as much as I can
saskia generally the right the director of the guinea pig rescue she generally
just cuts it all off but I’ve found that you can work a lot of it out with olive
oil and then shampoo but yeah if there’s big chunks you just cut them out it’s no
big deal so this isn’t something wrong with your
guinea pig all guinea pigs have this it’s normal or all boys anyways we’ll
show this greasy grease gland some more than others depending on the type of fur
that they have some guinea pigs are greasy er than others okay that’s just
the way this so I just want to do a quick little presentation about that
we’re in the back in the barn in the storeroom this is where we give baths so
it’s not the most elegant photogenic place to do a video but I was just
thinking about it and I saw this greasy grease
clomp and so I just thought you know I hadn’t hadn’t done a video about it at
all and there’s probably not that many so I guess the name of this video will
be guinea pig grease gland and yeah if you have experience with this put it in
the comments if your guinea pig is really greasy or if you have ways that
you’ve dealt with it a little bit olive oil put it on there and then shampoo the
excess grease off and try to peel it off with your fingers and it’s not a big
deal it’s nothing to be concerned about there’s no health risk there’s nothing
wrong with your guinea pig it’s just natural so that’s the guinea pig grease

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25 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Grease Gland

  1. He's such a humble pig as you play with his little bum!
    I have all boys so I have to clean it all the time. My skinnys get coconut oil and soft damp towel and it wipes right off. My furry boys get coconut oil rubbed on and left for a few minutes then a bottom bath and a combing seems to do the trick.

  2. I've always had female guinea pigs so I never experienced this issue. Thanks so much for letting us know that females do indeed have a grease gland. If I ever see this on my pigs I will know what it is.

  3. I have two females, one with short, smooth fur and one texel. The short haired one gets really greasy, and needs bum baths regularly. I use shampoos from Gorgeous Guineas, and think they do a good job. Gorgeous Guineas also have good natural ointments for different skin conditions, paws etc.

  4. Huh, didn't know the girls have them, although it would make sense, i think that must explain why one of mine who has a white bum sometimes gets a bit of yellowish staining right in that spot, I normally just get a damp kitchen towel and give her a wipe, I thought maybe she was sitting in her pee, but then again their cage is mostly fleece and then fresh hay in their loft daily so that shouldn't happe, so this explains a lot really

  5. thanks for making this. last week my guinea pig lost some fur, so we took him to the vet, and the vet didn't know what it was. so i've been researching guinea pig hair loss on the interwebs and all i could find was information about ring worm (the vet said it wasn't ring worm), as i was searching i found this video and the marking on the guinea pigs butt is the exact same as my guinea pigs. now i know i can touch it and wash it off i feel reveled that it is not some rare guinea pig cancer. thanks for this video 🙂

  6. Ooohhhh yeah… All 5 of my boys. Every month i do a "spa day" and all sorts of "ick" is there in each one– or should i say "on". I use coconut oil to break it up. I also use it on their feet and nails for a good all around rub down. Big ass jar of the stuff goes a loooong way .

  7. Great video, cheers Scotty 👍🏻 my Mr. Lomu rubs his all over his fleeces and I find little bits like that a lot. Very handsome model, also love your T shirt!! 🤗

  8. I have tried countless products for soft penis problem but believe me only one of them made drastic results and that is the Prolargentsize

  9. I have 2 girls that do have obvious grease glands but its not anywhere near as thickly coated as my boys. I think the only reason why you can see the grease in my girls is because they have white bums and the grease is yellow.

  10. How often should u check this grease gland? I just got my boys a month ago so I am new to the guinea pig community

  11. The previous owner of my guineas didn't take care of them at all and theirs were really REALLY bad so i just used organic coconut oil and put it on there and just gently rubbed until it started breaking down. I got most of it off and they really didn't like me doing it haha so I waiting a couple of days before getting the rest off. BTW your videos are awesome! Very educational for guinea pig owners

  12. Hey did this today but just used Vaseline and water and one very upset guinea pig. Needed to be done as there was a build up but felt bad as he's not fully tamed yet wasn't able to fully dry his bottom due to his squirming. Any tips would be good?

  13. One of my boars always has excess greasy land but I rub it with coconut oil and them shampoo the area and he's good to go.

  14. pure organic coconut oil 6 boys two old sows all rescues mine purr when you rub the coconut oil in weird piggys i love my boys just part of thir care wish pet shop rescues etc taught more about boar sow car though learning curve was harsh dude i love youre videos piggys are sooooooooooo cute just going through tough time older teddy has dry skin really dry trying coconut oil and diet but i think its central heating indoor piggy any help appreciated he is quite an older gent now 5 yrs old but skin is flaky vet try steroid made it worse any suggestion for keith my teddy piggy really appreciate it xxxxxxxxxxx

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