GROWTH HORMONE TESTING VLOG || Sabre Norris & The Norris Nuts || TESTS Part 2/2
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GROWTH HORMONE TESTING VLOG || Sabre Norris & The Norris Nuts || TESTS Part 2/2

Hey legends in Sabre this will be part two of my hospital tests tomorrow I’m getting admitted to hospital for my growth hormone testing so I just put a photo of me in the MRI machine on my Instagram my facebook people wrote just most kindest and loving things, and I’m never I’m not gonna die But you guys writing to me makes me like forget about all the worry I have inside of me someone said to me in the surf that I shouldn’t tell people what’s happening But why not I mean like it’s not anything bad that I should be ashamed of it’s not a secret I don’t if care people know and it’s really nice when people actually care. Yeah, it’s a case something’s going on with me I don’t have to pretend. I’m perfect you guys know. I’m not perfect anyway I actually really enjoy telling you guys what’s happening in it. It really helps me I’m not the type of person you just pretend things are perfect when they’re not, I’ll just tell ya. I’ll be honest I’ll tell you the truth and the truth is that something’s not right and we’re gonna work out what it is But it’s not death don’t worry. I still be alive so tomorrow’s gonna be you and me at the hospital finding out What the hell’s wrong with me. See you there The last test I cant eat anything and i can smell the food andeverything looks so good. I get a room all to myself. There’s my bed, thats the view, tv. So I’ve gotta get an x-ray of my left hand. I’m doing that now Time for the x-ray. I’ve been waiting a while now. I’m hungry. Oh. Yeah, it is us here we go So I just got my x-ray, and I’m heading back to my um, room now. And um, It’s blurry so they’re getting the doctor so I can do my cannula, which is the needle which is the worst part of day? Which I’m scared about oh, I’m really nervous. I mean like I get so scared of the needles I just, I’m fine with getting them in like I stay still and everything just like let them do their thing But I just get so nervous *hiccup* before it.And I’ve got the hiccups so I don’t wanna like, move. Little bit of pushing shouldn’t have any pain, stay quiet breathe through your nose. Okay, we have a spillage. And, just wondering , when can I eat again? So I just got the cenula in, And I have a feeling there’s gonna be blood through that tube soon And I don’t want to look at it because blood scares me. There is my mom eating a carrot cake and I can’t eat anything I’m not aloud to eat mom don’t put that in front of me, it’s painful it really hurts me Stop it, stop shaming me saber. Sorry. Thank you, tastes so good. Don’t do that that really hurts my feelings. Ooh I just did a woopy. *Giggles a lot* Mum’s just going to go and get some food without me I’m stuck to the bed Bring me back some food, please I’m just watching TV at the moment. I found something to do with food so I’m happy. Every 15 minutes they come and take blood from me. And what is it mom got me something special? It was a surprise And what is it?? It’s egg and lettuce, is it hot? You said I wanted hot. You always wanted to try egg and lettuce, no that was you who wanted me to try egg and lettuce. Mmm… Its not too bad. The medication that they’re gonna give me now is supposed to lower my blood pressure, so Those kids have been screaming, it’s gonna lower my blood pressure So I’m not sure what that means they said it’s gonna make me so tired oh so like low blood pressure makes you get tired? I have no idea. Just did my last needle. We are gonna have to get the needle out are’nt we? Home time !! Thank you so much, my pleasure darling lovely to meet you , lovely to meet you. It’s all done and I’m heading home now, and I’m glad it’s over but I’m just bit scared for the results and I’m hoping that nothing’s like Bad everything’s okay, so thank you guys for coming on my trip to the hospital and I hope you guys didn’t get too freaked out by the needles like I would’ve I’ll see you guys when I find out the test results. Bye!! Do you wax or shave?

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