Growing Our Legacy: Agriculture and Animal Welfare
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Growing Our Legacy: Agriculture and Animal Welfare

Every day, millions of American ranchers are
committed to raising the world’s safest and healthiest supply of beef, pork, lamb,
and poultry products. And while this is no small task, it all begins
with one thing: passion. Passion for the land, Passion for the industry, Passion for feeding the world,
And most importantly, passion for raising healthy animals.
Growing up on a small sheep farm, my parents taught me the importance of having compassion
for all living things. We put this belief into practice by making
the welfare of our animals our top priority. That means late nights and early mornings
in the barn but that’s what it takes to make sure our flock stays healthy.
We are committed to insuring the highest level of animal care and providing the U.S. with
healthy, safe American lamb. Coming from a fourth generation cattle ranch,
my parents and grandparents have shown me first-hand what it takes to successfully raise
healthy beef cattle for American consumers. As a family, we take great pride in raising
animals to feed our growing population. For this reason, we devote many hours each
day to ensuring our animals are well fed, live in a safe environment, and remain healthy. As the fifth generation, it is now my job
to make sure their legacy of producing a safe, healthy product continues for years to come. As young agriculturalists, we realize that
everyone has concerns about how their food is grown. We are the next generation of food producers.
We will take the values our parents have taught us, the passion we have for our animals, and
work to address these concerns and continue to improve animal welfare. Hi, I’m Alyssa and I’m Courtney and we’re
proud to be the future of American agriculture.

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