Gretta – Pria Wellness Center Patient Testimonial
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Gretta – Pria Wellness Center Patient Testimonial

– I just think that if
you’re looking for a doctor who is just willing to help you with whatever you’re worried about, whatever your concerns you have, then I think Dr. Fernandez is your doctor. See, he diagnosed me with
fibromyalgia in 2004, and before that, like, I went to a lot of doctors, and I just, you know, I
felt like I was crazy. And then when he finally diagnosed me, I just, you just have a, it was hard, but you know you’re not crazy, and he just took the steps to help me, you know, feel better. So other doctors I went to kinda just wanted to just push you off, didn’t believe in certain things. And I feel like he’s open to everything and he really, he really cares. My entire family sees Dr. Fernandez, and he’s very easy to talk to. And I feel like he’s more
like a friend than a doctor.

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