Get a wellness exam to help keep you healthy- it costs you nothing!
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Get a wellness exam to help keep you healthy- it costs you nothing!

(Barbara, the wife, is sitting at the kitchen
table clipping coupons. Bobby, the son, takes a piece of cake from the fridge. Brooke, the
daughter, walks over to her mother’s side. Bill, the husband, walks in and opens the
fridge. Bill also reaches for a piece of cake. ) Barbara (to Brooke): He’s raiding the fridge
again. (Barbara picks up her smart phone and taps
the Florida Blue logo. Carla, the Florida Blue representative, appears, sitting at the
table with her.) Carla: Barbara, you’ve just got to tell him
to eat fruits. (Bill takes a piece of cake out of the fridge.) Barbara: Bill, don’t you touch that cake! Bill: But babe, I’ve been so good. Remember,
yesterday I had a salad? A salad! (Brooke takes the piece of cake from Bill
and leaves the room.) Carla: He really should only eat fruits and
veggies until he comes in for a wellness exam. Once his blood work says his cholesterol is
down, then he can talk to you about splurging. Barbara (says to Bill as he looks for other
food to eat): Eat an apple. Bill: But I don’t want an apple Barbara: There’s a banana. Bill: I’ll have an apple. Barbara: If you think your cholesterol is
under control, just go get a wellness exam. Bill: That sounds expensive. Barbara: We have a Florida Blue health plan.
It won’t cost us anything! Carla: That’s right! Getting a wellness exam
is a very important way to help keep you healthy…and it costs nothing! As a Florida Blue member, you can get routine
annual checkups, lab tests, well woman exams, mammograms and other preventive screenings.
In addition, we cover things like flu shots and immunizations to keep you from getting
sick…and it’s all at no cost to you, even before your deductible. Bill: Will going to the doctor raise our monthly
premium? Carla (talks about the online provider directory
as shown on the screen): Nope, using your Florida Blue benefits won’t raise your premium,
and as long as you are using a doctor or clinic in the network, it won’t cost you anything! Then log in to your account at,
and check out your online health and wellness resources! We like you healthy, and we like you eating
right! (Bill takes another bite of the apple) Barbara: Yes dear, being healthy is good. Bill: You know what they say…an apple a
day… Carla, to Barbara: That’s just a figure of
speech. Bill (talking to both of them): You know,
I’m right here. Barbara: We know Bill. We know. (Bill bites the apple and walks away.) Carla: Protect your health. Call your doctor
to schedule a no-cost wellness exam and start taking advantage of your preventive benefits
TODAY! Keep in mind that if you have a GoBlue plan,
your exams are covered up to $50. So you still save and never pay full price. Other Florida
Blue plans include wellness visits at no cost. We’re committed to helping you understand
and get the most out of your health plan. Florida Blue is here to make sense of it all. Florida Blue
In the pursuit of health Florida Blue, Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue
Shield Company 1-800-633-6808 Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross
and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield

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