GatorWell: We Are Where You Are
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GatorWell: We Are Where You Are

Hi guys! I’m Shantol and I am a wellness educator at GatorWell, an organization that believes in improving the lives of students like you. Today we’re going to check out all the free health and Wellness services GatorWell offers to UF students. And we’re going all over campus because we are where you are. This is GatorWell’s main office on the first floor of the Counseling and Wellness Center in room 104. It’s located at the crossroads of Radio road and Bledsoe drive. If you’re coming from main campus just hop on a bus. Let’s get inside and check it out! GatorWell provides information and resources on a range of health topics that are useful to college students. Topics like sexual health, stress and time management, and healthy eating. Check out our website
for full list. At the main office students can meet one-on-one with health promotion specialists for free HIV testing, wellness coaching, and quit-tobacco coaching. just call to make an appointment. Are you part of a student organization or campus group? Health promotion specialists can also do presentations on health topics at your next event or meeting. To top it all off, GatorWell offers a ton of free health-related promotional items to students including notebooks, hand sanitizer, chap sticks, and yes, condoms. But GatorWell is all over campus. Let’s take a look. GatorWell has satellite centers located in two residential halls. at Jennings… and at Springs! The satellite centers offer wellness coaching and quit-tobacco coaching for students. In addition to weekly health messages, interactive activities, free promotional items, and massage chair sessions. Check out the Jennings and Springs Facebook page. Now that I’m relaxed, I’m going to show you my favorite part of GatorWell — The Health Hut! You might have seen me or another wellness educator on campus. We talk to students about weekly health messages and host fun interactive games and activities. We also give away free promotional items for students. So the next time you see the orange & blue GatorWell Health Hut on campus make sure to stop by. You can always check our schedule on our website. So whether you come to GatorWell at the CWC, the two satellite centers, or the Health Hut around campus, we are where you are! At GatorWell we believe in your health and wellness. You can also check us out online, and make sure you like us on Facebook. As for me, I’m Shantol and I’m just going to chill here for a bit.

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