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Gardner-Webb Hunt School of Nursing

[Instrumental music playing] Right now, the burn has
caused so much edema that it’s caused you not to
have blood flow to the…[voice fades out] The best way to learn critical thinking is
something that’s not taught in the classroom. It has to be something that you feel
and that you experience hands-on. You can read it in a textbook, but
simulation connects those pieces together. We prepare our graduates to not only
be the best nurses that they can be, but to show that through the love
and through the work of their hands, as they work side by side
with patients and family. Did the calculation right there. Mhmm. We did put in a Foley Catheter. We’re lucky. In the Hunt School of Nursing
that we actually have several different programs, so different routes that the students can go into. Once they graduate as an undergrad
with their ASN, their associates, or their BSN, their bachelors,
they can go right into the masters. I’ve actually experienced several of my friends
that are still working in the hospital setting, and they have loved having Gardner-Webb students. They say they’re well prepared. They’re able to get the experience
that they need in simulation, and put it into the hospital setting. [Instrumental music playing] Our professors are compassionate cheerleaders. They are just so excited about
seeing you do your best, and really growing in the nursing program. They want to know your interests,
and they want to know what you’re passionate about
and what sort of sets you on fire. And they want to bring that out in you. I really do feel like I’ve been prepared through lab,
through simulation, through lecture, through clinical. And I totally fell in love with it,
and that’s what I want to do. [Upbeat instrumental music]

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