From spine surgery to running a half-marathon
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From spine surgery to running a half-marathon

-What motivated me to do this half marathon was I want to prove to myself that I progressed and and that I’m able to do stuff now. My name is George Partita I am 25 years of age and currently I am working as an x-ray technician i was diagnosed with the tumor it was an ependymoma it was a pretty massive tumor and life-threatening tumor well I woke up one morning and my my foot was completely asleep my right foot and it just never went away until it got to my knee got to my hip my whole right side finally and that’s when I knew I had to go to the hospital the tumor was located inside of my spinal cord, going to eventually clog up my throat it was going to cover my esophagus, I wasn’t going to be able to breathe and it would eventually paralyze me and kill me I was in shock I think everyone was in shock we were confused and just hoping that I was misdiagnosed. Dr. Yanni at UC Irvine was was incredible he explained what he was going to do and how he was going to do it and just a great great person and the first time I met Dr. Yanni he said if we don’t try and beat this the tumor is gonna win I never thought to myself I’m probably won’t make it the only thing I thought to myself was I don’t want to be paralyzed so after surgery I remember looking at my my toes looking down and actually being able to move my toes and I got a little emotional and I looked to my side and my girlfriend my mom were there and i was happy i told them i could actually move my toes and they they started crying and they said we know we’ve been seeing you move your toes for a couple days now my overall experience with the UC irvine was great I couldn’t have asked for anything better from the doctors to the nurses everyone on staff they were just really helpful. The physical therapist really pushed me more than anything dr. yanni pushed me I go to UC Irvine to visit dr. yanni every six months it’s a pleasure seeing him, a pleasure hearing that nothing’s wrong and that I can go home again.

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5 thoughts on “From spine surgery to running a half-marathon

  1. I'm 16 with spinal surgery😞its only been 2 mounts out of surgery my liver was pushed gents my spine please tell me I can run again

  2. And soon on to another surgery, my neurosurgeon said if you'd like to have a second Fusion done, do squats do deadlifts and become a jogger.

  3. This is stupid just cos he had spine surgery doesn't mean he has nerve damage of his ambulatory skills ? He was lucky that's all

  4. I had an accident and due to that I have a serious spine injury, I can't feel my legs when I woke up in the morning, going for surgery soon hope I can run again.

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