Forever Living Products’ Marketing & Compensation Plan – Business Opportunity Presentation 2015
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Forever Living Products’ Marketing & Compensation Plan – Business Opportunity Presentation 2015

Welcome to Forever This short presentation will show you
how you can receive significant discounts on Forever’s exclusive products
and also how you can start to build your own Forever business and begin building
a better lifestyle for you and those you love There are four simple steps step 1: Join Forever as a Novus Customer.
step two Share your experience with others.
step three Built a small team become a Supervisor
step four achieve Manager status by building a
large team of business owners let’s look at each of
the steps individually step 1: Join Forever as a Novus
customer and enjoy Forever products The first thing you’ll notice is how Forever’s exclusive products help you to Look Better and Feel Better anyone can buy Forever products at full
retail value as a Novus Customer you receive a 15
percent discount from the retail price on all Forever products you purchase.
Becoming a Novus Customer also puts you on the path to earning a
better living with Forever Here’s how it works, as you purchase
products you start accumulating case credits. a case
credit is based on the monetary value of Forever products a case credit or CC is worth
approximately two hundred seven dollars retail.
Case Credits are like points Forever uses to track your
progress as a Novus Customer and Forever Business Owner For instance the first major milestone
to starting your own business comes when personally purchased two case
credits worth of product within two consecutive months at this point we are recognized as a
wholesale qualified Forever Business Owner with the title Assistant Supervisor you’re
now eligible to purchase products at the wholesale price which is double the discount you
received as a Novus Customers You also receive a five percent personal
discount which brings your total discount to 35
percent off retail. Get ready because beyond these
incredible discounts you’re now ready to start earning money
as an Assistant Supervisor you earn 35 percent for all personally retailed and online sales made using your Forever
Business Owner ID number as well as additional bonuses for those
who join your team is Novus Customers which leads us to, step two share your
experience with others and help them enroll as Novus Customers as a Forever Business Owner you’re now
able to share Forever’s amazing products with others and offer them the same great discounts
for becoming Novus Customers many have built successful Forever
businesses in their local communities with family and friends while others have had great success even
global success using social media perhaps you’ll choose
to do both as your personally sponsored Novus
Customers begin making purchases you’ll earn 20 percent off the retail price
on all purchases they make you’ll earn even more is they too become
wholesale qualified Forever Business Owners you are now a team building step 3: built a small team and become a
Supervisor once the sales for you in your small team reach a combined 25 case credits within two consecutive
months you advance to the title of Supervisor and qualify for an additional monthly
team leading bonus this is sometimes called the volume bonus and for good reason you make more money as your team’s volume increases and your percentage increases as you
advance to higher levels within the marketing plan to qualify for these additional bonus
payments in any given month you must remain active which means you
can’t just sit back and let your team do all the work you personally need to accumulate four
more case credits through a combination of personal purchase retail sales and sales to Novus
Customers step 4: become a Manager and build a large team
of Business Owners achieving Manager status represents a
high degree of dedication and hard work it’s also the gateway to earning life
changing income as Manager your sales bonus
opportunity extends beyond your personal customers and personally sponsored
business owners to the larger multi-generational team
that you’re helping to build your monthly team sales can qualify you for our generous car plan Forever2Drive, our Global
Travel Incentives the Eagle Manager Retreat and Global
Rally and our ultimate financial reward the Chairman’s Bonus, where Forever
pays out millions of dollars to individual Forever Business Owners 23 million last year alone just how fast you do it is up to you but
with consistent hard work it’s reasonable to achieve Manager status
in five to six months this is why your life can truly change
there’s plenty of training and support to help you along the way at Forever we know that the best way to succeed
is to help other succeed when you get the team a hard working business owners your success is assured and great things
will happen at Forever we’re invested in your success we have seen millions of people change their lives by following these steps I’m more excited to help you do the same
again welcome and Thank You for becoming a part of the
Forever Family

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