Fitness & Wellness with John Jessell at Four Seasons Hotel Miami
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Fitness & Wellness with John Jessell at Four Seasons Hotel Miami

So my day starts off pretty early I try to be in the water by six
and swim for about thirty to forty five minutes. It’s kind of a meditating process, I dive in and you know there’s no gravity in water
so you just kind of feel tranquil and you feel at peace. It’s like a second home for me and I can spend
all day in there a couple hours, a couple minutes, and then I’ll do my weight session for about
forty five minutes and then I’ll do a nice jog back. May had a bad day or something
going on personally, it just goes out the window. Really it energizes me and I’m able to bring one hundred
percent of what I want to bring to my team every day. Being a Pool Manager and a Department Head,
that’s very important because the energy
feed off from me to the team. So if I’m having a great day, they’re going to feel
the same kind of empowerment as well especially when we want to take care
of our guests on a daily basis. I think the health and fitness and wellness is huge
because when you can energize yourself and you take care of yourself, you feel great
and if you feel great you can come to work and
you can perform at the highest level.

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