First Impressions of Affordable Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20: Burts Bees, L’Oreal & more!
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First Impressions of Affordable Drugstore Skincare Products Under $20: Burts Bees, L’Oreal & more!

Welcome back to Beauty Within. It’s your host Rowena and Felicia. Since you guys loved the first two videos on affordable skincare products, we’re back on the third installment. Yay! We want more! 😀 In this episode, we’ll be covering some familiar brands you’ve might have heard of like Neutrogena, L’oreal, Burt’s Bees. We also want to talk about a line that Walmart released very recently that you guys will I think you will love (Fel:Yeees!) I mean– I think this is what we’re most excited about. And thank you Walmart for sponsoring this video which just means you can get all of these at Walmart but we used our pretty pennies and bought all these products ourselves. And this is about two hundred dollars worth. But Walmart has a huge range of skincare all the way from high-end, drugstore, K-beauty. There’s a bit of everything for everyone. So rest assured, our views and opinions are always a hundred percent our own with these products. Now, lets start with– Neutrogena. Lets start with this Hydroboost Multivitamin Booster. This is what we wanted to get last time but got the wrong one. Now we got it. And now I understand the hype. So this product claims to intensively hydrate and energize the look of skin designed to revitalize and brighten dull, tired, skin instantly, while helping to improve moisture barrier against reoccurring dryness. It’s a gel-like texture, with hydrating beads suspended throughout the product. It’s cool because as you pump it, the bead will come out. It’s disperses (Yeah!). Having tried some of the other hydroboost line products I would say this is probably the best hydroboost product. In this, there’s hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, which is niacinamide, B5, amino acids, red seaweed and vitamin E. So I actually really like it. This would be something I could use daily. Yeah, it’s pretty surprising that the niacinamide is right at the top. However, the sodium hyaluronate is quite far down. It is. But the cool thing is the encapsulation pump method. (Yeah, it is.) And it comes out and it’s slightly pearl– It’s not pearlescent. (Ro: It is a little pearlescent.) It’s a little glittery. So some people might not like it because it is made from mica, which is a pretty controversial ingredient. Some people are like– “Oh my god! I look like Edward Cullen!” “I’m like a shining vampire!” “I don’t like it!” But you can’t see anything. I think for my skin and for your skin, it probably doesn’t show up as much. A guy on Reddit was comparing this to the Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide because he was going to go backpacking. He was like I don’t want to bring two things in a glass jar so he was like let me try this. And this is better than the Ordinary. Pushing us out of the jar. (Yeah!) And the only downside about this– is that it is fragrance. So if you are sensitive, and if your body is just naturally sensitive to fragrance it’s in there. For this price, it’s a very, very great serum. So it lives up to the hype. It for sure lives up to the hype. This is just like (Ro gives two thumps up) First, lets talk about the Neautrogena clean line. And because there’s so many different definitions of what clean really is It like varies from brand to brand how they define it is that all the ingredients go through a kind of refining and processing of the ingredients that they use. But it also states that there’s no harsh chemicals sulfates, parabens, dyes, and phthaletes. So that’s their standard. Moving into the actual products: Starting off with the purifying facial cleaner. First thing off the bat I realized because it’s clean I was expecting no scent. But this was overwhelmingly “scentafied” I’m not like one of those people that cannot use fragrances. I actually really enjoy fragrance because it makes and increases the likeability of a product, right? If it’s down well. ‘Cause it’s all preference at the end of the day. (Yeah) But I just don’t like the smell. Oooo. It’s for oilier skin types. It’s also in the gel consistency that we really like. So in terms of that, I think it works really well. It also lathers a little. Most of the ingredients are coconut derived. That’s what makes them a little cleaner. As well as that, it’s got white willow bark. It’s got vegetable glycerin. Willow bark is good for combination (and) oily skin. And it does work well. It didn’t sting or anything. The texture is really nice. It feels nice, but yeah– Afterwards it’s not comfortable. It feels washed. It definitely feels washed. I’ve used like the Khiel’s Cleanser for oily skin that also has coconut derived surfactants in it. That one was much more comfortable than this one. And then moving onto the multivitamin nourishing moisturizer. That I can deal with the smell because it’s a cleanser It’s on for about a minute and then you wash it off. But this is like taking it one step further because it’s on your face, right? So its just forever this cloak of this smell (And it doesn’t go away) No. How does it blend? It’s fine. I actually really like the consistency. In terms of a nourishing daily moisturizer it definitely does that. It’s very nice. It has vitamin C, E, and B. As well as some omega fatty acids. It’s not the most lightweight, but it’s not heavy cream. It’s kinda in the middle. In this contains a Peruvian plant oil which is rich in essential oils and fatty acids. So that’s where the fat component comes from. As well as the antioxidants of vitamin E And as well as that, There’s also olive oil derived fatty acids. And what’s noteworthy is that fragrance on the ingredients list is actually higher than this plant extract. which explains a lot. On the cover for both of these, it is fortified with vitamin B, C, E but I think the vitamin B and C are both from the yerba matte plant leaf extract which isn’t the normal vitamin B and E you think of (Fel:Yes….) So again, the reviews for this were very mixed. Some of them were like “It broke me out. It smells too much.” Others were like, “It’s the best moisturizer ever.” Because the texture is nice. (Ro agrees: The texture is nice.) So this one on the other hand– The texture is– It takes 10 years for it to seep into my skin. I feel like I’m just pushing the product around my face, and I can see it. The white streaks… For me, the smell is too overpowering. (yeah) And it also takes too long to blend into my face. For that reason, I’m not the biggest fan of it. So I would say that these two moisturizers are probably very similar. But in here there’s a lot more oils or that there’s omega bionutrient that makes it a lot thicker that’s more suitable for nighttime use. So the thing is, this–just the smell and scent I feel like it rubs off on my pillow. And I just still smell it in the morning and I’m not really a fan of it. If they just calm down a little with the smell or the type of smell it could’ve been a really good product. So this one was really good. Actually I really like the entire Hydroboost range. But then we’re moving on to L’Oreal’s line. The HydraGenius line–also very similar packaging to the Hydroboost. Lets talk about yours first. (Okay) So this was the aloe and hyaluronic acid formulated for oily skin because it helps to mattify. It’s like a gel texture, and I enjoy it. It’s a huge, HUGE portortion of it. I like the way it feels on the skin. It just kinda breaks down into a kinda watery feel. I don’t know about it helping mattify, but I feel like because of the ingredients helping you balance the natural sebum that’s being produced. It absorbs so quickly. (Yeah) My skin is like (Rowena makes absorbing sounds) It’s very enjoyable to use as a serum. Definitely for combo/oily skin ’cause it’s so fast absorbing. I don’t know how it would react to dry skin. You’d probably have to really amp up the other hydration products. But in terms of scent, I also enjoy the scent. (It) sinks really easy. It’s not greasy and it’s nicely preped for a moisturizer. One con is that it contains a cooling agent that could potentially irritate the skin. The active ingredients are: glyeric, aloe leaf juice, sodium hyaluronic, hyaluronic acid, (and) bamboo extract. There’s also vitamin E. So all of those are humectants. It really does draw moisture, and it definitely feels nice on the skin. If you’re looking for bang for buck, that’s really worth it. Yeah, it’s huge. (No, it is. It’s massive) A little goes a long way too. (Seriously!) Now lets move to it’s twin– that is for normal/dry skin. And before we go into it, smell this~ (Fel smells) So this is Victoria Secret Balm Shell. This is the perfum I had when I was in college. When I was wild In that time, this was what all perfumes smelled like. And then, give me your hand. I see your frame of mind. I think when you pair them– when you put the two next to each other one of them smells a little more fruity than the other one. but it’s very similar. When I apply this on Friday night, when I was so tired, after a long week of work, it was around like 10, 11PM, I was ready for bed. I was like wait– Why does it smell like I’m going to go clubbing? (Fel sings and dances) And you know how like smells are so particular that it brings you back into the day? I was like, I’m not ready to go “ensh ensh” yet because of that I’m very sorry to tell you guys that I just could ‘t….I just couldn’t. But in terms of the ingredients What’s the major differences between the two? ‘Cause I’m still quite surprised it’s quite light. (Yeah) There’s glycerin, aloe leaf juice, sodium hyaluronate, sodium hydroxide, hyaluronate acid tocopherol, which is vitamin E, and birch bark extract, which is high is antioxidants So I feel like these two are very very similar Except this one is a little bit more cloudy and a bit more like lingering of oily feels. And this one just like evaporates. It’s like instant absorption to your skin. So for this one This one is made for extra dry skin and the reason why it’s for extra dry skin is because there’s metaform oil. There’s argan oil and also shea butter. And the smell is the same. Texturally…. It goes on a lot better than the (Neutrogena moisturizer) (Yeah, it’s not streaky) Actually that’s a good comparison. I would pick these (L’Oreal products) over them (Neutrogena products). (Yeah) Moving on…Earth to Skin This is Walmart’s new baby, and Felicia was the one who was like, Let’s try this next because it reminds us a lot of Glow Recipe. So for this specific line, it’s super budget friendly, and it’s Walmart foray into clean skincare. For Earth to Skin specifically, because the definition of ‘clean beauty’ varies brand to brand For them, it means no parabens, phatates, mineral oil, sultanates, gluten or animal testing. So everything is priced between seven and ten dollars. And there’s nearly thirty products (so many!) broken down into four lines with different key ingredients. So there is super fruit, super greens, honey, and tea. Which is one of the reasons why we’re even so excited to try ’cause I’m like “Tea? Super green? Honey? Like Manuka Honey?” They all sound so good. And the fact that it was packaged very minimalist So lets first talk about the superfruit blueberry cleanser This cleanser reminds me a lot of the Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce. But you know how the Blueberry Bounce has AHAs as a chemical exfoliant? This one has a physical exfoliate. So the micro beads in here are called microcrystalline cellulose Which is a refined wood pulp and an alternative to plastic micro beads that we usually try to avoid This is a lot more eco-friendly. It is biodegradable, and it is safe around animals. It’s so cute! I was not expecting that. And it also smells very similar to Glow Recipe. (Yes) I think it’s a really great entry level cleanser for the price. For this one, if you want to compare this with the Blueberry Bounce, Blueberries are the eighth ingredients in this cleanser while in the Blueberry Bounce, it’s the fifth ingredient. So that’s pretty interesting. They’re pretty close. It’s really close. For something that is so much more affordable, I ain’t mad. So of all the products in this kit this is one of the most popular. For good reason too. So next up in the starter kit, We got it because you get four things and one was for ten dollars. So it was a good way to try. The Citrus Day Cream– (I) loooooove this texture. It is so light weight. It is true to what you think a gel is. (It is) very similar to the Belief Aqua Bomb. The scent of citrus is not that strong. (It is) very fast absorbing, so it would apply nicely under makeup or just under a sunscreen. And it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. But the thing is–I’m gonna talk about another day cream that they have which is the honey gel cream I love this. So in terms of the two day creams that they have I would prefer that we’re going to mention later, but if you like citrus, (I) definitely recommend this one. It’s no fuss, non-irritating. It’s so nice. Moving onto the Avocado Overnight Mask. So this obviously a sleeping mask for night time. It is heavier. It is creamier. Once again, I am kind of floored by how they formulated it so closely to Glow Recipe. The only thing I would say is The Glow Recipe is a little bit more buttery. It’s a little thicker in terms of that nourishing emollient aspect of it. But in terms of the moisturizing abilities– the scent even– very close. So Glow Recipe has two of the avocado. One has retinol. This definitely does not have retinol as an active ingredient, but just in terms of–If you want a nourishing, moisturizing overnight cream to lock in all the hydration you put in. In this, they have fatty alcohols, shea butter, avocado fruit extract And there’s also black tea ferment (or kombucha) There are not many new reviews yet because it is quite a new brand So you heard it here first! But just the last thing– In the set, is this banana brightening eye cream. Nothing is really going to brighten your eyes But it is a very nourishing eye cream It’s very similar to the First Aid one that you really like. Yeah, when I put it on, I was like, “Oh! Rowena would really like this actually.” If anything, the scent is very, very subtle. Oh, I Iike how it’s very creamy (Yeah) It’s thick when it’s first applied, but as soon as you press it and push it, it just disappears into your skin (Yeah). But because it is super fruit, there’s banana and also mango extract in here. It feels like a luxurious eye cream. You know, luxury is associated (with that.) I actually feel all these products in this line are cosmetically elegant. Yeah! (Yeah) compared to everything else Which is so interesting Because (I) was not expecting that That’s that said. Moving on to the Manuka Honey The one that you’re (excited dance) The Manuka Day Gel Cream–with this one you can definitely wear at night especially in the summer. (It’s a) very similar consistency to that citrus one. Oooo it smells like manuka honey. ’cause you know it’s medicinal. Yes, it smells like honey and Chinese medicine. Which I really love and have grown to appreciate as I get older because it’s very natural, very spreadable, very light weight. So I have nothing but good things to say about this– (It is) the perfect day cream. And because honey is great It’s a natural antibacterial (product). There’s also the licorice root extra which combined with the honey helps calm inflammation And there’s a lot of hydrating ingredients in here: hyaluronic acid and vitamin E You know when something is nice or you like it when you apply it and nothing punches you in the face. It’s like “AH!” OAO! Ack!>_

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