Felix Cartal Discusses Keeping Your Mental & Physical Health in Check
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Felix Cartal Discusses Keeping Your Mental & Physical Health in Check

Hey I’m Felix Cartal, I’m an electronic
producer from Vancouver, Canada. So I’ve started a podcast, I guess, over five
years ago now called “The Weekend Workout” and it sort of stemmed from, like as I
started DJing I had a lot of friends that were just going to the gym and
would always ask me for music recommendations. So it sort of just
stemmed from: why don’t I make something that’s totally free for people to
consume music that I’m into, and as well as a way for me to showcase other
artists that I believe in at the moment. And yeah, I think like, it’s good for me
because it keeps me motivated and wanting to stay healthy and stuff. And I
think there’s a really good synergy between dance music and working out cause it’s
very high energy and, yeah, I kind of started it not with too
much of an idea of where it would lead. But it kind of became a thing where
I’ve had people send me health stories now. And it’s, like, helped them lose
weight or feel better about themselves. So it kind of like took – like I’ve
definitely had people come up to me at shows that have told me success
stories like that. So yeah it kind of made it bigger than I thought it
would be. And it kind of motivates me to keep doing it, which I love, and I love
that it’s just this thing that I can give back to people because I think it’s important to stay fit. I think someone told me this quote once
which sums it up really well, like, “Motion before emotion,” so I think I feel that
way, like, maybe if I’m working on a song and I’m sending it to people and they
write me back notes that I think might be hard to read, because, you know
any artist is precious about their work. I think if I’m in a
better mental space, whereas if I just went for a walk or something, that I
can have a conversation about it where like, my ego is not involved or something. I think the hardest thing about being an
artist on the mental health side would be – it’s kind of one of those
weird jobs where your whole job is you make something and then you let
people judge it sort of. So it’s kind of like a weird thing to experience over
and over again. And obviously with the internet and stuff, those reactions
are heightened and amplified. So yeah I don’t know, I will get
comments where people say, “you know if you weren’t ready
for the criticism, why’d you become an artist?” And I kind of think that’s a
little bit backwards. I think people just want to make stuff, and criticism is fine
but, you know, people are humans too. So obviously it’s gonna affect you in
some sort of way. But, yeah, I think the best thing you can do is sort of have a
network of friends that are also in a similar industry. And I think just
talking through them because everyone I know gets hater comments.
And, like, that’s all you can do, if you know that everyone’s getting it, then it
doesn’t really affect you as much I guess. So, when I’m on tour, I’ve traveled alone
a lot. Like almost the first five years of my touring, I was traveling every
weekend pretty much alone – exclusively. And I think I knew a lot of artists who
sort of became antisocial and wouldn’t want to hang out with
maybe the promoter and things like that. They just sort of, like, end up doing the
room-service thing over and over again. And I kind of – like I know it can be sort of intimidating to meet new people all the time but I think that if
you can kind of push through that and just sort of be open to kind
of hearing all these different people’s stories, like that’s one of the things
now that I love about travelling. I just get to meet people that I maybe
wouldn’t normally get to hang out with and yeah, I don’t know. I just think alone
time can be hard on mental health. So if you can sort of combat that with just
sort of talking with people and being social, like, I think that’s really

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