Fanny Patoureaux of GE Healthcare Takes the World to Work
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Fanny Patoureaux of GE Healthcare Takes the World to Work

Hello! I’m Fanny Patoureaux, Image Quality Engineering Manager at GE Healthcare. Welcome to day 2 where we will be looking at the engineering of the Senographe Pristina. My team and I specialize in image quality optimization. It means that we strive having the best image quality possible so that the radiologists can detect cancers much easier while we keep the dose to the patent as low as possible. And this is the mammography device. It looks a little different than the one you have seen with Aurelie yesterday because it doesn’t have the beautiful covers so that we can focus on the technology underneath. Let’s have a closer look. Okay, now we are in the control room and we’ll go to the tube welding process. So, and this is Pierre. Hi, Pierre! Hello, Fanny. Here we have a beryllium window that parts the way to the x-ray transmission to the tube. And then we build them together with the complete all the parts. Thank you, Pierre. Thank you. This is the EMC room. So in this room we are shielded from any electromagnetic perturbation from outside. And look at those spikes. They remove any echo that we get from that antenna so that we have a very quiet room and we have no other perturbation than the one we want to induce to the system. And this is my friend Xavier. Hi! And he will tell you what we are looking at. Okay, so here we can see is that the signal we are creating inside the EMC room. And here, it is an image we just made of a phantom which is an object that mimics a type of region you can have in the breast. And we are looking at any perturbation or any after effects. Thank you, Xavier. Look who’s here! This is my Edison team. They are part of the Edison Engineering Graduate Program. Hi guys! Hey. We are using Sawyer. Say “hello” to Sawyer. Hi, Sawyer! This robot actually helps us to do some automation of the tests that engineers are usually doing. Nice job, guys. Goodbye! Goodbye, Fanny, goodbye. So we are in the review area and here we have Karima, our Clinical Leader. This is a 2D synthesized images generated from a 3D acquisition. And we will see also a very nice technique. It’s called Contrast Enhanced Mammography. This is a technique I pruned during my PHD. And Pablo, he is working on it now. Hi, Pablo! Hello. Can you show us some images? Yes, of course. I am looking at some 2D images from a standard mammogram. We inject and iodinated contrast agent and with a dual-image acquisition, we can now confirm the diagnostic of this cancer. That’s it! I hope you had fun and you learned a lot about what we are doing here. Stay tuned for day 3, assembly. Bye!

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  1. couldn't you have someone record for you? the quality of the video is bad, I can see your arm and the shakiness is so distracting

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