Faces of Change: A Skeptic’s Story on Health Care Reform
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Faces of Change: A Skeptic’s Story on Health Care Reform

[Piano Music] [Spike Dolomite-Ward Voiceover] My life is
so completely and totally different. I feared there, for a while, that
it would never be the same. [Music] [Family] God is great. God is good. Thank
you for our food, Amen! [Spike] I’ll take some potatoes. [Spike] My name is Spike Dolomite-Ward, and
like so many Americans today, I got frustrated with what was happening in Washington. I was a registered Democrat, and I re-registered as an Independent, stopped listening, and
missed some very valuable information. We have always had health insurance. My husband
had a really great job working for a local entertainment company, and when he got laid
off, he decided to go into business for himself. [David Ward] Paying for our own health insurance
was really expensive. It was over $1,300 a month. And then, when the recession hit, we
just couldn’t afford it anymore. [Spike-VO] The day came when my husband said,
“We can’t pay for health insurance anymore.” So, it was a hard decision to make, but it
was either that or the mortgage, and we don’t want to be homeless. And then, the worst possible
thing that could happen, happened. [Spike-VO] When you get told that you have breast cancer,
and you’re uninsured, there’s no hope for you. If you have a pre-existing condition, there is
no private health insurance company that’s going to welcome you aboard and take care of you.
I thought I would just fall right off the face of the earth. And then just being haunted
by the fact that I could actually die and leave my kids too soon. [Daughter] Bye, Mom. [Spike] Bye, baby. I love you. [Spike-VO] What’s available to middle-class Americans
who are uninsured and have a catastrophic illness? One of my dear friends who discovered
the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). Ten days after applying, I had health insurance
and I’m in treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. It’s been the smoothest experience I’ve
ever had with any health insurance company. With PCIP under the Affordable Care Act, anybody
with a pre-existing condition qualifies for health care. [David] Getting covered gave me some hope,
you know, that we can get through this in one piece. [Spike-VO] And, I pay premiums just like
everybody else with insurance. It’s not a government hand-out. I criticized the Affordable Care Act,
and the very thing that I criticized is what is going to save my life. Because President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, I get to keep my house. I won’t go
bankrupt. My kids are going to go to college. And I’m going to live. [Music]

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39 thoughts on “Faces of Change: A Skeptic’s Story on Health Care Reform

  1. a little note to those that disapprove of this because of tax reason: if u belong to any standard religon (judism, islamic, or chritanity) doesn't your book of worship preach about helping others?
    supporting this is supporting your religion. im also a young vote and we do have opions and vioces.

  2. I don't approve of scaremongering tactics but this isn't one of them, this is for real. Republicans want to remove this bill ASAP which is next January. It is not only important to vote for Obama, but it's important to vote Democratic for House and Senate. Otherwise this will be a very big issue for millions of Americans who DONT have a voice. These are the real "have nots". No voice, no health insurance, no job, no justice. We must stay the course.

  3. At first I was skeptical of Health Care Reform in 2009, but now I see some of the changes made as being really important. In fact, it didn't go far enough to make positive change in some areas!

  4. It's this simple: the USA needs 4 more years of Barack Obama. He has worked too hard, and done too much to see the progress that is being made wiped from history. This is a defining moment for America, and the world. It takes a great nation to elect a man like Obama, but it takes an even greater nation to accept that 4 years isn't enough for one man to change the world, and that 4 more years ARE needed to finish what's been started, to put America on the right track. I trust in him. OBAMA 2012!!

  5. I lost my Mother in 1997 because she had no insurance and no access to healthcare. The Public Heathcare system failed, did nothing to help us. For that I will never forgive America. If we had Obama's plan in place back then, my Mother would be here today to vote for him. I am a Proud American, but I am Embarrassed to be an American because we can't take care of our own people.

  6. "I criticised the affordable Care Act, and the very thing I criticised is going to save my life"
    Thank you Mr. President!

  7. I remember watching the people on the left complain telling the whole world that the healthcare law was weak. It could be better for sure but it was a good bill, no doubt. What we leftist should do is educate people and gather behind our people. If we had done that, we would have kept the house and wouldn't have had the problems that we have right now. OBAMA 2012….

  8. I had breast cancer. I am uninsurable if I lose my employment. Thank you to all those who worked to get this legislation passed. It gives me peace of mind and I know it will help many Americans going forward.

  9. Once it's all in place, and we've had the chance to experience the benefits, people will depend on it and appreciate it the same way they do social security and medicare. It's destined to be an absolute must have, can't live without. ObamaCare is like sending out a lifeboat to the American people – while the health care plans of the GOP is like putting everybody in the country on an Italian cruise ship.

  10. While I disagree with Spike on many things, having had the privilege of going to High School with her, I just want to say, Love you, baby!

  11. Hmmmm….Is that a Toyota I see her driving!????? Go one step further than supporting Obama, and support American built cars please.

  12. My friend whose daughter was going to get her tonsils removed, his wife's insurance plan was going to deny them this routine procedure because they used unemployment before his wife got the job and it was hidden in the fine print. So I said to him that the new law says which now you can't deny child what so ever even those reasons. His wife's HR department fought for her because of this provision and his daughter's tonsil removal got covered. Thanks Affordable Care Act.

  13. I'm all for health care reform. I'm extremely happy for Spike that she is able to get care. But, I worry about a system where people can drop their health insurance and not pay any premiums, and then only come back when they get truly ill. This is for sure a road to bankruptcy. We need a funded health care system that everyone contributes to.

  14. this is what this was made for. something for ALL people to afford health care. not a handout. but let the doctors determine how they can save you not by you not having health care insurance.

    OBAMA 2012

  15. I don't know if this helps frame the debate but I'm a Canadian who likely pays more in taxes than my neighbors to the south because some of our taxes subsidize our health care system. In fact, a lot of it does. I'm required by law to buy insurance and the premium varies by income. In my province, the highest monthly premium for an individual is ~$65. What's covered? All that is medically necessary. Specialist visits and hospital stays included.

  16. When will America stop being so damn STUBBORN? Look at all of the other SUCCESSFUL countries in the world: Universal Healthcare, and THE METRIC SYSTEM = Canada, Almost ALL of Europe, Australia, Most Developed Countries… Ugh.

  17. "Because of something Obama did…I'm gonna live" How many Americans could say that about Bush? Or any Republican for that matter.

  18. What a wonderful story! Please share this story with your family and friends. We must be informed so everyone realizes that being required to have health insurance is a good part of this law. If each person takes responsibility for having health insurance–with assistance if premiums are not affordable–then, we will bring health care costs done for all of us. People will be able to go to the doctor early on to get care, so we save money wisely with healthy lives uppermost in our minds.

  19. My insurance got some kind of exemption on the lifetime limits thing. I wish my insurance would get better. Thanks for requiring them to pay for preventive care. I like that. I just wish they'd cover prescriptions and get rid of the lifetime limit and maybe raise the yearly limits.

  20. President Obama had to watch his mother died so he fought hard so no other america should have to go though the samething if a cure or treatment is in arms reach. THINK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA. 2012 ALL THE WAY.

  21. President Obama saved my house by signing the ACA! I suffered a spinal cord injury in 2003 & it was a nightmare! Well, the nightmare got much much worse when my insurance dropped me! I was forced on Medicare & Medicare Part D…My drug cost were right at $500 a month once I hit the "Doughnut Hole" but due to the ACA my drug cost have been cut more than in half!

    Obama 2012!!!

  22. To someone who lives in a country with the NHS, and who has at least a basic knowledge of evidence-based medicine and ethics, the fact that companies deny people health insurance simply because they're already ill seems backwards and completely unethical. I'd go as far as to call it a broken system.

  23. I'd like to see Mitt Romney and the republicans respond these inspiring stories about how the ACA has helped people that would have died, and then explain their opposition to it.

  24. She could pay, she pays monthly premiums now, the insurance company didn't want her money because she had a pre-existing condition. Thank God for Obamacare.

  25. PCIP is an awesome program. However, note that the woman in the video and her family had given up their insurance because they couldn't afford it. That's why they only had to wait 10 days to get on PCIP. The one thing that sucks about PCIP is you must be uninsured for 6 months before you can get it. So if you have a pre-existing condition and you're fired, when your COBRA runs out, you have to sit around for 6 months hoping you don't get cancer before you can sign up for PCIP.

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