Facebook privacy checkup overview 2018
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Facebook privacy checkup overview 2018

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Now if you
want to check your privacy settings for your personal account on Facebook this nice little
friendly guide the dinosaur not quite Barney but certainly a blue dinosaur on Facebook
help is really useful because it gives you an explanation of all the steps involved.
So here’s how it works. So when you are logged into Facebook the standard
way you check your privacy settings is to go to the dropdown and select settings. And
then you need to go through the individual settings. But if you go and click on the help
icon in the top right quick help you’ll see that underneath the initial menus is the privacy
checkup. And that brings you through to our friend Mr Dinosaur. So as it explains whenever
you post you can choose everytime who sees it. So you can vary it . So you can have a standard one set which is
at the moment public for me but I want from now on the next post to be friends only. And
as it says there’s a tip there also there’s some step through ideas you can hit next now
it looks through all the apps that you’ve got set up and who’s allowed to see that you’ve
got those apps installed. Then I’ve got all these set to only me. And then finally you
click on the next and you can go through and check your profile settings. OK so just going
back now to the next menu option here. So privacy shortcuts and this breaks down who’s
allowed to see your content, so you can see who can see your posts we’ve already set that.
Reviewing previous activity that’s the activity log what other people see on my timeline so
you view as a particular person and you can see what it looks like to the public or any
particular friend. The next one would be who’s allowed to contact
you , who’s allowed to send friend requests. You can change that from everyone to friends
of friends if you wish. How do I stop someone from bothering me?- Those are the block options
so you can add the names of anyone you want to block. And yes you can go through to the
full privacy details. So the other two menu options are if you want
to send a message to support to get in touch about an issue you’ve got all nice and easy
to use within the Facbeook help menu. So I hope that’s been helpful. Certainly do get
familiar in some of my other videos I go through the details of the settings so that you understand
what’s behind all these privacy recommendations etc because it is important stuff. You need
to have full control of what’s being shared. Because, like any social mediia platform everything
wants to be open by default so that it coonnects you with more people. It’s your responsibility
to make sure you keep control of your own privacy. So that’s it from me I’m Paul from
PRwilson Media, your social media personal trainer. Cheers.

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