Episode 52: Protein – How Much? How Often? With What? and Why?
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Episode 52: Protein – How Much? How Often? With What? and Why?

okay I’m good you guys good I am good
no called Jesus just hang on to the casting is just a few episodes ago that
we were so all right guys we’re back this week
can we talk about I think we do know we can we can now with why we couldn’t yet
before yeah yeah we haven’t talked about this at all on the podcast right I hope
it was a real surprise so but but we so I’ve had we’ve had like this long slow
bureaucratic nightmare getting our residency our residence permits here for
the record we did not I had a matching time it was easy I was done it wasn’t
that you arrest about it enough truly wasn’t that easy no they give you a lot
of questions with many individuals that I helped apply for citizenship in the
States yeah my process was little to complain
about we remember you domes which you got here a little later too so by the
time you got there things were extinct now we’re doing this yeah it’s a six
eight months for you and so then I had additional people so there’s more
documentation then I was here six months sooner and so it was for me it was a
year it was basically a full year okay I’m happy to say by the time they
hear this it’ll be resolved fully which means after the first 90 days yes you
can see whatever you want after the first 90 days if there is any
repercussions all this is allegedly for annotate yeah exactly but after the
first 90 days I was completely over State on my visa I had moved my dog here
I couldn’t leave so sending my family back every 90 days to keep them legit in
case while the application process could go and we had the whole thing and
finally it’s not that kind of what we’re staying because you know you’re working
for the for business yeah it was just like there was complexities involved
yeah it’s tough to get everything locked in so we had to open businesses and
being all Krissy here which was I mean it’s not as bad as France but it’s not
so so when Julian was talking about we’re gonna talk about the next big we
said I was we’ll hang on because I don’t want to
talk about these diagrams you’re gonna jinx it
yeah and as of like two days ago I got notification that my me and my family’s
our permits we’re totally they they’ve always been legal but we wouldn’t really
have a meeting to get their stuff temporarily extended or else I was you
yeah I was gonna have to send them back still for 90 days starting like that
next week yeah I was like fuck they approve that and by approving that it
meant we were legal until the application was finished which meant I’m
now just legal yeah and then the application was approved so now I just
gotta go in and get some fingerprints and get our shit so I get to be a it to
be Dutch now and then when you’re finished with that you have to make one
more appointment to go pick up yeah I know they said that too they said they
said you got it you gotta come to go do fingerprints and then you got to come
back again to go get your cards stuff so they need to spread it out so I’m not
just eating come on you know that but the next step now is let’s hear it guys all right so we are going to move
countries again but this time what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna open a big-ass
gym yep right am I gonna do that in Barcelona so we’re moving to Spain
why Barcelona because the fucking ham over food over there is so good I love
Holland I need the food to change I love Holland the food is not the most
exciting I’ve ever had in my life which is gonna upset a lot of Dutch people who
tells me like it’s a French food that sucks
but okay but I’m still Latin based so yeah we are moving to Barcelona the
reason is I can open the gym that I want here either and what we’re going to do
is open something large where we’ll have Kyla and Tyler all there on a regular
basis I will come and go as I always do but we’re gonna have like she’s gonna be
she’s gonna run across it isolated the whole thing we’re gonna have a power
lifting team a strongman team because they have the Arnold in Barcelona every
year which means I’m gonna go back to competing instrument and we want a
big-ass place now to have a hub for strong fitnah not just the office
but I came real like you know like a biggest fully setup we can jump right in
and forecourt any time Julian gets an idea we can roll exactly our episodes be
the way we want to we think it would be good so the equipment and the way to run
it the strong fit wait basically we’ve been helping a lot of people remotely
and online and people have been asking for something like this too and that’s
why people can come come spine a week Wizards come spend a month with us and
we cuz I need our winters in Barcelona are probably nicer in the winters
wherever you guys live so yeah yeah anyway so you can come I like the cold
so that I’ll miss that I’ll miss Horan on many levels but
vasana will be a better place for us yeah like the render everything is just
it is better and I’m excited about the food all right
the culture is exciting I know I love the Spanish culture as well it’ll be
yeah she’s happy to be cooked we’re gonna get a big ass this is a this is a
really funny little tie into is that I being not good at school because I just
didn’t like it at all I I failed out of Spanish class he had to learn a foreign
language class where I went from I just somehow didn’t and it was fine but I
failed out of Spanish the first half of the first year of Spanish with a 42% and
the only words that I learned in that Spanish class were puedo or el baño
which I believe is may I go to the bathroom so what I would do is every
class I know the bathroom and I would just disappear for 30 or 40 minutes I’d
come back and so now my fucking Spanish teacher is gonna be stoked she’s like
this fucking idiot now he has to learn it yeah and now now you guys both know
Spanish some no no I’m good I’m it’s uncle angle I know no none the mega
knows none nice flexible my son is like me he’s starving
the downside is here they all speak English in Israel
they want no not none this isn’t gonna be work it’ll be yeah it’ll be more work
pastilla is a major city so we’ll be fine but it’s gonna require I’ll gonna
be quite willing well I’m happy yeah so but then Richard they of course are
pretty coolant yeah so we did sure we had the choice between Lisbon Barcelona
or we looked at Antwerp as well Brussels like different locations I would have
loved Lisbon but business-wise Barcelona is a larger city made your hair ports
because we still going up to travel everywhere yeah and I want the gym to be
to be a certain size so we can attract people there I still think would that
work funny Lisbon yeah would have loved Lisbon – who knows we could visit
yeah exactly will be so close right but like so it’s Barcelona and here we go
yeah becomes wrong so they change those that the tax status because of bacon
when he came to play for Martha or we are mad with joy my bad my bad when he
came to play for Real Madrid they had to change the law because the Spanish law
is whatever your money you make worldwide is being taxed and they are
their stuff and it’s 45% and it was like I’m not paying 45 percent of the money
that I earn outside of Spain neither am i paying 45% what I make here so they
have becomes loan out which you pay twenty four percent income tax and you
are not charged on worldwide income good for five years and then we did when do
we say we do this but it is so funny I’m a male cop I was eating tomatoes like
apples he was like the ham it’s mostly fat like it’s 80% fat I was like I can
get this all day good produce and the food is like if everything works out I
told I told my wife you know obviously it’s like well we’re thinking this or
this or this and like everything she’s like okay yeah
that’s all I know I got a good one she’s not worried about like like oh jeez what
is this the second country in two years what are we gonna do move every year she
looks at like like wait can we move every year yeah like we might well now
we get the gym so that means we’re gonna have to be tied up a little bit yeah but
it’s the culture of craftsmanship I miss the most yeah maybe to tarik
where we are but here it’s a lot of yeah good enough yeah which bothers me that’s
also very Dutch like has this in normal is crazy enough yeah any crazy or I’m
starting to understand and I like to move all the time I know the
Pennsylvania Dutch community in the Dutch community yeah like now I can draw
some eyes yeah yeah interesting it’s a different culture like I and I don’t I
don’t think I’ll ever stop moving yeah I said I think traveling is a bug yeah and
once you catch it you’ll never know you’ll never leave so yeah we found it
like in every new situation and every new group of people you meet and every
new thing it’s just extremely valuable and so like it when the thing you don’t
so much weight psycho cheese do I got to stay anchored into this it’s like I
don’t know the next thing was awesome is this thing yeah why not do the next
thing yeah that’s well so we are five years on
that becomes row and then five years from now who knows so you get to gin no
matter what for five years after that who knows maybe Elizabeth maybe Japan
who the fuck knows talk about a second yeah exactly he
keeps bringing up – yeah at some point it has to you has to be at some point
I’d be interested in that only for the oddity thinking that I would just knew
it water there was that water you look at you yeah anyway
anyway this week though we’re gonna get into what we didn’t get into last week
which I think I’ve opened now 30% of our podcasts with that so it’s not a problem
with Julian but the thing about Julian is like you either gotta hang on tight
or you’re gonna get well or I got a pull too hard right those times were moving
things were going good last week’s episode was almost two hours
hour and 45 hours you know sure yeah like 45 minutes ago ho no no no shit um
so then then we get yeah it was good we get to that point it’s like oh shit like
I know I gotta go yeah yeah so but this week we wanted to get into similar to
like we did last week I want you to outline your nutritional basis for a
protein consumption this week instead of carbs right and let’s we’re gonna dive
in with all of the things that we see right there I’ve heard that we’ve always
lived by you know and we’re gonna kind of try it so let’s stop with what we
know for sure about protein right you need to eat protein every two three
hours to achieve maximum anabolism nightly right these lobes alright this
is that you have protein all day this is how you build muscle you get leaner
through it and all that stuff right so you cannot consume too much protein
right I mean the impression I was under right so of course you can but you would
have to like the poly miss digestion right but what they tell you is like the
more protein you eat the more muscle you build yes a fuller for longer your body
well use it it has no place to store it right all right so well there is some
value in that right I used to I used to have somebody that somebody else had
said this before me but I I but would parent it like most things I just don’t
know the background of I would just say but it was like you know they had a
somebody would say like well the body doesn’t have any way of storing excess
protein necessarily and I would be like we’re looking at me
and looking at these skinny people it looks to me like I store a lot of excess
protein more than they do yeah it’s a little bit first of all my question is
simple you have a lot of people I go to the gym out there that eat protein all
day mmm-hmm right and a lot of cross videos do that right we’ve seen during
exercise your size everything so my question is how much muscle have you
gained in the last two years how much muscle beginning like three
months because I gained six kilos yeah eating only protein at night I prolly
eat a hunger grams a day so and you know all bodybuilders tell you it’s at least
a gram per up no shit like that I’m not even close to
that I’m fully less than half of that so I
know again my question is how much more solid you gain because if you keep
building so all you have to do is up the protein and build muscle
all right so every guy that I know that goes to the gym wants to build muscle
how is that working you just have to eat more protein all right so that means
that everybody would be on ten kilos or muscle by now well because the rule of
thumb is that you eat your body weight and grams of protein no matter what I’m
supposed to grams so if you’re so it’s or or what does it order B to ground to
do a hundred kilos 200 grams right and if I do that and I think that’s not a
formula I recommend that’s just as a standard if I do that I just gain muscle
it’s that simple right I think so yeah so while we not all the guys that want
to get big and muscular so they just have to eat more protein then how come
we’re not all like gigantic man I think I think what gets pointed to that always
too is people then just go to your actual adherence of the diet and be like
well are you really eating enough we’re eating shitty the rest of the time you
don’t mean that’s it but that’s what usually comes from all right so the Sun
can I offer different points to that first point is we did a podcast on a
melanocortin axis that was showing that you can gain fat by triggering the
biggest nerve right that was a melon comes in Vegas access right so when you
eat protein through the gut flora and through because it takes so much energy
to digest protein right you trigger the vagus nerve so that means that eating
too much watching by itself would trigger sorry fat gain fat gain mass
that’s well that’s what that’s what the study was saying it’s like a trick we
don’t understand fully by the way the mechanism of gaining weight it’s not
that simple it’s really not that simple because it’s basically hormonal with a
number of stuff but what it seems is that true the vagus nerve triggers the
fat mass gain and we know that and we know anything that triggers the vagus
nerve at the expense of the melanocortin axis the sympathetic raises the fat
percentage that means that if you add too much protein you would trigger the
vagus nerve and then you would turn One of the most destructive things you can do for your system is having
undigested protein in it. If you have undigested protein it falls
into the colon where it putrefies, turns bad, and has been
shown to kill gut flora, good gut flora, more than almost anything
else. So having undigested protein in your
system is a death sentence for certain health markers, and that’s been proven
time and time again. So having more protein that you can digest is actually
extremely harmful to your health, that one is obvious. So now the question is, what
is too much protein? ..and that’s the question. it well by being in a place when I’m
supposed to be able to digest it then what’s the problem of exactly so let’s
talk about that when is when the timing of being in a good place to digest
protein so we know that if you’re in the simple the sympathetic side inhibits
digestion so we also know that protein is the hardest thing to digest outside
of broccoli what requires the most energy to digest is protein all right so
my point was all right so let’s talk timing we have circadian rhythms cell
like anything on life has circadian rhythm every cell in your body know
regardless of the macro micro every cell or business circadian rhythm a 24-hour
clock right that’s just that just the way it is that’s the way the world would
have seen to that that includes cells that do not have any direct feedback to
exposure at all meaning those are cells that are only receiving that from your
body’s peripherals exactly through the nervous system yeah through the nervous
system so that means that I’m going to over simplify a little bit but you want
to be active during the day resting at night right so activities throughout the
sympathetic part of neural stem rest is – well the past sympathetic nervous
system so that would tell you that you only been sympathetic during the day you
want to be in par sympathetic at night all right so I go through the now we
stand back to the software so my thing was if we know that protein is so hard
to digest right that it requires you to be in a passive Patrick’s Day
right so that means what would I want that during the day since I’m supposed
to be in sympathetic if this your cell react to the day as let’s be active and
then that means you as a macro element that mean your nervous system is more to
are the sympathetic side of the peripheral because it’s that’s what’s
being activated during the day it will in a bit part of your digestion what
would you have what would you want to have protein during the day if you have
protein during the day every three hours that means that you kill yourself
continuously into a path sympathetic state or close to it that’s that that is
my question we’ve talked about this before
and this exactly right lilac protein needs to be in a parasympathetic state
you need to be in a parasympathetic state to digest protein a function yeah
but you’re mentioning – like what’s comes first the horse of the cart like
so if I’m eating protein is it going to make me into a parasympathetic state I
mean I would say objectively behind or does sometimes if I’m gonna eat if I’m
gonna sit down and eat a bunch of me right now I’m gonna let’s look at do
let’s say now you eat no enough protein II put you in passes like all happen so
let’s talk about both let’s take the first one is yes he puts you into a par
sympathetic state okay so you have staked you know past sympathetic state
all day you get to nighttime right so now you have to be past sympathetic
state again but you we are that all day what are the chances that this to thing
has said circadian rhythms there’s a light and then there’s a gut flora
so now you’ve fed gut flora the food that triggers up a sympathetic tight so
now basically when you’re getting at night you’re gonna have to stay in power
sympathetic otherwise you can’t sleep mmm-hmm so I means that having protein
all day would affect your sleep patterns otherwise you are constantly on only one
side of the nervous system which goes against the akkadian rhythms and based
on kind of the arch concept that you teach with everything to is that weekend
we’re only spending so much time in the person when we can define we’re gonna
have less and less we’re gonna have less and less of that useful anyways meaning
in the evening where do you need to sleep so you kind of beat what happens
is if you take naps all day how do you gonna sleep at night no well okay but
that’s what this is your impassive pathetic which is
part of it is arrest mode all day then she’s gonna sleep at night
so if we spend too much time down regulated because of what we’re
prospecting for food and you can’t sleep you’re not really down regulated a
further exactly it’s it’s the what’s the movie it’s the Super Troopers you’re
super troopers thing we can’t pull over any farther we’re already pulled over right so what happens on the other side
what if having the protein does not put you in a pass in pathetic state and that
means you’re more toward the sympathetic state which enable digestion we back to
the problem of you not adjusting protein who is gonna sit there and kill you gut
flora so what dictates what wins that battle
is that kind of the intensity of both inputs it depends on few much me two
more what’s going on environment drive you in sympathetic so if you have a very
calm environment and you have food at home you’ll be fine you’ll be sluggish
you’ll take a nap it might get a little weird
my problem is again you are one side weakening the sympathetic side so the
fight response and we talked about the hormonal problem and all that stuff and
on the other side you’re making sure you’re not going to sleep well anymore
which then anyway and that’s the best case scenario yeah the worst case
scenario is the food stays in digested in your system killing your good gut
flora so now if I look at it from my perspective which always through the
software that means that if you have we have circadian rhythms which means you
entire nervous system so the peripheral that sends you data right
is setting up a certain prediction active during the day in active inactive
less active at night right alright so what if I go against that that means I
would basically the prediction will be reversed forced every time if I’m right
that means you would seen an increase of entropy of death in your system by
having problems all day so if I’m sedentary at work I’m essentially in
parasympathetic no you’re not you’re still your artwork you insipid
so that’s not how it works everybody thinks because you’re doing nothing you
you’re not you’re in parasympathetic no you’re in fright you just don’t want to
be there you’re there but we’re going like you know how you know because you
can’t concentrate you’re looking at this and you just can’t see anymore you’re in
flight yeah I see that as a common thing that we get is like well if I if I take
a nap and I love the afternoon after I train
surely I can eat protein what I’m like but then you kill you’ll sleep at night
I think it was important for me to notice though the that I view the
circadian rhythms as this that’s the thing that you almost can’t really
control much of and it it’s just gonna be no matter what a slight uptick I I
just in my head I think like twenty five percent like daytime twenty five percent
a little more towards the sympathetic side nighttime that dial get stuck down
just a little bit that way I just kind of know like well yeah I could eat some
protein now maybe take a nap there’s still I’m still elevated beyond maybe
what I want to be so from is that an efficiency thing is the concern there no
the problem isn’t that the problem is if you go against so this the entire system
is designed a certain way right so there’s one way to decrease remember
active inference the point is to minimize surprises the point is to
credit to fight and Chopra free energy so that you can create more life and
less death like obviously oversimplification but you know what I
mean right every time you go against the system you produce entropy you don’t
want that the introduced entropy is getting you closer to death literally so
that’s the problem so that 25% means that’s 25% more death less life look at
it so it is a fucking problem right so for example like we said introducing
western lifestyle western food to the inuit produce cancer and all that stuff
i’m like okay but what we well we always say is that western food interaction is
basically two things share food which is true and count which is true as well but
what about protein what if we introducing huge amounts of protein
actually taxes the system to a point with actually harmful like we don’t talk
about this but like if you look at all ancestors i don’t think this any culture
that has been eating as much protein as we do on a regular basis like who had
that much cows to eat who hunted enough that they ate that much like i mean i
was looking at this way if I had to actually kill the amount of meat that I
was eating in a hey before you know I’d be a lot of
fucking gonna be blood on my hands yeah well here’s the other thing I would have
to eat even more because I would be so much smaller from all that talk about
wisdom with some food and everything but I think we have to start to look at if
eating that much protein is not is not actually detrimental we have that idea
that more is better mm-hmm when does that ever work some
protein is necessary there form always better that’s a target that’s not a
measure yeah I mean like it’s I hear that one all the time and every
evolution and advancement in Western civilization has been a way for us to do
less yeah yeah for what we’re getting right there is a good point like so
we’re not trying to so look we’re not trying to digest protein batter which is
trying to get more of it yeah right so if the point was we need to get more of
the protein that we ingest digested I’d be all for it but then that tells me the
data soy de time is not a good timing for it right and then if we have that
much more and then we weaken the stomach it basically means less protein that
just means far more harm to the body do the worst thing you can do for your gut
flora is antibiotics and undigested protein in your system and we are doing
both are very high level is there a threshold between like is there like a
small amount of protein that’s reason like wait a sec this is gonna be some
protein and some of the fats you have and stuff in the day but is there a
threshold where let’s say a person maybe some like in most things some aspect of
more tennis – there’s more results we had to be on a point of diminishing
returns hours how can we get more in there and optimize the system can you do
something like like so we kind of talked about napping in the day that maybe
that’s still starting to fuck up your day or your night
what about doing something like just kind of a slow drip and also picking
throughout the day but again doubt your if you were to stay on their level
activates your party panting every system you’d be fine but again how is
that doing you any good how about improving digestion at night
Yeah right like okay so something you wanna improve digestion you’re not on
your phone eating you’re not in the car you’re not stressing you sit down you
basically smell the food be hungry was the last time you were hungry on your
dinner and I mean like enjoy a nice conversation
take your time chewing take that and actually digest the food you ingesting
how about that aspect alone that we should spend more energy trying to
digest better then then interesting more I think I’m not so crazy on this I think
once today maybe again last last week but the the chewing your food thing I
can put down some food that I’ve barely chewed and I never even hurry so much
that it’s like like and and now I can I really notice it now like if you think
about like how much extra work that is on your body some of the giant chunks of
steak I’ve just like and we’re good you know what I mean it’s like it’s like
what are you doing down how long does that have to soak to much it’s not being
digested like I remember most of their CDs here this is a number of stuff like
that doesn’t work so the easiest way of all this is like how about you digest
better yeah because you already have more protein in your system now same MO
digest it better it’s more a small system it’s more on your system and
that’s the way to get more and you’ve talked about the you know it’s obviously
its nutrients digested not just ingested but I think that’s the point everyone
there’s gonna come at you with this and say well you need protein you need this
two building blocks for muscle you need the full yeah that’s right so so that’s
the question and and this was the thing that I’ve I think it was I think dr.
Andy kelp and had said this before it was like your body means what it needs
when it needs it why is it exactly like so you tell me what you’re doing right
now that is in desperate need of fucking protein synthesis not doing why shoving
a bunch of meeting your whole take care of what about that’s the simple question
what about circadian rhythms you whether you be on muscle at night you know that
growth hormone everything is deep sleep by the way you want to be a muscle sleep
correctly mm-hmm that was the piece I remembers
like ben pakulski said it a hundred times is sin offending people if Santa
views like people don’t need to eat as much protein as they think even the guys
that have been in the game they’re the guys that have been in the game a long
time they’re not out there recommending four or five six hundred you sick off
protein they know the digestion does matter and it’s not about putting it in
your face you know so I would go me I would go further because I look at it
from a software perspective if you put yourself in path sympathetic during the
day you will increase the stress on the system and that leads to free energy and
all that stuff so I started to shoot that idea to rob wolf I was okay what do
you think about that and then he sent me this paper back right so I know
everybody always thinks I’m crazy I’m like all right so let’s see and then
entropy generation and human aging lifespan entropy an effect of diet
composition and calorie restriction diets right so this is by Carlos Silva
and Kalyan Annamalai the department of many mechanical engineering at Texas A&M
right so this is yeah this is a it is amazing because I did not know about
this paper but we’ll just send it to me the first and second laws of
thermodynamics entropy always increases well apply to statistical databases on
nutrition and human growth in order to estimate the entropy generation over the
human lifespan so entropy generation why because as a free energy principle and
active inference refers to remember the free Sounion stuff so that means that
entropy generation will have a direct effect on how alive you are the
calculation we are performed for the cases of variation in the diet
composition and calorie restriction diets and results we are compared to a
base case in which lifespan entropy generation was found to be eleven
thousand four anyway predicting a lifespan of 73 and 81 years
for the average male and females I mean women leave eight years more Jesus
Christ I’m gonna have to find another mate it’s
okay you’re talking to French people right now honey you covering your bases
for later from the analysis of the results he was found that changes of
diet percentages of fat and carbohydrates do not have a significant
impact on predicted lifespan while the diet percentages of proteins has an
important effect reduction of the protein percentages to the minimum
recommended in nutrition literature yields an average increase of three
point three years of the predicted lifespan changes in your calorie content
of the diet also have an important effect yielding a percentage increase in
life span equal or higher than the percentage reduction in the diet calorie
content so that means that the percentages of protein versus carbs in
fat yielded a more with a more effective ratio than just called the emoji
restriction reducing your calorie intake of your diet did basically almost
nothing on your average life span of the amount of entropy you create whereas
cutting the the protein did my question is this how do we already put this so
because because this is the thing that you mentioned last week to that you were
taking into account long term health and health and wellness and yours 50s 60s
70s 80s and stuff a little bit more than maybe someone who’s hardline on
performance and muscle gain with a very narrow approach there is a certain point
that like say with that were like well lifespan is going to be greater if
you’re what if you’re eating less protein is that generally the right
but what if lifespan is there gonna be longer because you’re eating less
protein because you’re smaller is that because because my thing is this is it’s
like statistically speaking I’m not gonna live as long as someone who weighs
65 kilos if you just line us up that’s not the way that works yeah that’s the
duration is a fight with me and someone who is that’s not how they would that
honey was based on it was I remember those are making engineers it was the
amount of free energy being produced okay right so that means that your
system we’ll be more efficient with less
protein that’s basically what he says from the list unanswered and that’s a
data analysis yes what this was right what they say is that protein has the
reverse effect on the software okay so much protein sorry let me rephrase too
much protein has a reversed as a damaging effect on the software so if
we’re gonna take performance I’ve gained six kilos in nine weeks I’m not the only
one we have Paulo who is part of the mentoring
program he’s getting three and a half kilos she’s gained like three kilos at
least four kilos of muscle he gained five neoprene yeah right okay
so and all that is being done with protein only at night so they were that
raised in muscle was not associated with a raise in protein in my diet I just
triggered the vagus nerve through fats which was where the muscle gain came
from he came out of that relationship Vegas versus melanocortin axis I think
some of the parts that people miss when they talk about the fallacy around
protein and fats is number one the body any type of supplementation that you
take the body bounds that supplementation through fat like that is
how it gets the the absorption and the and the other part of that is I think
that we decided that protein was the better alternative because we still
lived in this world where it was all about calories and calories out total
expenditure exactly not not taking into consideration just like you were talking
about before that the hardware itself of a car eventually will need maintenance
and if you use the engine to its full capacity eventually you’ll need a new
engine yeah so if you use a digestive system over and over and beat it into
the redline all the time you’re asking the most of it all the time yeah
eventually it’s probably going to not work as well release it’s not gonna say
some very nice things to you yeah yeah and that your kit your car
ages faster but again right the idea that
is all about being skinny and long-term stuff it’s not true again we have
putting through the same idea exactly the same process we have been testing it
on a I don’t know like oh we have 200 people and we saw the same results in 90
plus percent of the case the point I want to make about 14 is like more is
better is not that’s not how it works like too many people have the belief on
protein that is just plain wrong that is just as long as you eat protein muscle
will grow and everything even though no observation out there shows that outside
of bodybuilders saying it so do you need a ladder
you need some obviously right and again like this is can you live without
protein yes like this plenty of cultures that I’ve done it right but I’m not
saying that either there is like have as much protein as you’re capable of
digesting at night time because then you’ll have a trigger of the
parasympathetic which actually will make you sleep better on top of it and you
will trigger the vagus nerve which would allow you to grow it yeah I mean like
there’s a number of things why protein is necessary it is the block of life
because amino acids and you need all that stuff so there’s certain number of
amino acids you’re gonna need anyway right and so but that idea that you can
go from as much protein as I can digest at night – I’m gonna have the maximum
amount of protein all day regardless of the software is a mistake more at any
time is not the is not is not the key it’s when can you digest protein and
have as much as you can that you can actually digest at that time that is the
secret to growing more but it is not as much like as I can have all day
that’s when unfortunately the industry started playing off so they could sell
more protein powders and all that shit and that’s unfortunate because of use a
protein powder is it’s there to be convenient and consumed but it does
launch any of you fucking yes it tastes sweet and you can mix it
in stuff right okay but sorry let’s be honest about what this is right it’s
like having a croissant do you need that in your diet no you should sit because
it tastes so good yeah right so sometime I put some cats in in my in my cream
because it makes the whole damn thing taste so good yeah all right so but it’s
not folded yeah let’s not call it what it isn’t exactly right so that my
problem is that entire conversation more protein source barrier it doesn’t seem
to be they’re gonna do a little bit of housecleaning in case it comes back up
to us because I think it has before but we mentioned in the very beginning I
mean this now was fucking nine ten months ago now by the time this have
that episode was out but in the beginning both you and I were doing and
all of us were in the evenings just eating a ton of protein now and I was an
eating protein until I was sick or that I just was really hungry for protein in
the beginning his system was done again yeah and so so I but I put it down a lot
of protein and now I put down less it’s just is less because I don’t feel like I
want it anymore and and for for my training and
everything I’m doing that does seem to be seem to be working but but I think we
need to clarify that more isn’t better and someone’s gonna say well geez you
guys were eating tons and tons and tons of protein at night before but that’s
not the way that it is and they didn’t want that but the funny thing is while I
was gaining six kilos again of most one in two months cuz you’re gonna have to
explain to me Hardy down one I actually eat very little protein I would say you
were eating less than half of the protein are used to you eating your but
I want you with the same yeah I had far more cream right that’s why so I get if
you don’t get it I got the calories through the cream and everything but
again it translate lean muscle because I took care of the software this is when I
did the neoprene training to increase my fight mode that the hormone level was
one up at night I triggered the vagus nerve so I could heal better faster
because that means more muscle being gained so there’s an entire process to
the software but that idea that you can just treat protein as hardware like just
you eat more you build muscle especially during the day yeah
does not fit the observations that we see so and one of the things also is
when we talk about the polymer of western food
culture like I think the amount of protein that you eat per day needs to be
included in the conversation is just a second I said that people I call you
saying you don’t need protein I like I’m not a vegetarian it’s animal meat every
night I’m not low-carb either I used to have a
lot of carbs when I train right now have no cups because I’m trying to figure
something out but if a belief has to be bounced off observations continuously my
observations of too much protein is that it’s extremely harmful to you it’s
harmful to your gut bio bio dome if it’s not digested properly and too much
protein will sit and digest it that will kill your gut flora and everything I
read about the gut raw is that this is probably one of the easiest way to do
harm to your system is to kill the gut rose on top of it with protein that took
antibiotics yeah so I am let’s do this then so shitty protein source like on
most of the animals which in the you for yours us are sick into too much of a
quantity right so before we link cancer to carbs we should also look to see if
cancer cannot be linked to protein maybe protein I don’t know but I’m saying what
if protein is as much of a stress or even greater with stress on your system
than carbs because at least carbs during the day they feed the sympathetic side
yeah what if protein during the day is actually greater stress to your system
then curve is again I don’t know but there might be 50/50 at least we need to
figure this up well look at it this way if you go to our you can eat like the
Brazilian steakhouse oh yeah you over though shaman
you eat too much of that protein you start to sweat you’re like oh like you
know when it’s done when you you know when he’s doing it
yeah the same thing can happen with fats I’m them talking about peanut butter
because I love it but I can eat a whole thing of peanut butter and I’m probably
good feeling about Farah like there is a point where your body
goes whoa what is it done yeah yeah with scarves dude
there’s no pint of ice cream and some food you like that’s too much sugar but
you can I die just reminds you can be you
so I think that was part of the American idea of like I’m always better this is
how we can trip can control people’s consumption because go ahead and try to
eat too much fat and protein you’re nobody’s true it’s work okay that is
very true and is having more chicken baron and having more ice cream no
question no question but again that’s my problem of doing you know compensating
compensation it’s like instead of having less ice cream which is going to switch
it to is more well this orbit or like you said we just found another stream
right it’s like well what you’re saying I should have more more ice cream and
nothing cook your chicken it’s like it’s like well listen I’ve had this talk with
people about like about like my work and what I do work everywhere and other
thing and it’s like my thing is always like what do you want me to do just get
a desk job and hate my life and kill myself for five years and it’s like and
people are like that’s kind of there’s kind of a gray area yeah I like these
dog has to be somewhere in between have to be total chaos or a desk job if you
wanna make people eat more wouldn’t be seem simple to have just larger meals so
to put more comes you put more protein no I mean like you make the plate bigger
did you see the size of plates in the 50s
no little yeah look in Europe and look at now in the u.s. well if it’s there
I’ll eat it yeah well yeah I mean like we all we all have a tendency to finish
the plate no matter what that’s what your mom told you right
the easiest way to sell more food is used up the meal size so pro protein
more cows everybody’s happy and more ice cream at the end there was a bit about
feel like the reason your mom or you do this with your kids all the time
especially when they’re younger like eat your goddamn food it just drives you
crazy yeah her kids don’t eat you don’t
understand why and then it’s basically you just it’s like listen if people
start thinking you get too skinny they’re gonna start asking questions
about me and whether or not I’m providing for you blah blah blah blah
blah so there’s this eat eat eat eat thing and it’s not fine if it’s on there
I don’t think it’s a poem anymore I don’t think so I think people I think we
can come down now I think people do also yeah no no one
where I’m from starving at least yeah it wasn’t I’m I’m curious now then I’m
gonna go look this up did this all happen at the same time that the ideas
of like Montessori schools happen where like be people
learn better by not don’t tell them no tell them what you’d prefer when
McDonald’s started it so 50s when Industrial Revolution made it
super-sized idea no no before that it’s system is systematization of food
that’s when you happen to their franchises am i gonna put that and then
you made so much money every suddenly you had one everywhere
look at how many coffee shop they well before Starbucks Starbucks created a
culture of systematization of the people like well I can do that
look at CrossFit the most amazed most systems are never built with the
foundation that’s meant to be scaled up on that level
yeah which means yeah a fundamental thing whatever is or was whatever has to
change I hate just running fast food it look
like little place I get an out burger there’s a reason they’re not all over
the United States it’s because they have very specific places that they source
their meat from and they don’t want to compromise that therefore that’s it
they’re for it that’s it they don’t get in have a Malo how did group classes in
Fitness started you know at a necessity where it was a studio in New York City
right where they like look I need to shove people in a room I don’t have the
equipment so like aerobics classes the gentleness stuff yeah that’s really what
it’s like there’s no equipment I can shove forty into a small room many so
it’s a winner and from there did group classes took
off because now you are the structure that you could use to make more money
yeah what do they ask kind of strong fit that let me make it work for group
classes because the business can run on that and it’s even though ah structure
can cannot fit that because we have their hipster coffee shop who makes when
you get in you go oh my god this is awesome that’s my goal it’s not
Starbucks well so I do not what they my’s it like then that doesn’t mean that
a group fitness coach shouldn’t you know these things what it means is you can’t
there’s too much of a compromise and group fitness it has to be you
compromise the integral no not too much there is a compromise there is a color
and that’s fine that’s the question is one is too much yeah right so that’s the
compromise is something like a bit more protein less sugar that’s fine but what
if there’s a moment where too much protein is actually doing more damage
again that part I don’t know but everything
I read all all the papers get the paper read it for yourself it’s very
interesting everything that I read about lazing inference and active inference
everything leads me to the same conclusion it is all about the software
so the question I would ask people when they look at then what they are doing is
are you are you really doing it effectively and efficiently and
purposefully or are you piling up compromise between you and those things
and if you do is based on beliefs remember that’s a religious thinking if
you do things on belief not based on on your own your observation not on
somebody else’s observation you have a system that has been built over five
hundred million years you know better just don’t be lazy the amount of people
I’ve heard with like the carb situation I should have brought up last week but
who will say they’ll just start drop but what about glycogen and insulin and bla
bla bla bla but what I tell I just want to be like I
would be like you tell me what your experience is with glycogen insulin
carbs and after training like like tell me that because it sounds to me like
someone told you a thing and you’re reading it to me that doesn’t mean
anything or felt or any but the honest truth of it is not we know that all of
these things are right we know what we’re doing is dangerous we are so
afraid of getting fat that it’s like no I’ll do whatever I need to do yeah I
would I do not know nothing to know and I’m hungry and no one is out of that
though these are a lot of people well if I started in comes you tell me don’t
count so we saw that a lot it’s like don’t do macros then I’ll fucking eat
the whole bag of cashews and the whole bag and chocolate you know like what do
you mean that case to talk about that because the problem is not food before
name is you eat that huge quantity of protein and what was your reasoning with
yourself a noble count and it comes to me usually whenever I see people I
cannot control your carb intake I can look at their lives and go like can we
talk about this please well that’s it that’s the thing I always point to when
someone says well I got a count macros so I can dump this and this and I know
I’m not having too much of this otherwise I’ll just go nuts like you
said and and and the issue really is like like well what did you just say
about yourself yes they’re like like like tell so you just told that to me
yeah and I don’t think you fucking heard it yeah because I could not agree was
because that is now that is the thing I need to fix yeah because then you’ll
actually start working with yourself because now what you’re doing is working
against yourself you think that crazy that people think they can get better
without working on themselves because I had the most insane idea of all the
story that because I can do this I have control over my behavior but the
truth is yes because I have zero control and you give it over to someone else yes
is that again where where is there you see that in business where people give
control of their business that they know better up to some kind of a consultant
to giving them a generic thing it’s like like the idea that you can get better at
anything without you getting better at it is and without paying a price that’s
beyond money you don’t you just buy a thing and plug it into your life
employment edges that’s why you don’t get to read you know to hyung grams of
protein and know again then if you do that it’s based on belief we’re going
back to bad science but life but everything it does not work like that is
belief versus observation don’t let go of the belief but observation are then
on a daily basis does that mean that your diet will change every day every
hour yeah you’re gonna have to know am i hungry am i not do you know that if
you’re hungry am I not what are your different last week was
not hungry I fucked that up yesterday well I thought like I look in the fridge
and I’m hungry but actually I got hungry after I saw the food yeah so yeah I mean
like yes all those things you’re gonna have to learn about yourself eating Eve
of that that that bitter craving and contributing things like that I I don’t
think I brought this up last time but there was I had family that was here and
they stayed with us for two or three days and it was really interesting how
much separated I am with my family is from the like eating when you think you
should eat stuff yeah like we don’t don’t get up and really do breakfast we
all have some fucking cream in the morning and just kind of take it a
little bit easy and I’d we don’t really have much until the
evening yeah so sure you tell them then yeah and so so I’ll have them around
it’s like we’re gonna do for breakfast I’m like guys this is really fucking
inconvenient like you want me to take you into Vienna we got a go seal and you
want to stop for a 90-minute European breakfast because you don’t get in and
out of restaurants quickly here yeah you know we talked about eating too much and
getting the meat sweats my go-to thing after we would eat at a restaurant or a
buffet or something like that I would get done eating and my wife and kids
would always joke like as soon as dad’s done with his last plate we better
already be outside yeah it’s kind of how they do is when I’m done I go like this
napkin over the plate and I’m just like oh yeah cuz I need to get in the car get
home and be like but so so I’m used to like a 15-minute dining experience it
takes 90 minutes or so it takes all this time and then we go out and do more
things and here we are two hours what’s for lunch I’m like just stopping how
much time is spent thinking about you in this system like you have to understand
like time I’m gonna sound like a Thanos right now but time is a finite quantity
now I mean like this is a finite amount of time and energy that you have during
the day so Kari can have you all those seconds exactly all the seconds you
spend thinking about food are not seconds you spend doing thinking about
stuff you need to think about how to get better at like that how about that one
right like whatever your skill you working on how about getting better
visualizing lifting visualizing coaching like she’s always stuff there maybe
second you spend on food you’re not spending it on that so you want to know
how you get good at something you take all those seconds that you spend
thinking about food and eating during the day and you put it – well one thing
if you have to just do that there’s all the second you spend thinking about food
during the day put it to work one activity and just that alone you’ll get
so much better on it right so that conversation alone needs to be had and
the reason you’re spending so much time thinking about food is because you are
in the past sympathetic all fucking day where you supposed to be fight what
happens when you do something you actually like you go eight hours you
never thought about for the ones you know what cuz you’re being
keep active that is your normal day you know like that day when you spending
hours doing something that is supposed to be a normal day when you’re at the
office like this is not normal yeah you’re supposed to go yeah like
this all day and never think about food yeah that’s what a sympathetic is like
so take that time put it on something of value outside of food you are not
supposed to be in passing patek going today so does that mean
fasting all day no you can have fats all day that’s what I do
and I’ve had all day salad with cheese morning is now is just about Cara
literally avocado feta cheese so I’m all garlic and I showed it like this and you
can ask me I’m okay rose every morning yeah and I do basically a really kind of
just a weak fast we’re in the morning I’ll have I don’t really works great for
me and I don’t even eat much during the day you eat more during the day than
idea for me it’s great for me I have fat I feel good I don’t worry about food
doesn’t consume my day my energy by the way if she caught that’s the division
finding your thing that fits your day in your life exactly mine if I’m starting
to pull away and think about a meal and stuff it’s just easier for me to have
myself to take care of that first and I’m good that’s the key for me is I
don’t think about it she makes so if like she makes my avocados it’s import
it’s like oh that tastes also then I’m done because you know fats it’s really
feeling I’m like I’m good but I’m not like you know like when you have a
religious experience for breakfast yeah cause it’s so much
sugar in it yeah you should ask yourself what you’re doing with your life here if
you need a religious experience for breakfast your life sonic I’m sorry and
I love food I’m French right but and I can reduce experience you have castle in
Paris kind of beyond it but if you need that first thing in the morning can we
please talk about your life yeah and I I think one of the things that was most
surprising to me I was sitting now I’m talking with someone and she’s asking me
like you know I was visited at a place and they have this really special kind
of ice cream and I ain’t even really one ice cream but I was there and I’ve never
tried it before so I have a couple of bites and I was done he’s really fucking
good yeah is that okay yes thank you yeah well and I’d be like I’d be like
that’s the best way that’s the best way why don’t you have ice cream
seven that seventeenth spoon of that flavor there’s not taste that good
anymore though and it’s the first three so let’s concentrate on that made the
perfect distinction when we were talking about it you know she understood like
it’s when I want to sit in a room where no one can see me if that’s what when I
want to eat the food I can’t have it because it’s not about something than
that not about but like I think that the more important aspect of this
conversation is you have to understand that it’s not about food more protein
it’s not about food you’re not saying more protein so you can have more steak
that’s don’t you what you want is muscle mm-hmm right what I’m saying is muscle
comes from the software comes from the hormonal levels reviewing with its food
as software it means the fight mode if you put four
assists in the opener worker very well but if you create a fight mode and gain
muscle you realize you don’t need more food you need more fight it’s not you
don’t need more food you need more life yeah if you’re going to add it you can’t
just do it that’s that but and by the way I bet you if you were to keep your
digestion exactly this the way it is right now no difference and you had a
better life more fight mode at the right time you better socialization you gain
muscle and lose fat and I bet you I would take anybody on the bed like that
we fix your life you lose fat gain muscle with exactly the same diet no Amy
if that doesn’t convince you then you have a problem with food I would only
posit to say that you probably wouldn’t actually be able to maintain the same
diet because your life and behavior would change the point where your you
would more recently it was this enema now can you exactly it out and that’s
the thing that we get into often with autoregulation your trigger group is
that is it we get into those things and said well what do I need to eat what I
mean it’s like well we kind of know that yeah but we need to know what you need
to do kind of as you might as those things come then those cravings are
different and everything else changes so that’s that still seems to be so much of
the process it’s been working about people’s days more than working out
there that’s a very important part because
they’ll come to us we study saying when we did the study on those fifty people
they gained weight during the day it’s like okay but the study was only six
weeks well a lot of that stuff like eight nine weeks of kind of figuring out
what is it yeah or even like two three months before we see something effects
and on top of it who did you need a study on what state were they in if it’s
college students you know too stressed out right you didn’t do it on med
students cuz they don’t have time so you it only kind of the chill by the way and
then they what was the control of the ointment was the environment a you know
one where they could you don’t sleep okay did you check if he affected their
sleep at night right because that’s my point about okay so maybe they have an
entitlement that was quiet enough during the stuff that they could be in passed
sympathetic at night okay nobody died due to their sleep because you would not
necessarily see the impacts on the sleep right away because they are young enough
cuz yoga’s are you studying body composition and are you doing sleeping
alysus every night right exactly so if we have to do that protein during the
day and then sleep sleep at night and we start to gauge all that but also put
people into a normal environment not like those most of the studies on people
that are in the specific control environment put them into a normal
environment which means they are work where they stressed out and stuff like
that give them protein let’s see how much of it is digested let’s see all the
health smart girls over six months let’s see sleep patterns what about
cravings let’s do all this and you’ll see that what you will see will go
toward what I say most of those studies are done under control environment that
does not translate to your life because you have a real life those studies are
done in an environment that does not reflect life therefore those
observations are incorrect because they don’t reflect your structure you can’t
make an observation here and in apply tool to you if you live there plus
there’s a work less even on the individual person there’s too many other
things that can be there so let’s just pretend that this way improves your
sleep when it’s the sleep that improves this here right and what if there’s ten
other ways that you could have done to improve your sleep and you’re
attributing it only to this one thing how can buddy build ales
boy what I’m saying is is let’s get a better causal relationship to the thing
that you want correlation instead of being so far away for like well we did
this thing it’s like and then what happened and it’s like you don’t really
know because that doesn’t just do it and that’s I looked at it that often with
supplements and stuff like that like I would take a try about anything like two
creatine off and on for a long time consistently for a long time I’d take
BCAAs like everybody does just because you heard about them and they taste like
juice instead of water yes but like but but everything because you thought you
got more muscle you’re drinking cuz they’re sweet and you’re hungry but my
thing was I would look I would look at those above whatever who tried at that
time at disposable income afford 20 bucks a month so AB imma try and never
ever ever once that I put it with her what was really regular supplements
never ever was I like ma’am okay the only ones that I ever actually felt was
pre workouts is chock full of caffeine there was one for me no thanks yeah that
creatine septic for muscle take the company yeah oh my fucking god I realize
now I beg you literally because so I see but I went by the way it’s not now
because I was 25 at the time be like what’s on steroid I’m pretty sure I was
because I remember back then certainly an increase in strength
yeah and I got leaner and more muscle and everybody go jim was like are you
taking steroids I was like I’m not I’m just XL take guess what yeah when when
you get a some kind of soup and you go I am so much better this way you might not
be able to sustain it and whenever they come up with a new formula of it yeah
that’s me that’s when it’s not working anymore
because they don’t put the expensive shit in there yeah come on okay that’s
the problem with supplements so now today I take zero no not even vitamins
yeah I have I have a I have a 10 pound bag of protein in my cupboard for nights
where it’s like if I come home and I haven’t eaten much or ate earlier and
it’s in it but I don’t want to eat something heavy then I just go crazy and
sleeping okay where does protein powder come from yeah it’s the top of the milk
thing that this quick they used to throw your shit away until a bodybuilder come
it’s like well that’s protein X seems like a lot of protein and calories I can
sell that yeah
that’s it talked about this a million times your body does not die jest dairy
proteins the same way it digests meat protein animal proteins and eating a
steak is not the same as eating chicken like protein is protein no because the
software gets implants the digestive load does matter
exactly faster is not always better either with the protein powder limit
yeah you know chicken and spinach one night and then eat steak and broccoli
one night and tell me that you did not physically feel the difference between
your graduates major no sleep geometry ah thanks you would like do your own
observations too and that’s why there’s things with each person though that are
gonna be a moving target and they’re gonna change you may come in and be far
more tolerant of steak or of of chicken and spinach for a while until that gets
situated with you and then you can step to something maybe a little more
nutrients you know through your own life which means that if you wanted a is not
the same person but if you never connect yourself to it and you just stick to
macros arbitrary protein numbers that are thrown at you that you just have to
plug into your day that you will never get to evolve that system because that
system then can only be changed by magnitude and if you see it works for me
it’s like it depends on your matrix what are your matrix is your sleep awesome no
cravings and if you get all those matrix keep doing it and but you telling me you
can’t get any better than that or there’s no or even like okay finally
a person that has all matrix and I’ll be like then you keep doing that yeah but
again like if I look at a large number we’re not winning yeah like diabetes
like one of the reasons so I get so much into this is like guys like again the
healthcare crisis that is gonna come to the u.s. is going to bankrupt the
country like you think climate change is bad because it’s gonna fuck everybody
instead of just America but yes it is bad but I think the healthcare crisis
will hit way before that it takes on average a diabetic person it costs
$1,500 a month right you have 100 million that are diabetic or
pre-diabetic that means that it takes six months to
go from one to the other but let’s say five years right that means in five
years that would cost 1.5 trillion dollars a year just on the diabetes
alone without you never have judge diabetes ever you
have five of them every time so you may feel wise like you think the opioid
crisis is bad wait until the food crisis starts to hint by the way and one
question what happens when all those people get to sixty right are we gonna
put them on painkillers until they kind of die off no like one you have to 100
million 100 million people at 60 with diabetes and everything are you there to
tell me that the American culture the way it’s set up is gonna be willing to
spend 1.5 trillion dollars a year on there
no you’re already aren’t spending any money so you asking Medicare to take on
in the next five to ten years 1.5 trillion dollars a year on in addition
on alone on diabetes without the other shit like so do you understand what
you’re going into a situation where suddenly you’re gonna literally look at
killing or killing off all people because it costs too much they did we
are not winning this like people have to wake up like they have to climb and
change I don’t care if you’re a Republican you have to wake up on that
one but trust me the health scale in this is what bring brings down the
Empire mmm is that shit like you’re gonna end up with a humanitarian crisis
in the US where you have all people that are sick that you cannot take care of
because then is literally not enough money in this world to do that we’ll all
have flat-screen TVs it’s all good watching TV and have heart attacks yeah
but this is where we’re going not quite you’re gonna ask as families
to bankrupt themselves to take care of the older that’s the nature of it now is
I’ve got you know I’ve had family members and Seefeldt who as they age
will you know accumulate a fair amount of wealth and money their life’s work
and they saved because they know they’re gonna live in a while and it doesn’t
take and I’ve had friends the same way that everything that you have will be
taken from you by the time you have to go to a nursing home often they’ll even
have it if you don’t have the money you’ll surrender all of your assets over
to them ahead of time require that they be sold in that order as it goes I had a
friend who just had to go through this dad was in there for four or five years
and started out in sales cars for him sold his cars form to pay it off and
then sold the house for him to pay it off by the end of lifetimes work and 100
hundreds of thousands of dollars it could have been generational money or to
help his quality of life was just keeping him alive
but whether life means by the way but with that led to me is just that’s just
an extraction of all of these surplus wealth that that person’s life has
generated they’re like now but by the will to live like exactly whose diabetes
is not fun I mean it so for me I don’t see it as anything other than it’s just
the way that systems just scrapes all the money off the top at the end so that
it doesn’t move on it but the consequences of the last 10 to 20 oh
that’s what’s Medicare for know like you can’t you can’t afford it it’s not
there’s no the like it’s not paying for it now that’s not the problem the
problem is again when that generation gets to even the new ones like the baby
boomer understanding together although but again it’s not just a number it’s
the health part if we don’t fix and it starts with the food in behavior but if
we don’t fix the food it will bring down the u.s. if the u.s. goes down imagine
the humanitarian crisis alone well literally or people need to die off
because we can’t pay for them that alone on the cultural base but imagine what it
would do but imagine what it would do to the economy of the u.s. what happens if
the US economy goes down the world Western world burns and China is like
literally the empire the Western Empire is about to go down inflamed because of
the health care crisis in the u.s. like the numbers every time I read the
numbers it’s scary I shit I talk to people that go to numbers very well and
P they fucking scale you know again why and I can promise you that no matter how
much you think you’ve worked and prepared yourself for some sort of
catastrophic event which is chronic health conditions like you you are not
safe from being affected by that problem yeah no matter what you think we get
there when we can’t pay hospitals now you see how much they gouge everybody
how much a hospital gown everyone what happens when they they need to cut down
how much they charge by ten by ninety percent because no one can afford it
anymore what happened to that crisis right
whenever but whatever like they had hospital had to close down because they
can’t get people to pick with the old file for bankruptcy some
I will write down here I’ll bring in whiteboard and I will map out a
flowchart of what happened with the money when I had to pay for going to get
my sleep study done yeah sleep study get a machine what the Machine actually
would cost in the free market that I could buy on the internet how much they
charged me how they structured the whole thing and how it’s gonna criminal had to
go to court for the whole thing because after getting fleeced for seven eight
thousand dollars i was like i’m doing paying for this thousand dollar machine
what are you talking yeah yeah at the time yeah reminds me of then I’ve
described on a dollars a month for for life the last crash in 207 was exactly
that you know when the sub right stuff and they stopped to know the credit when
they start to sell insurance and insurance and insurance insurance on a
bad loan the money becomes far more valuable in the end and the private
again problem is then the bat loan went about loan defaults you had a hundred
times the amount of that that were basically as a bet on it that’s why
question whole system it’s not a bad loan it’s only money that was writing it
was leveraged to make sure that it happens yeah exactly it was the it was
the money that was a hundred times more so she did with alone will about to do
this with health care because attaching money on the other side of those things
just maybe furthest others give me to go to attaching money on the other sides of
those things is not just like a bet it actually starts to leverage that behave
exactly and that’s the tricky part right if there’s all of a sudden there’s a
billion dollars on strong fit not being a solvent company next year happen
between now and then because again the system the pressure starts building but
the problem with this is like a house is one thing a human being you cannot ask
him to not be sick yeah so nothing like diabetes will not go away to saga cause
you give people drugs remember none of those drugs is to stop diabetes no so
you just to allow you to keep going while you have diabetes right so this is
an impossible situation we are not winning we need to look at all this
better so people say well I still have a six-pack I’m not great
in the meantime western food in all my stuff is not working maybe it’s not
working well so we again then the argument is like well like obese people
it I what just say no to food and it’s not that simple I’m sorry I like the
idea that people are obese just cause the
too much it’s ridiculous it’s far more than that and to me yes it’s because of
the what it does to the software and we don’t understand it well enough we need
to apply we need to understand the software better that requires active
inference to world to world food and that’s what those things are basically
starting to do this is 2 or 9 so we’re starting to get there but that’s because
you know Kafiristan 207 we’re starting to understand better active inference
but that is the way forward if we don’t do this I’m saying the consequences are
dire yeah far more than we understand so
essentially the last two episodes have been the things where we’ve gone over
some preconceived notions with proceeding right but generally I think
what would take away from both of them is that one I don’t know that there’s
necessarily a required place for carbohydrates do you I mean is that yeah
yes as long as you boost your fight mode I have no problem with people doing as
long as it didn’t work out as that’s not used as too much of a crutch then to
remove your own ability to do it correct that’s that is the one like everything
there’s a balance so as long as you use it as help and not a crutch we find but
you have to understand like if you use caps to boost your fight mode that means
you’re taking away your capacity to create your own fight the key is to know
what is you and what is yes so for example someone who is very clear about
his own signals knows exactly the fight mode and you use that to get an extra
one I have no issue but imagine what that means about you that means you you
are not overwhelmed by your signals you know that you know yourself very well
and you can create fight at any second usually those people don’t need the
carbs in a fuel spreader so you can have carbs if you don’t need
coms if you need help don’t have cars like that actually if you really really
really think you need carbs you’re not if you need a pre-workout you can’t have
a pre-workout you can all you have a pre-workout if you don’t need a
pre-workout and that’s always a role it is wrong and then on the protein side
then generally it’s that more consumption isn’t better it’s cause it’s
when anti 9 when and an effective digestion is key and really nothing yes
the main thing is not just getting it for the sake of it being effective but
the timing needs to be right if I’m understanding you right because
the cost of poor digestion of me exactly is way more than you want it’s so high
that’s what people don’t understand it’s like they think oh what the worst that
can happen if I’ve too much take a shot and exactly the problem is no and that
just eat food in your colon has is one of the worst thing for the for the gut
flora which is one of the worst thing that can happen to you is to have good
flora not being developed correctly like more and more we start to understand the
consequences are I think it would be really nice if people started
approaching things in their life with a little more perspective like if I said
to you tomorrow I want to do some ridiculous sport that requires a lot of
investment I want to become a professional ice hockey player yeah so I
got an eye by skates and pants and shorts and like all of the equipment and
a membership and then I never go that’s essentially what you’re doing with your
nutrition you’re buying all this meat meaning it and then all of these carbs
and eating it and then you’re not doing it and I think that’ll tell you what
we’re gonna cover next week also which is gonna kind of be that accountability
quick fix thing the day hang someone else’s thing yeah I think do I guess
that’s one of the big strong faith principles it’s like no matter what its
behavior first yeah you have to look at your own behavior before you go buy
stuff or do more or anything look at your own behavior and see if you can
make more out of what you have before you go try to get more yes make sure you
get all of what you have I think it’s interesting though that like because we
mentioned that you be nice if people took a more you know a different
approach to the way that they think the behavior yeah a behavior but an
accountability somebody opposed to this guy as Sean light
he’s a former strength conditioning coach and a few professional baseball
and basketball we said anyway he’s posted this the other day that I’d like
to said if everyone understood the depth and complexity of training everyone in
the world would have a strength coach however if everyone’s understood the
depth and complexity of training many strength coaches would be looking for
work and that’s kind of the thing what we do
we look for these things and this will tie into what we do next week which is
we we look for somebody just give me a thing I don’t want to think about it
there and and it’s tough to get past that point of people don’t understand
that it has to be fully back into the matrix not your measurement versus
target we are they are doing that to us since we have five years old yeah giving
us target to meet instead of understanding measuring and again even
from AI we’re starting to see that it doesn’t work it doesn’t make you any
better it’s actually make you stupid o to set up tough targets so that’s what
the problem is objectives will make a podcast about that but careful with your
objective to have measurements objective is just a way to fail until you meet
them anyway so we’ll get into will get in the next week some of those types of
subjects how to how as coaches we have trouble trying to maybe the same
struggles we have in trying to get our people to connect to us those are the
same they fall into the same traps that we fall into as coaches looking for help
in coaching and business also so that’ll be next week this week we’ve got strong
fit calm strong field equipment calm EU we have your answer on our comm Julian
even give me a pause to get that one right this time though Julian’s corner
calm we have Manta Fitness for Australia strong for one on Instagram okay 32
tyler effing stone we do of the podcast support page that’ll be linked in our
bio will get more information on that out later
other than that thanks for listening we’ll see you next week you

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4 thoughts on “Episode 52: Protein – How Much? How Often? With What? and Why?

  1. another great EPISODE….so as a suggestion..how much ? and what might be a superior source…that could be gentle on you gut flora…

  2. It will be quality if one of you makes a video of day of eating with… not to copy what someone eats but to understand even better the stronfitprotocol

  3. @Julien

    What effects did the high amount of fat ingestion in form of dairy have on your stomach and gut?
    Did it cause nausea, constipation or diarrhea/steatorrhea in the beginning? Did you ramp up over time? What was the ramp up rate?

    Do you put the neoprene suit on only for the working/top sets or already in the beginning of training i.e. warmup sets or even general warmup?

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