EP04: O Craque de Xerém vai para Madrid | Parte 2 | DOZE
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EP04: O Craque de Xerém vai para Madrid | Parte 2 | DOZE

and that’s when I played
my first match… for Copa do Brazil against Vila Nova
and I was able to score a goal. I met him really young,
he was playing the U-13. But he was promising. I was in touch with CSKA,
which was an almost certain deal. I was also in touch with Sevilha,
almost closing the deal. And I would be like:
“Is it possible? Will anything happen to me
that I won’t be able to play abroad?” An 18 year old player normally thinks
that if he won’t play soccer, what will he do? DOZE
THE STAR FROM XERÉM GOES TO MADRID I remember that Marcão and Pedrinho
used to tell me to calm myself, that I should play for clubs
like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea. That I should play for big clubs,
that I didn’t need to go to Russia. Not discrediting them
but for my level I should be playing the Champions League
and playing for the national team. Marcão and Pedrinho
used to say that all the time. And then I was in a hotel,
waiting for a game and all the newspapers,
everyone was talking about it. The coach at the time was saying
that my mind was in Real Madrid, Barcelona or another club. There was no offer from any team
but that’s what he was saying. It was a lot of pressure
for an 18 year old boy. So… I used to call Clarice asking:
“For God’s sake, what should I do?” I would call Caio saying:
“It’s Russia and this and that.” I remember he had
about three offers at the time. And… People close to him
would give one opinion, other people
gave a different opinion. It was a very confusing period. There were club agents trying to make
him sign the contract at the airport. He called me on my phone,
I didn’t even know who it was. He said: “You have offers
from Seville, CSKA and Real Madrid. Which one do you want?”
That’s how he put it. I was like… I thought it was a joke,
I mean, Real Madrid? And I said: “Real Madrid!”
He was like: “Ok, I call you back.” And then man… he hung up the phone
and I thought: “Alright.” To me it was like…
I had Real Madrid in my mind but it was just out there,
nothing was certain. I remember that his dream has always
been to play for Real Madrid. When he first heard
that there was a possibility… It has always been his choice. There was the option of playing in CSKA, Sevilla But when Madrid became a option… When Real Madrid knocks on your door, there is no doubt anymore Then, it was clear he was coming here My agent at the time told me
we had to go to the south of Brazil, to meet someone from Real Madrid.
I was like: “Ok.” We took a plane
and went there the next day. I met with Baldini who was doing
scouting for Real Madrid at the time. He asked me if I enjoyed
going out, smoking and drinking. If I had a girlfriend, if I wanted
to get married and have children. And I thought: “Why is he
asking me this questions? Is he really from Real Madrid?
Would they ask these questions?” The conversation ended
and we went back to Rio the same day. After three days I was told
I had to travel to Madrid because they wanted to talk
and meet me person. So… ok, and I got the plane. I told Clarice
I was going there to meet them. There was nothing confirmed
but at least I was going to Madrid. Once we got to Madrid,
they took me straight to the hospital to check my health conditions. With no contract and no deal
I had to go for a health check. After all the health check
procedures were done, they took my measurements at a shop
or the hotel, something like that. The measurements were for a blazer
and I was like, a blazer? I got there wearing a cap,
a complete mess! And… At night, they told me I had to go
to Bernabéu the next morning. Ok, let’s go there,
let’s see Bernabéu. When I get there, it was
my introduction to Real Madrid! It took me by surprise,
I signed the contract there and took pictures and what not.
There were 50 people at the stadium, and I played ball with them all,
did my presentation and I was
Real Madrid’s player already. It’s bizarre, isn’t it?
It is! I didn’t even have
soccer cleats! What’s shocking… is that no one
found out about it. It wouldn’t happen today. There were no pictures,
no posts about who was at the flight. It wasn’t like that
at that time in Brazil. It would be impossible
to do it today. A mouth-to-mouth contract?
That’s what it was. When I left Brazil no one
knew about it, it’s the truth. But what about Fluminense? For Fluminense, if there was cash
coming in, deal done! Everyone thinks that it was so cool
but things are different these days. This is another good story,
that’s a big one! I had no money
in my pockets, no jacket! Then they told me,
Capello told me that… In the beginning, they told me
I’d train with Real Madrid Castilla, Real Madrid’s reserve team,
then move to the professional team. And I said:” Great!”
And Capello: “No, you start with us already. You stay here, training starts
tomorrow morning.” I went to the club and first person
I see is David Beckham. Shit, I got numb from head to toe. He says hi,
and I’m like: “Hi, what’s up bro?” I couldn’t believe
it was really him, man. No cell phones at the time,
I had no phone to call anyone. Can you imagine? I couldn’t
call anyone to tell the story. There was no cell phone,
I had to go back to the hotel, get the international phone card and dial +55 21 and all
and then the number to call, man. Talk about hell. Then the guy
who is responsible for the players took me to the changing room,
I met Beckham first thing, he introduced me as the new player
and I shook everyone’s hand. And then… I saw Capello and he told me
I’d play the next day and: -“Are you ok?”
-And I said: “Yes.” Then they asked me if I preferred
to train until Christmas, go to Brazil
and come back on January 1st, because I wouldn’t play until then. Or go to Brazil to see
my family and come back in January. I was so afraid that I said:
“I’m going to Brazil now.” I left everything, like:
“I have to go back to Brazil.” I told them I had
to go back, you know? I was afraid,
I didn’t have anything with me. I had taken Caio’s father jacket,
I had nothing with me. No cell phone, nothing.
I wanted to go back to tell everyone. So I didn’t train,
I remember I didn’t train. I remember they telling me to train
here and go home for Christmas. But I went back to Brazil
and in the beginning of January I came back with my grandfather,
Clarice and Caio to a hotel. Man, what a hassle! -You didn’t know it was all paid for?
-I didn’t know. I thought we had to pay for it all
and we didn’t eat at the hotel. They gave us a car
and just said: “Go!” Fuck. It was all for free
but we were like: “Don’t eat it, how are we going to pay for it?”
But they paid for everything. What the hell, man. People have no idea
what really happens, they don’t. They think we arrive here
and everything is wonderful. It’s not. I was afraid,
that’s why I didn’t train. We had no idea what it really meant,
how it was to play for the club and what it would mean
for his career to play here. The moment he got here… During the flight we were thinking:
“Shit, Real Madrid, what it will be like?
It’s a totally different club, one that has huge proportions. But… I believe the first contact was… what impressed us
at first. When he got here
he didn’t have a driving license and I was the only one who had
an international driving license so I would take him everywhere. In the first month I took him
to his training every morning. The first impact was to arrive
at the club, park the car, and watch the players arriving,
at the time it was Ronaldo, Beckham, Roberto, Raul, Nistelrooy, players we saw
on TV and video games. I used to play video game with them. Seeing them for the first time
was the first big impact. It’s like, now you are here, you are part
of this group of players, so let’s face the new reality
and let’s do it. It was very clear in our minds,
during the conversations we had– Specially when we were really young,
a difficult period to make decisions. But Madrid has always been a place
that we believed would be best to raise a family because Spain
is one of the countries with better climate,
where people are more… similar to us, Latinos. So… it was something
really crazy, we were really young. And all of a sudden we are in a place
where he found himself amongst idols from his childhood,
everyone in the same changing room. Like every kid, he always
had the dream of playing in Europe, of being a professional player
from a club as big as Madrid. Since the moment I arrived here
with him I have been very happy. I’m still very happy
and I believe he continues to live the dream of having a career
in Real Madrid. It has been 10, 11 years
and that’s not easy. He’s living the dream, we continue
living the dream with him, the dream of playing
in the world’s best club. When we got here,
we didn’t know anything. They gave us a car, and told us to go
to a restaurant that was free. Remember? It was free because the owner
was friends with someone. We ate there and the next day
we started looking for apartments to decide where we were gonna live. But we stayed in the hotel,
for what, a month? A month in the hotel, man. It was a wonderful experience.
To leave Brazil at the age of 18, Caio was 18
and Clarice was 17 years old. It was a bizarre experience
because… I had no idea what Real Madrid
really was. When we got here we realized
the dimension of the club. They provided everything for us,
there was nothing missing. There was a guy available 24 hours
for anything we needed, if we had a plumping problem,
we’d call him and it would be done. It’s the same way today.
Real Madrid’s structure is huge. When I tell my friends
that I’m living a dream today, it’s because it’s really a dream
what I’m living today. Literally. Because… I play here and all… I have won
many championships here, but the love I have
for the club is huge. What I’ve experienced before,
when I was younger, Real Madrid never abandoned us,
they were always there to help and continues to help now,
for me this is priceless. I got here when I was 18 years old,
not knowing anything and the club welcomed me
without knowing if I’d succeed. Just because
I was a promising player. It’s bizarre. we had to have a player with this level And I put Marcelo is the type of player that every Real Madrid fan likes Because he is a different kind of player different with the ball

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100 thoughts on “EP04: O Craque de Xerém vai para Madrid | Parte 2 | DOZE

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