(ENG)ASMR.치과상황극DENTIST ROLE PLAY스케일링과 검진Check up & Scaling (Soft Spoken)
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(ENG)ASMR.치과상황극DENTIST ROLE PLAY스케일링과 검진Check up & Scaling (Soft Spoken)

Yes, Come in. Hi. Welcome. You said, you made an appointment? at 3pm? Ok, Just a second. You are “GooDokJa”(Subscriber in Korean) right? Ok. Your name is here. I just checked your file and
Your last visiting was Aug 2015. Right? You scaled teeth that time. and we treaded your tooth at 2014 So,, Today, You came here for scaling? ok, ok, Scaling. And..Do you have any other uncomfotable teeth? food keep getting stuck in left upper molar? Left upper molar. This one. right.. and.. this side.. The molar you put a gold crown on this before. right? You did that at our clinic at 2014. oh,, It fell off? When did it happen? a year ago.. I would be much better
if you visited here right away when it fell off. Just in case, I will check up your teeth briefly
before you sit on unit chair Can you come here closer? I’m going to come closer to you too for check up. Aah.. Say Aah please. It’s all right. Say Aah please right. this one.here. I can see food must stuck here often. I can see little hole in your molar here. This one must be treated.
I bet It’s been making you uncomfortable. This teeth has been hurting you. right? Would you like to start treetment for this molar from today? Ok. and… this side.. I will check up other teeth briefly. I think only that tooth you told me has problem. and.. under teeth..this side.. ok. This molar weared down a lot already. Too bad, If you visited here a year ago
as soon as it fell off.I would be so much easier to fix it. A little bit more.. can you say Aah for me, please? Aah~ I’m going to check up upper teeth on this side briefly too. I think.. Generally, You don’t really have big problem . Probably you have very good tooth brushing habit. So.. I’m going to start treat these teeth you told me.
and scaling all your teeth. We have to treat your teeth one by one. because we need to check occlusion after the first tooth treated. then, we can start work on another one. Today, We are going to start treating this moral first. Can you come this way please? Just lie here. Hold on.please. This patient.. molar on this side.. said…This side, under molar is uncomfotable.. so.. ok. hang on. please. Don’t worry about it too much.
Doesn’t have very painful one today. just lie down and make yourself comfortable please.
It’s all right. All right. Let me start check up your teeth. Say Aah. Say Aah. please. Let’s check again. You said this molar hurts. Ok. Right. I can see that. and.. This one.. needed to be touched Here. you mean here. right.? right. I got it. here.. and.. I’ll check on this side.. here. hang on. No.It’s ok. There are no painful one right now. Don’t worry. I will treat this molar first. I’m going to put some medicine in this tooth. wait for a second. Aah, Say Aah please. Aah. I’m putting some medicine in tooth now. Don’t need to be worried.
It will takes some time. Aah. Good. You are doing well. So..I’m going to start to working on put a gold crown on this teeth first. But still. I thisnk I need to put some medicine in moral on this side too. We will start to fix this one first and slowly start this side. As I said, we need to check occlusion after the first tooth treated. then, we can start working on another one. So, We are going to treat this molar and take dental impression first. But still. I’m going to take care of this molar a little bit now. Aah, open your mouth please. yes. Aah. Say Aah. ~ Aah~. Good. You are doing well. I’m going to put little more medicine in this tooth. Aah. Open your mouth little more wider.
I know It’s hard. Hang in there. just second. We need to take dental impression for put a crown on a tooth. Aah,~ Good job. and hold this with your mouth hardly.
“Aang” “Aang” You have to hold this really hard. Good. you are doing well. Stay there for 3min. I know it’s hard.
But you have to keep it tightly. Good. Ooops. ok. here.. Saliva keep coming out.. whenever saliva coming out,
put this one on your chin. and wipe it off. I’m gonna clean this for you for now. It’s ok . when people taking dental impression,
everyone has same saliva problem. not only you. So, Don’t get embarrassed. All right. open your mouth please? Aah~ I know It’s sticky so hard to open your mouth but try. Aah. Good. there are some alginate remaining.
I’m going to clean that. Aah. please Ok. It’s done. Let’s get teeth scaling started. This will sting a little bit but
You will feel very fresh after all. Let me see.. how your teeth conditions are.. Aah.~ You said your lips are hurt. I’ll put some lip balm on your lips It won’t hurt after this. I know if we open your mouth so long
It gets so dry and hurts. ok. Let’s get scaling started. start from this side. Aah, Open your mouth please. Aah. Good I’m looking at molar on this side. a lot of tartar on here. but still you have pretty good condition
your teeth got scaled not long ago. and as I said before,
you have good habbit of teeth brushing That’s why you don’t really have a lot of tartar in general. only some part.. have a lot of tartar. like this. Say Aah please.~ It may sting a little. It stuck on here a lot
This part need deep cleaning good You are managing very well. I’m moving to this side then back to that side after clean this side. Let me see… Aah. good I’ll remove tartar between your teeth with this tool like this. I’ve been doing this job for very long time. so I won’t make big mistake like makes you bleeding..
It won’t happen. So. You can rest easy. If you had bad breeth It will become better after this. Aah~ Aah. Open up your mouth a little wider. ok. good. Let me check under teeth too. good A little..This time will be sting a little. a little. hang in there hang in there please. It’s stuck in here
have to clean this well. There are some tartar stuck in here deeply. Please hang in there,
hang in there little longer. a little more. please. Aah. good. check this side. good. you are doing well. It will sting a little. hang in there. Aah. ok. It’s gone. all the painful parts are finished. there are some remaing tartar.
cleaning just a little more. and.. disinfect gum. and this will be done. You’ve been opening your mouth(Aah~) over 20min.
Good job. Well done.! finishing work for this side. It’s almost done..~ apply disinfectant now.
then i will be finished Say Aah. I will apply this all over like this. Aah.~ move on to this side. Treetment for today is finished. You are wondering about the price.? for your left molar. you said you wanna put “gold” crown on it. It’s about 250 dollars, if you pay with cash. “Goo dok Ja”(subscriber) You are a regular customer. so I will give you a tip. We have a special deal only for VIP. Actually, I have Youtube channels. Kaya ASMR and Kaya Vlogs. If you subscribe both This time will be free.
How does that sound? then,.I will see you next time. Don’t forget to make an appoinment for next treatment before you leave. ok? Bye. See you. Bye.

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  5. Thank you for cleaning my panda teeth, because I chew so much bamboo, I have tooth problems… aaaaaaang 🙂 you have such a soft pleasing voice. I hope you make more doctor role play videos. I would love a mental hospital role play, where you have to calm me down and give me injections. Thank you doctor Kaya!!! <3

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  24. awesome video, but the voice audio is too quiet. I can't wear headphones because my ears are too sensitive, so I have a hard time finding the right balance

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