[Eng] 건강검진 전날 금식하는 남펴니 인내심 테스트ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남편 고문먹방 Torturing hubby with Chicken Mukbang  | 신혼일키
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[Eng] 건강검진 전날 금식하는 남펴니 인내심 테스트ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남편 고문먹방 Torturing hubby with Chicken Mukbang | 신혼일키

What are you going to do tomorrow? I need to prepare for my health check up now. This is what my hubby should go through before his check up; he could not eat anything. You wanna eat chicken but you can’t! Finally my hubby was getting out of his mind. What’s happening to Kiki’s hubby before his check up Hubby got home at 11:30pm (camera shakes too hard) I feel sorry about his work till this late but! (Get to the point right away)
Now I am going to do mukbang. Hubby: …? Hubby: That really takes the cake Hubby: That’s too much for your hubby! Can you imagine how many people had waited for you? Live stream just before My hubby got a check up tomorrow, guys Best chance to bug him since he cannot eat anything now! So I’ve prepared chicken but he hasn’t come yet…. very starving so just started mukbang without him Kiki~~it He works so late… I ate chicken too much unlike my plan My subscribers started to doubt him whether he was watching me streaming somewhere like parking lot… lol After 100min-long live streaming Finally he got back home! Ki~Hi These days I’m a big fan of Giant Peng TV on youtube. (Copying the posture of Peng’s greeting) There you go I’ve got three pieces of chicken left fortunately Now is the time for eating them! Chicken mukbang one more time to bother my hubby! lol What are you up to do tomorrow? I need to prepare for my check up now Yeah I know… but come here just a moment please You need to bring your sample of your feces huh? ya! Nature just calls me now lol you haven’t eaten anything but why the nature calls you? Let’s unbox the toolkit for taking the feces sample It will be a big fun! Bring me the toolkit! Is my check up an event for you channel? You can say that again. No other wives can make hubby’s daily life as events. (bragging myself) I don’t appreciate for that! Not all of the event is welcomed you know… Come real quick!!!! Quick quick quick quick qui…. Mission for hubby
1. Watch only Kiki I just got back from work… It’s so tough time for me Instead, will you give me those big two pimples? Nope. Please let me squeeze your pimples!!! No way, just go ahead for chicken instead! For the appetizer, time for unboxing ‘the tool kit’ It’s pretty rare item to unbox His shoulder starts to shake so harshly My chicken mukbang will increase your appetite, then it will be very easy to take your stool sample I am helping you, got it? What are you talking about? This is my first time to see this How to take the sample
1.spread a sheet on the toilet
3.put that in the container The manual says ‘scoop it with a spoon’ Later on this channel, my hubby’s stool will be unboxed…? kkkk (too hilarious) I assume this is gonna be the first case to show the people hubby’s ‘that’! New history on youtube! Hubby: … I love this kind of chats hahah I will display them here That looks just dirty See you later guys! Kiki TV What’s my favorite chicken brand? “Hunting Chicken” There you go! I trust the oils the brand uses Let me start the mukbang Mission for hunny
1. Watch only Kiki
2. Never eat chicken The only reason I do mukbang is to help your bowel movement (giggles) This is chicken and chinese plum juice I am so thirstry… That looks really delicious How pity you are… I will be very thirsty soon too after eating this Just wait for me (dumbfounded) Chicken mukbang show only for hubby (his shoulder vibrates more and more) (he is such a meat lover) can you hear it? (torturing him with the sound) Too yammy (time for visual attack) (averting his gaze) Why do you do this to me! since you’ve got married to me (he asked for trouble) Testing his patience hahahahahahahhahhhhh hahahahahahahhahhhhh Why do you do this to me!!! (I felt a bit sorry for him but I kept going) It’s seriously tasty Do you want a bite? You can’t eat anything huh? You can’t eat anything~~~lol Perfect deboning! (How charming my wife is….) (Fumbling) Rubber gun loaded No way!! I am gonna eat three chickens tomorrow Right after your check up? I will increase your appetite before then! Strong chicken ASMR kkkkkkkkkkk Why do you take the advantage of me T.T Congratulations for your marriage life! (feeling mixed emotions) (He has discovered many new aspects of her he didn’t know about) (His old comments just came across his mind) Everyone please get married as late as you can! You should know more of your fiancée before getting married! Do you still love me tho? Absolutely I do with no doubt ( Even though I eat chicken in front of you like this?) Do you still love me? love me? (sighs) (lonely shouting) (His shoulder vibrates very sadly) An earthquake breaks on your shoulder? (giggling) Let’s eat chicken together! Just give up your check up day! You’re thinking about it right? No… I know the flavor so… Then watch me! Fried chicken is dancing in my mouth! (singing…?) (He is reaching the limit) Do you remember what’s the most delicious part of the fried chicken from this brand? Raddish What??? The deep-fried crust! I will remind you of its taste a ‘chicken run’ kkk spit it out! Be careful of the cookie clip Have you finished of taking the sample? Yes a lot… It’s full Don’t you feel warm there? I can’t touch the bottom… It’s too dirty!!! Bye bye my hubby’s poop Today’s conclusion: everyone stay healthy!

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