Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure
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Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure

Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I’m here today to talk to you about seizures in dogs.
Some dogs are crone to seizures from epilepsy just like people are. Sometimes they could
have seizures from other things like occasionally they will have seizures from being bit by
some type of insect. Most of the time it is from epilepsy if they are older it could be
from problems like brain tumors. There is a lot of reasons for seizures. Should you
suddenly find your dog in a middle of a seizure that usually looks like this they are usually
laying crone on there side and they are not usually sneezing and they are usually stiff.
There legs would be stiff. They may be paddling and they may loose there bow or they might
loose there urine so they might leaving puddles back here. They might be drolling and they
would often be very stiff up here and potentially choking on something. I have seen dogs that
has had seizures a lot to choking on grass that they have just eaten. So one thing the
most important thing is you want to protect them from hurting there selfs and one way
to do that is to cover them with a blanket and cover them up with a blanket and using
the blanket to push them down to the floor and keep them in one place. The other thing
is you want to block of stairways. Things that they could roll into and get injured.
The other is to make sure they maintain airway but never never stick your hand into the mouth
of a seizure dog cause you will get bitten. You could anything else that you can find
that you might be able to pry into the mouth to keep them get there airway to keep there
airway open and a rag might work depending on the situation or you might have to get
something a little more firm like say like a paper towel roll that the cardboard roll
that the paper towel comes on. You could use varies things to try to open that air way
but most important don’t let them hurt them selfs or you. It would usually last one or
two minutes. The most important thing is to count the time. Look at the watch make sure
you know how long because the seizures seems to last a very long time when in fact it is
only a minute or so. If it is lasting more then three minutes the veterinarian needs
to be called immediately and after a seizure you pet should be taken to the hospital or
to the nearest veterinarian immediately.

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48 thoughts on “Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure

  1. my moms tiny Pomeranian has them frequently and yesterday she just came up to me & sat there shaking. I was confused at first but then she started drooling & oh my gosh, it was one of the most terrifying moments ever. :T My parents say she gets them frequently because the other dogs make her angry but when I got out they were all calm. It lasted for about five minutes, poor little pup was crying even, it made ME cry. It helped when I picked her up & spoke to her while I gently rubbed her chest

  2. My dog died last month he seemed fine the day before but later that day he lost his bark it was squeaky he was up all night throwing up drinking alot of water drooling wouldn't sleep the next day he had a siezure and died in my arms R. I. P. Buddy

  3. My border collie has had seizures since he was probably 3 or so – he is almost 10 years old now. Has then about 9 times a year. It's scary but you have to remember they are likely not aware of what is happening. It's awful to watch, but they are typically oblivious. My advice – develop a plan. Take notes. Be prepared. Have a plan of action so as soon as it happens you can just start doing what is on your list – it really does help. Educate yourself.

  4. my dog is acting the same,,she had her first seizure,,,and it was very very bad and she wont eat anything but she drinkin a lot of water

  5. My dog had his first seizure it was very sad to see him like that , he won't eat he's been laying down for 3 hours and won't get up . Am taking him to the vet . Best thing to do

  6. My cosuins toy poodle Max he was the cutest thing he was only 6-7 he couldn't even move but every time he did move he would cry he was in alot of pain and would had seizures in the morning and in the night it went on for weeks before she came home from school and her mom told her he had past, i miss him they really loved each other he always wanted to be in her arms he even loved me and when i was there we would always play but nobody had an amazing bond like they did 🙁

  7. My dog just had one. He has epilepsy and he's 8 years old. This was probably his 25th seizure maybe. I believe his first was around 5 years old. This seizure was about 3-4 minutes long… if your dog had one don't let him walk or go on stairs cause the dog might be blind for a bit and no fulk control yet

  8. my dog is 2years and 6 months today he had his first seizure n v calld ths vet bt by the time the vet came he was doin fine n the vet has told us to observe him since he cn give any medicatin without proper knwlge i dnt want to want to risk so can u plzz tell me wht to do…

  9. One of my dogs with we bottle feed from birth was having seizes and it happened to be corn in the formula that we were using so now if he has dog food with a strong amount of corn he we'll throw up! My other dog has seizes very often and have never once taken her to a vet because we know why she has them (when she has to much water at once) she is a small dog so when she's having a seizure We hold her on our lap and comfort her by telling her she's okay and that we love her!!

  10. I always hold onto my dogs when they have seizures cause they flop around and we hand hardwood and tile floors, so they'll probably hurt themselves if left alone. I also heard rubbing them and calling their name (calmly) a lot can get them out of it quicker. 

  11. I watched a video that I can't find now where a vet called his technique the B-28 point.
    The space above a dog's lip and below it's nose with steady medium pressure for up to 60 secs upon onset of a seizure. My Malinois "Belle" suffers epilepsy and this REALLY WORKS EVERY TIME. It somehow brings her focus into place very quickly.I suggest you investigate.

  12. As a Human with seizures I was told by doctors and have learned it for my self, but if im having a seizure don't hold me down I get violent and it disorients me. So think about what it does to your dog if you hold him down. he is scarred and confused to start out with now your ON HIM and he still don't know whats up poor dog!

  13. My dog is epileptic and I could not let my dog have a seizure and do nothing, what this vet is doing is fine for a large dog.I have a small-med size dog I pick him up put is back against my chest put a towel under his butt and across groin then rub his belly and talk calmly to him. This seems to bring him out of his seizures faster holding him this way ensures he won't bite my face as he is not facing me but he is getting comfort while going through this and it helps him snap out of it faster. He was 5 when he was first diagnosed he is now almost 10. With meds he has seizures every 3-6mnths and has them within a 48hr period then I know he is done for the next 3-6 months.

  14. Just FYI – just like you never put a wooden spoon into a human's mouth that is seizing you never put anything into a dogs mouth either, the airway will be open – the nose. Putting something into a seizing mouth causes more risk than benefit.

  15. I have an English mastiff one of the biggest dogs out there and every night or early early morning he has a seizure he is 6 years old and this bread only lives till there 7 or 8 so he is and old fella we were told he has a brain tumor and it can't be fixed but it will make it less frequent. when he is in a seizure he drools and and paddles his legs very strongly he sometimes will knock things down I need help

  16. our puppy was thrown by my baby cousin and become seizured…i nearly killed my cousin but i quickly search this video amd found it helpful

  17. My dog to my dog name is do and he only 2 years old and he was still and was like cardboard and dident move and eyes look coming out his head I was scared where gonna go to the vet I hope he doesn't die 🙏🏻

  18. I just came home to my beagle having a seizure and it's so scary…
    What's worse is that when we come home my dog gets super excited so that didn't help much. the seizure passed a couple of minutes after but it's still scary

  19. My beagle also just had one
    I was really upset but the worst thing to do is cry because my dog noticed that and got really scared
    It is 11pm so I can't call the vets so what do I do?!

  20. HELP!!!!! When I leave from my house and I come back in 1 or more hours my dog has a seizure. What do I do? PLZ HELP

  21. IGNORE putting cloth IN DOGS MOUTH….MAY PANIC as comes too….this vet is out to lunch on that..help dog on stomach if have to from back or side seizure position…BUT ONLY TOUCH Body. NOT HEAD AS MAY GET bite as dog seizures and no awareness of their mouth

  22. Thanks, my 1 1/2 hear old husky had two seizures yesterday, so I really need to make sure I’m aware what to do. I’m pretty sure it’s epilepsy.

  23. Your video is helpful but really quiet. It would probably help your viewers understand if it was at a more common noise level.

  24. Is it possible for dogs to bite themselves white seizing? My dog had a seizure early today and he had blood around his mouth, we assumed he’d bit himself.

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