Eliminating Candida by Fasting with Loren Lockman, Tanglewood Wellness Center
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Eliminating Candida by Fasting with Loren Lockman, Tanglewood Wellness Center

Hi, I’m Loren Lockman. In this short video,
I’m going to be talking a little bit about Candida Albicans and how you can eliminate that issue,
if you’re dealing with it Candida’s become a very common problem today,
and it’s so common because antibiotics, birth control pills for women, many other
pharmaceutical drugs, and even some of the things that people both eat and believe are healthy to eat
are exarcebating the problem with Candida How does this happen? Well, Candida Albicans is a
yeast that occurs naturally in virtually everybody it’s in the 99.9% of the population,
all we carry this yeast. When our gut flora, the bacteria in the digestive
tract, are healthy they prevent the yeast from taking over. But what happens is we
consume any of the medications or maybe somebody’s food, and referring to what happens
is we kill off the beneficial bacteria in the body that prevent the yeast from taking over,
and the yeast now grow unchecked by anything that prevents them from flourishing and so in order to eliminate candida what we
need to do is find the way to kill up yeast without harming the benefitial bacteria.
There’re other things you can do, medicine has some answers for you, there’re some very
very potent drugs that you can take. Unfortunately, what they tend to do is kill not
only the yeast but the beneficial organisms in your body as well. And you may be not aware
of this but not only can we not be healthy, we can’t even be alive without the beneficial
organisms that live in our bodies So we may want to be careful about doing
something that actually begins to kill off those beneficial organisms.
There is another way The last 14 years I’ve been supervising
water-only fasts, of anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks and what happens with fasts with Candida is the
yeast which feed on the food, the sugar that we’re either consuming or producing as a result
of consumed food they feed on the sugar before we get the chance to, they flourish when
we’re eating, almost regardless ovbiously if we were eating a lot processed sugar or a lot of
complex carbohydrates in the presence of real fibre we’re winding up giving a tons of food.
This is further exacerbated in standard american diet or many alternative diets that still contains
an excessive amount of fat the average american is consuming roughly 30%
of their calories from fat, and when this fat is in the blood stream the body has a harder time
processing the sugar, the sugar is available to the yeast longer and that means the use of a
better chance of being able to feed on it
and use it for the own benefit rather than allowing those nutrients to benefit us,
our bodies run on sugar, but not processed sugar that creates problems for us So, when we fast what happens is the yeast inmediately
begins to starve, because they have no food there’s nothing to feed them because there’s
nothing coming in, but don’t those beneficial bacteria starves too. Well, fortunately the beneficial
organisms in our body benefit us precisely because they live on dead and dying tissue,
they’re essentially nature’s garbage man in our bodies helping us to eliminate the
very things that we don’t want So, when we’re fasting the yeast is starving
because is not being fed, the bacteria continues to get everything they need to flourish and
we wind up taking this inbalance of yeast to bacteria and being able to shift it.
Now, what I’ve found over the last 14 years of fasting more than 2000 people and many of them
with Candida problems, and in fact, I’ve suffered from a severe Candida, sistemic Candida
infection myself 25 years ago What I find is that tipically it takes at least 21
days of only consuming water in order to be able to eliminate the Candida. And before you say:
” Ok, great, I’m gonna start drinking water and
not gonna consume anything else” You need to understand that is not safe to do
it on your own. It’s important to understand what it is and what is not ok.
And fasting on your own is not a good idea, going 21 days without food is not a good idea
unless you got proper experience in supervision, ok? When you’re at the fasting center like the
Tanglewood Wellness Center, or one of the other ones we check your vital signs every single day to
make sure that you are safe, that you are ok Now, it’s important to understand that if you have
Candida Albicans, and you want to eliminate it fasting you’re probably not gonna feel great while
you’re going through the process, in fact, we have a young woman here that had a raging Candida
problem and she just completed the fast, the 21 days, and she felt pretty toxic the entire time.
Imagine how you would feel if your blood stream is full of yeast as those yeasts begin to dye off,
you’ll have all these dead organisms floating around your blood stream until your body can process
them out of your system you don’t feel very good and so she felt very toxic and very tired,
and in fact, exhausted. and this is a typical response, 7, 10, 14 days later she’s a
completely different person because she’s been able to, again, shift that
balance by killing off most of the yeasts, and you don’t have to kill them all. Remember,
they’re always in the body, all we need to do is recreate the original balance as long as
the bacteria has the upper hand they’re going to be able to keep the yeast from
taking over, so all we need to do is bring this
to here and we are ok and then, because… imagine before everything
you’re eating is feeding the yeast rather than feeding yourself, you’re not gonna
feel and function very well you’re not going to get what you need from
your food, and in fact, even essentially
you’ve got them still on your body still where they make alcohol. What happens
when you combine the yeast with sugar? you wind up with alcohol. So, when you’ve
got a candida problem you’re constantly producing small amount of alcohol right in your
body, and it’s hard to feel and function very well if you have alcohol constantly entering
in your blood stream So 21 days fasting is the minimum for most people
with candida, if you can do more than that it would be wise to be more. But remember, this is
something that needs to be supervised to be safe and lots of the time just to be effective, because
people don’t even know on their own
what is and what’s not ok And then it’s important to have proper refeeding
at the end of that, because if you don’t do that properly, you can wind up taking that candida
problem and recreat it instantly Having done all this work to cleanse your body,
you’d probably want to make your best choices as you can continue to enjoy and incredible
high level of health, which you can do If we can help you in that regard and in any
regard feel free to contact us at the end of this video you’ll see a URL in the screen,
send us an email, subscribe to our mailing list, we’ll be sending you a lots of great free information,
and we’re here to assist you in any way we can If you’re dealing with Candida or any other
condition and want to function the highest level possible, you can. Perfect health can be yours,
and if I can help you I’ll be glad to help you 25 years ago I figured out how to get rid of
my Candida infection, after 3 years. Since then, I haven’t been sick any single day. You can experience
exactly the same thing, more energy, more vitality more mental clarity than you ever had before.
You can have that, let us know if we can help you

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99 thoughts on “Eliminating Candida by Fasting with Loren Lockman, Tanglewood Wellness Center

  1. Glad to hear it RawLab…please let me know if I can assist you in any way; and thanks for your comments!

  2. A small % of ppl get severe nausea & this can be very hard, especially w/out experienced supervision. I get a few ppl through this each yr, & most complete their fasts.

    Unfortunately, chlorella does Not bind all the toxins, & to be truly accurate, fasting means no nutrients or calories as their presence insures that the body does Not enter the most beneficial phase of the processs. Fast again for at least 21 days with experienced supervision & you can eliminate the candida.

  3. Thanks! We're now in a temporary location in Costa Rica while we plan our permanent home which will be be even more beautiful…

  4. WoW !!! What a beautiful garden or back yard you have !! Wish I had a lovely place like that where I could go. I've been watching different videos about Candida….or on how to get rid of yeast infection. This is a very good video. I'm trying to get rid of infection. I have type 2 Diabetes. I really need to stop eating bread or grains to decrease the yeast in my body. I'm trying to go cold turkey off of bread and grains. I will eat more raw veggies and raw fruit, and drink more water. 🙂

  5. Hi Shannon! This vid was shot at my place in Panama, which we moved from 15 months ago. We're now in Costa Rica where we also have a beautiful location..

    Changing your diet would be a very powerful first step, and getting yourself to a place where you can do a supervised water fast would be an amazingly powerful thing for you…we have 100% success eliminating both Candida and Type 2 diabetes…

  6. Thanks Loren for sharing this useful information! I am on day 2 of a 5-day water fast and noticed today that I have a candida outbreak. I haven't had any problems with candida since May after starting a very high raw diet. I actually thought my candida problems were completely gone. Can you explain why this outbreak might be occurring on a water fast and how I might transition well into eating again after the fast? I cannot do a longer fast now as I am doing it at home unsupervised. Gratitude2U!

  7. You're welcome. You've been managing the candida til now, but the imbalance was still present. Now the candida are starving and you are experiencing that die-off as an outbreak. It usually takes at least 21 days fasting to completely eliminate the candida, (& longer is better.) Because your fast is relatively short, refeeding won't be too hard, though you might want to avoid citrus, cantelope, bananas, pistachios, pnuts & avoid fat/sugar combos. Find a fasting center that you like and get well

  8. Thank you very much Loren for your advice. I really appreciate it! I will especially follow your advice on eating a low fat diet and not mixing fat with fruit/sugar. I just got Dr. Douglas Graham book The 80/10/10 diet and the section on candida was informative and similar to your advice. Thank you again, Loren.

  9. Thanks Lisa! That was my place in Panama and it was a spectacular place…and now I'm set to create something even better here in Costa Rica.

    Namaste and Happy New Year to you!

  10. If one is not able to attend a retreat center, how can someone do this on their own? Personally, I'd rather go a little slower. Detoxing and having to do normal lifey things is not so fun. 🙂

  11. Thanks PROCOMER84! It was a great place. The new place in Costa Rica may take a while to get to that point, but it is beautiful in it's own right, is very quiet, tranquil, and peaceful. New videos from here coming soon, and new photos going up on the Tanglewood website and Facebook page soon as well. Namaste, Loren

  12. HI LP, it is possible to get supervision via phone/skype to fast at home but that's never as satisfying or beneficial as coming to a place like mine where you have no responsibilities, well-meaning friends & family to share their fears & negativity, & instead, a supportive community in a beautiful & serene environment. Because I know that you are a powerful creator, capable of manifesting whatever you choose to, I would suggest that you decide what you want & then figure out how to create it.

  13. Hello Loren, do you do steaming/sauna treatment at your clinic, are these helpful or too much of a strain in your opinoin. Also, do you have a swimming pool, even if just staying cool and enjoying the calming effects of water? Also, how much water do you have your visitors there drink a day on average? Can massage or meditation be helpful for detoxifying the body?

  14. Hi Leon, We don't do steam of sauna because they enervate the body and because the body needs no help in detoxifying. We do have a beautiful pool on-site. The average guest needs between 3-4 litters/day, though some much more and some much less. Massage & meditation are both great tools to help people relax, but I don't think they asset in detoxiing the body.

  15. Hi mazdapesha3, The Ramadan fast is too short to have significant benefit & as you may know many actually gain weight during Ramadan as they both overeat & do it at the worst times of the day: early in the am. & again after sundown. If you minimize caloric intake & are careful about what you eat you can benefit from the Ramadan fast, though I don't know how much. To eliminate candida completely get to a fasting center for 28 days or more… Let me know if you'd like some coaching through Ramadan

  16. Erm.. a woman eats nothing for 21 days and then feels tired… Then 2 weeks after starting to eat again she feels great. Sounds to me like she just needed a feed!

  17. Yes, it may sound that way, but it's not quite so simply Askimoulas. People fasting do Not necessarily feel tired; the body is being fed on it's reserves, so a clean system generally feels fine while fasting and resting. The woman in question felt tired because of the dead yeast in her blood stream, not because she was fasting.

  18. Hi Loren, I'm a big fan of your work! I"m currently residing in the UK but would love to save up and come on one of your water fasts. I am a raw vegan but am worried about a weight loss issue, I'm already very very thin, how would a 21 water fast treat me? I should mention that I have self diagnosed a candida issue – I have many skin problems on my head, ears, genitals and anus areas. Would you recommend getting a candida stool test before considering the candida 21 day fast that you advise? Thx

  19. Hi Loren, I'm a big fan of your work! I"m currently residing in the UK but would love to save up and come on one of your water fasts. I am a raw vegan but am worried about a weight loss issue, I'm already very very thin, how would a 21 water fast treat me? I should mention that I have self diagnosed a candida issue – I have many skin problems on my head, ears, genitals and anus areas. Would you recommend getting a candida stool test before considering a candida 21 day fast that you advise? Thx

  20. Hi infotwobp! Thanks for your comments/appreciation. I wouldn't bother with the candida test. Fasting is about giving your body the optimal conditions to cleanse & heal itself so whether you have a candida issue or not, fasting long-enough/properly allows the body the best chance to regain health no matter what's going on. Most folks — even v lean ones — can usually fast 21 days if done well & lose less than average. You can complete a consultation form for a free 45 minute discovery call w/me

  21. Loren, I would like to come do a supervised water fast at your retreat center under your supervision.  How much would it cost me?  (21 days)

  22. Hi Jack, it looks like I missed your question earlier and now the system won't let me reply to it directly, but the answer is yes: candida albicans is the yeast that has proliferated in a systemic candida problem.

  23. In my opinion, as someone who has water fasted for lengthy periods of time and who has had a multitude of various problems (Candida, leaky gut etc.), it is not the water fasting that eliminates Candida. In fact, you cannot completely kill of Candida. However, I have kept my Candida completely at bay by using a host of antifungal supplements. The three I used were Caprylic Acid (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil), GSE, and Oregano Oil and also introducing high quality probiotics such as water kefir. This caused many temporary die-off symptoms when large amounts of the fungus were dying including itching, fungal rash, headaches, fatigue, etc.

  24. Just eat a few certain things every day – like sauerkraut, kimchee and yogurt.  Sauerkraut and kimchee – HOME MADE… very easy to make and it only takes around 3 days before it will kick candida butt severely.  If you have stomach aches, heartburn and such – just take a tablespoon of sauerkraut or kimchee juice… and watch it disappear.  I am a Health Minister and I only suggest cheap, fast acting and efficient ways to allow a body to heal itself.  

    MMS is also another BIG help – I take foot baths every other night (at least I try to do so); but, I really noticed the difference when I take my sauerkraut and/or kimchee – 1/4th cup in the morning… 1/4th cup in the afternoon or whenever I feel like it… and a nice swallow of the juice before I hit the sack.

    Another thing very beneficial is fresh organic lemon juice – with water and real honey.  This will really help get rid of the over-spill of candida in the rest of the body – the lemon juice… freshly squeezed, acts like de-greaser on internal engine parts – it strips off the gunk and lets the body start to heal. 

    There are many videos on making sauerkraut and kimchee on YouTube.  I usually have 3 – 1/2 gallon glass pickle jars that I have on hand in my refrigerator.  I offer it to all my friends and family when they come over… they like coming over more and more; because each time they come – they leave feeling better.  I also talk them into MMS foot baths as well; but, I am amazed to see the results from simple things that they do not even know is a vital supplement for their ailments.

    Sauerkraut is so simple; and only take around 10 actual minutes of time to make up, three days to ferment – and it will keep for over a year in your fridge.  I have a vegie slicer that slices things around 1/8th of an inch… I take a head of organic cabbage, an onion or two… jalapeno peppers if I want – carrots… I put down a layer in a big bowl of about an inch of cabbage mixture – then I sprinkle some CANNING AND PICKLING SALT on the layer of cabbage mixture – then I add another inch or so and put some more CANNING AND PICKLING SALT on there… around a tablespoon or two of the CANNING AND PICKLING SALT in total; and, I just let it set.

    I let it set for around 15 – 30 min. and then I take my fist and just push down hard on the contents of the bowl – it will have plenty of liquid that it makes by itself – so, you need no water or anything else for sauerkraut… for kimchee you will want to put in some Louisiana hot sauce.  After you smashed up the cabbage and whatever else – just toss it into a glass jar – like my 1/2 gallon pickle jars I use… then take a quart or gallon baggie – place it in the jar and fill up the plastic baggie with water so that it will act as a seal.  Place the jar in a bowl; because, it will start to bubble some of the liquid out if it is really a full jar.

    Let the jar or jars sit on your counter top for 3 days – then just yank out the plastic baggie and dig you out a forkful – delicious… put the cap on the jar and shove it somewhere in your fridge – right in the front of things so you won't forget it.  It really makes an excellent gift as well – I do not suggest that anyone cook the sauerkraut – you want all the living support you can get as it eats away the candida.

    Keeping the sauerkraut in a BIG jar in the front of the fridge really helps those who are being controlled by their candida.  When you get the fridge open and are looking at what your candida wants you to eat; and you just cannot make up your mind what to feed them… just take a fork full or two of sauerkraut – you will be amazed how satisfying it will be on the stomach… soon you will control what you are eating instead of being driven to eat what them parasites want.

    One last thing – sorry this took so long; but – STOP EATING GMO FOODS… it is like putting gasoline into a diesel engine – or diesel into a gasoline engine… these Franken foods almost killed me – and have killed many others.  If you don't believe me – I challenge you to look up "Genetic Roulette" on YouTube – it may change your mind if the candida allows you to see the truth of the matter.  You won't be disappointed; and, it may save your life.


  25. Hi,

    Thank you, so great video about this issue. I have a question about candida in kids:

    What would you suggest to do with children and candida? My kids (1.5 yo, 5 yo, 8yo) are on raw vegan diet for two months now, three of them are having candida issue – eczema and leaky gut. The youngest one skin had cleared completely within 5-6 weeks on raw diet. The other two still struggles, but the most my oldest daughter.
    She is my main dilemma. I am not giving to her acidic fruits yet due to leaky gut, only sweet ripe fruit and lots of greens, very little fat. She has many allergies and since 4 years we were trying to find a cause, that at the end happened to be candida. I did for her some cleansing in the past and many treatments, that I worry her kidney and liver might be clogged up due to possibly not proper way of cleansing. 
    Is there anything you would suggest in order to help her better? Her symptoms are staying pretty much on the same level all the time, eczema on face, neck, arms. It went down a bit at the beginning but did not clear up since then. 
    What do you think? What to do for kidneys and liver to help these organs get back to work properly? 
    I appreciate any advice.

  26. What would be good re-feeding plan after fast? Can i break fast with some granny smith apple(almost no sugar)? And thanks Loren on this videos, they are very informative!

  27. Hey Loren,

    So would you not recommend breaking a water fast for candida with a day of coconut water because of the fat/sugar content? Or is it alright?

    Thanks 🙂

  28. DEar Loren. I have been trying to contact Costa Rica Location by mail but there is no answer. I want to go into the process over there. Thank you.

  29. With your Candida issue, did you experience daily head-fog….feeling spacy?  Since going on 2 rounds of antibiotics last year, I have not been right since.  Overall, I've been eating a 75% raw diet and have seen only a few improvements…but I want to get over that hump.  Your videos are very inspiring…thank you so much.  

  30. Hmmmm…my candida overgrowth has taken over body, and is causing me a lot of health issues and discomforts, due to many months of antibiotics.  Hind sight, I should have rejected the pharmaceuticals and the hospital, which have destroyed my health.  Which has also caused type-2 diabetes, an extreme case of eczema and psoriasis, joint pain, etc.  My symptoms are worsening.  I don't know what to eat or drink, or if I should eat at all, in order to begin this healing journey.  So, yesterday, I stopped eating everything, and I'm only drinking sugarless teas with distilled water…period.  Because most foods seem to make me break-out in extremely painful, extremely itchy psoriasis rashes on my face.  I don't understand what I need to do first, in order to improve my health.  Should I continue fasting, or immediately begin the fruitarian diet?  But if I begin the fruitarian diet after my fast, will that cause my candida overgrowth to revisit?   Please, help!!

  31. There's a lot of talk on parasites; do we wash are hands too much? Does fasting seal the deal and eliminate only bad bacteria? Abnormal Bob

  32. Dear Loren! I am a mom of a 21.months old girl. We are on a raw food diet since one year now, with occasionally cooked food. I have candida overgrowth which is getting worse when I eat sweet fruit. Now I eat lower portion of fat and no citrus, but it is still there. I know the best would be a fasting but as a highly breastfeeding mom don't know what to do.

  33. hello I sent you an email, whenever you are able to respond would be greatly appreciated, as it is quite urgent.

  34. Does water fasting eliminate internal fungus such as mold? I was in a water damaged toxic mold infested home and my entire health has took a turn. I'm 20 and I went from exercising everyday, meditating, and eating a vegan diet to being bed ridden and hardly being able to breathe. Do you know if an extended water fast will eliminate the mold and bring me back to my normal self? Thankyou in advance.

  35. what do you think about dry fasting when you have candida? one day dry fast is like 3 days water fasting and after the 4,5 days of dry fast you detox 5-6 time faster than on water fasting….or do you need to drink water to get the stuff out…?

  36. Hi Loren, I read that fasting puts you in a state of ketosis and candida thrives on ketones. I have also heard that fasting can be destructive to your metabolism. Any thoughts on this?

  37. What would you suggest for parasites in all parts of body parts? Wouldnt it be beneficial to use some herbs to kill em away, and then later nourish the flora etc. good bacteria? I got this kind of problem and i dont really know what would be right to do… The thing is im feeling them moving all around my body when doing right kind of diet. Even in this kind of sitsuation you wouldnt recommend some kind of herbs to kill the worms in body parts and gut, or drive em out..?

  38. what is your protocol for re-feeding after a long water fast with a systemic candida overgrowth? Shouldn't fruit be avoided just in case?

  39. Dear Loren, thank you for all the precious information!
    I am a mom of a 6 months year old boy. We are on a raw food diet for the last 15 months with occasionally cooked food. I have an eczema (extremely itching and breaking the skin) in my palm that showing up from time to time and every time it showed up it last for several moths. I believe the best way would be a fasting but as a breastfeeding mom I guess it is currently not an option. I would greatly appreciate your advice. Many Thanks! Luba

  40. hi loren, if someone has been water fasting for candida 20 days and stupidly puts a skin care product on their body which has glycerine and papaya on it two nights does it mean the fast is ruined?

  41. I completed 6 days of fasting. Right after I had tons of food to satisfy my craving. Candida infection on skin got worse.

  42. I had psoriasis for three years, it was severe & covered most of my body at one time but I healed it naturally in the end through a vegan diet & lifestyle changes. But I still had one stubborn patch on my leg, very dry scalp & occasionally small red spots would appear on the head of my penis. It looked like psoriasis, felt like psoriasis & so I assumed that I still had psoriasis. Heard about the benefits of fasting & did three days on water. Felt great! A couple of months later I went for 7 days. On day six I got a sore throat. Examined it in the mirror & the roof of my mouth had turned yellow & swollen up a bit. I knew then that I no longer had psoriasis but in fact had candidiasis. It was in fact the fasting that exposed this thing to me! Before then it was too mild to self diagnose. Was the Candida flaring up because I had starved it & it was on the ropes so to speak? I broke the fast on the morning of day seven, perhaps this is to be expected when eliminating Candida through fasting & I should have actually extended the fast?! If you see this comment Loren, I would love to know what you think. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  43. What if I were to do 3 separate fast each for 7 days. Would this still be effective in eliminating candida?

  44. Fasting the Candida works.
    I know it from personal experience.
    However it is not fasting alone. You need to change your entire approach to food. Eat food in its most natural form as possible. Get the lentils in. Plenty of water. Papaya seeds really help as well. Keep it simple.
    Plenty of water. Plenty of fruit and veg. Fasting under supervision.
    All the best

  45. So many times I think explanations are leaving out the "if then else" clauses and making it too simple. In fasting for example, how different are your results if you start out your fast overweight? Does the candida healing still happen at 21 days? What if you were having a problem with constipation? I would think the body would have even more resources to draw on. Is there a book written on fasting that you know of that is comprehensive enough to include the "if then else" clauses?

  46. Fasting mean nothing's,are prebiotic food's that's nourishing Candida,even hormone's containing food's,Candida are made by saccharomyces,fungus and mould,even cooking temperature's and some probiotics can effected;I am talking about Candida inside your sisyem,'s.If you don't knows how to treat Candida,buy yourself that's littles devices to measure glycemic value,and eat just food's whiting 100 signing on the scale.

  47. I forgot to say,if you are going too deeply on Candida cure's probably you develop bacteria's,and probably you gotten a problems in yours immunitary sistem's .Checked out the values of WBC firstly.

  48. Looks,I intended not a topics Candida but the one's that's entering your sistem's in case your immunitary failed because of bloods cancer or advance HIV or after chemotherapy that's damage your bone marrow.

  49. Mrs. Loren Lockman,This's my last inconvenience about your teachings programs. I said "cure " instead of treated,because Candida never can be cured.

  50. Loren,Candida are mostly related to yeast nourish by sugar forming food's;but also by fungus,moulds and all those re!aged to Saccharomyces.After a antibiotics treatment you developed Candida because you are unbalanced,and you need some probiotics,It's easy to cure Candida specially on women's,but when your immunitary sistem's fails the things becoming more complicated.The finally Candida Stage are Meningitis.

  51. This guy is essentially a moron, really. Germ-free mice do live and bacteria are not strictly essential for mammals. It almost sounds as if he's just making things up as he goes along, either that or he's drawing of previously-confabulated memories.

  52. Hi Loren, My new doctor did a bunch of bloodwork and saw that my candida is very high. She is putting me on a 3 month prescription of Diflucan, which I haven't started yet, along with probiotics and a liver supplement to help with yeast die-off. I haven't started the diflucan yet b/c I'm still trying to even get used to the probiotics – I think they are upsetting my stomach and giving me a headache, or maybe it's a detox reaction, not sure. What is your opinion on this course of treatment?

  53. Except the fact that we don't need to intake carbs for energy as the most energy-efficient way for us to function is to use ketogenesis. Interesting point about the distillary, haven't thought about that before.

  54. Hi Loren thank you for the informative vid. My question is are there other healthy methods without fasting for so long? Do we cut out all sugars out?

  55. What a joke, starving candida albicans. Loren never read a scientific article in his life. How can he not know that candida goes into a dormant state when it has no food in which it can stay for years.

  56. Hi does the symptoms of Candida being in the blood stream cause hair loss? I know they do t actually themselves but them being in the blood stream triggers that affect?

  57. Hello Loren! Nice and informative video on candida! This is my story. I was diagnosed with H.pylori about 5 months ago. They wanted to put me on antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. I got the medicine filled at the pharmacy and brought it home, but never took it after knowing what antibiotics have done to me in the past. They caused me to have candida that was very hard to get rid of in past, and lots of stomach pain. Not to mention, as you would expect, I got sick quite frequently, as my immune system was lowered. Living with H. pylori was very painful, a living nightmare. Almost everything I ate, hurt my stomach and caused tremendous acid reflux. And I wasn't taking any medicine at the time except Mastic gum powder in vegetable tablets because I researched that is was supposed to naturally heal it. Not so for me, only made pain worse. When I was diagnosed with H. pylori, I had already been trying to adopt a healthier, more organic diet based on Green leafy vegetables and more fruit, and I had been eating "ideal" for a few months with no processed foods and no sugars. I stumbled across Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live, The End of Dieting, and Super Immunity. I later came across his Fasting and Eating for Health book and was blown away by this ancient but simple fasting method which allowed the body the chance to simply heal itself of almost anything if left alone and given nothing but simply pure water for an extended period of time! I was so tired of being in pain from eating, and everything in me screamed "Just stop eating temporary!" I felt that I had definitely been eating many fruits, and leafy green salads everyday, plus healthy fats. So I felt that my body had enough stores to do at least a 3 day fast. So I bought tons of Fiji spring water and begin fasting. I got lots of rest and felt better and better! So I thought to myself, why not go 5 days! I still felt fine! Then I went 7 days! I saw so much mucus come up out of my body! It was insane! I made it all the way to 11 days before I had to stop. My monthly cycle had popped back up, leaving me feeling kind of tired. I guess because it was pulling from my iron levels. I didn't expect it to come while I was fasting but it did. I went to have my vitals taken by my doctor. My blood pressure was low as you would expect from fasting, but everything else like electrolyte levels were not dangerously low or anything like that! I ended my fast with watermelon the size of my fist every 2 hrs for the first 3 days. I had some fresh orange too on day 3, but not with my melon! I ate lettuce after my melon on day 4. Everything tasted so good! Even though this was a "short fast" I can definitely say that I benefitted greatly from it! I now intermittent fast everyday for at least 16 hours or more. And I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied! Stomach pains are gone and heartburn doesn't happen anymore! I came from 150 lbs to now being 126 lbs! I have a medium frame according to my wrist and I am 5'8.5 inches tall! My so called "smart" scale reads that my BMI is 19.0 and body fat is 19.7. Not truly accurate I don't think, but it gives you an idea of where I'm at at the young age of 31. I want so badly be able to do 21 day fast with your assistance on Skype one day soon, so that it can be more affordable for me. I still can reap some benefits! Do you think that with my size, it would be safe to go 21 days fasting with assistance, or do I not have enough fat, or muscle reserves for that? I don't appear to have much fat on me at all. But I am a healthy weight with sufficient muscle because I do excercise and weight train regularly. Thanks in advance for reading my story and eagerly I await your reply! I was also wondering if you could do a video on H.Pylori, stomach ulcers, gastritis, leaky gut and how they all relate to one another and if fasting can help the body to get rid of them for good granted I continue a optimal diet.

  58. ​ Loren Lockman when you finished the fasting for 21 days can you repeat the process how many days should I rest to repeat the process?

  59. Hello @Lorenlockman my name is Danielle and I am enjoying your videos so much. I see you don't have a video on H pylori. I recently took antibiotics 3 months ago to rid me of this horrible disease and have been drinking ionized water ever since. In 3 years I feel so much better and would like to eliminate any trace of the antibiotics and h pylori for it has a tendency to come back. Can you recommend a length of time to fast? I am not new to fasting and live a pretty healthy life style. Since being back on mainland from Hawaii I do feel a decrease in energy and morale which is another reason I want to fast. I have a doctor also. Thanks so much if you're able to reply! Love and light 🙂

  60. Great video! Question – I suffer with candida and want to be rid of it. I am 5’8” and weigh 115 lbs. I do not have much in the way of fat stores for an extended fast. How many weeks do you think I can safely fast?

  61. Hi again. How do you feel about solutions like Wormwood+black walnut hull+cloves for cleansing parasites? Maybe you can do a video about them. Taking them got rid of a lot of my cravings for bad food, then I started wanting fruit more, and eventually I was lead to your channel via suggested videos on Hilde Larssen's. In any case I am assuming that they are incompatible with a fast as contain calories+nutrients (I have been listening ;)). Also have you heard of oxylift or symprove? Sorry to ask so many questions but if it makes it worthwhile I'm on day 4 of my water fast and going strong so you are making a difference. A bit achy in places but I'm guessing that's natural. Don't even feel like breaking it except I'm a bit sad my avocados and strawberries will go bad and be wasted.

  62. I believe in the power of fasting. I am from India and it's impossible to come to your fasting centre. Please can you tell what to break the fast with to not get candida . I am ready to pay for the knowledge you provide. Thanks sir

  63. Ewww.I will say Pharisees and Sadjucees were early Zionists that is more or less fact and therefore they are utterly and completely evil.THEY wrote the Talmud the most evil book on Earth YT is ot Google it before you cannot.

  64. I’m sorry for cursing . But 21 days ? Are you Fucking crazy.
    Are you sure that lady at your center felt horrible because of candida die off or because she was starving to death?
    Also can I curse while at your center ? I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of that

  65. You can't starve candida, it lives off glucose, so even when we fast for long periods of time or cut back on carbs and sugar. The candida will dig deep into tissue and find a source in the body to feed off, it will Litterally eat us, will power won't work for to Long. The candida will get us to feed it what it wants eventually, how can you starve candida when it's meant to be there? one of the purposes of this entity is to decompose or bodies after we're dead.

  66. I've reached the point where I'm gonna do this. I've basically tried everything the internet has to offer on candida. Question, any harm is taking l glutamine powder, dr klaper program, while doing this water fast? For leaky gut repair.

  67. Hi Loren, just a quick question, do u eat at all during the 21day fasting time? Cause I don't think people can survive that long without food, especially if the individual is skinny

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