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EKG Technician | Health Care Career Programs

Danish Farook: The EKG Course is not only driven to
teach you, the student how to do an EKG, but also how to read an EKG. So my focus
is to make sure students understand cardiac physiology, they understand cardiac
pathology and also arrhythmias and dysrhythmias. Understand when a patient
has had a heart attack, understand when to notify your physician or your nurse right
away. Well I don’t think it’s a secret, but the health care industry continues to boom and it’s growing. The job opportunities within
health care are going to grow just the way the demand for health care is. With
our health care system growing and more people coming on to having health
benefits, I think that increases the demand and
that’s obvious with the shortage of physicians, the shortage of nurses, we’re gonna have that shortage in the departments where there’s technicians. They get to do
roleplay in respect to how they would interact with the patient, what questions
they would ask and then actually perform an EKG from step one, to the last step from A-Z and I think
that gives them confidence and respect to when they do go out and do an EKG on
a real patient, they’ll know how to manage. What we do in
the classroom setting, it allows the students to learn everything that’s
necessary to work towards passing the ASPT exam. That exam is built to examine
you from a different angle, not only just from theoretical, but also
clinical. Take a course, get certified pass a licensure exam, acquire the
license, and apply for a job. Which allows them to go into the health care field and
work anywhere from a private practice setting, all the way to an
acute care hospital.

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