Don’t sleep on GTTOD (Get To The Orange Door)
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Don’t sleep on GTTOD (Get To The Orange Door)

While 2019 hasn’t been a bad year for gaming, there haven’t really been any large titles that interest me personally which has resulted in me playing a lot more indie games than ever before I find this a very good thing it has allowed me to experiment with my taste in games and as a result I’ve found many great underrated games that have been way more fun to play than most of the full feature games I’ve played in the last few years But while it’s obvious most indies aren’t as polished or popular as AA or AAA titles due to a smaller budget and lack of marketing a good idea executed well can be way better than just a very detailed game regardless of the numbers That’s where Get To The Orange Door comes in, which is one of the best games I’ve played throughout the whole year Get To The Orange Door released on the 30th of May earlier this year and is currently in early access for 15 bucks It’s a indie game through and through, developed almost exclusively by a single person, Andrew Smith It’s a Run and Gun shooter at it’s finest inspired by DOOM and the Titanfall franchise, brought to you by one of the best looking retro aesthetic games out right now Which, let me just say, two of my favorite themes in games are The Vietnamese War and the 1980’s both of which have been relatively unexplored in the industry The objective is in the title, make your way to the orange door while battling your way through hordes of enemies with multiple weapons and gadgets assisting you on your journey The game has almost perfect gunplay and movement, guns feel powerful, responsive and you don’t need to be 100% accurate to land your shots and quite frankly if you play the game in it’s intended form it would be practically impossible to do so You are a speed demon Parkour and wall-running is something you do very commonly which also increases your speed These two alone make your character feel like such a badass, but that’s not it As someone who is a huge fan of synthwave (music genre), I’m happy to say all of this is backed up by one amazing soundtrack that pumps you up even more You can also slow down time or stop it entirely with the Time Phone which.. huh? I thought the game would return back to normal by now guess I’m going a layer deeper …and deeper …and deep- Being an early access game, there’s bound to be some bugs Luckily there’s only a few and nothing too gamebreaking, as an example you can ignore levels with the grenade launcher The game’s also very bare-bones theres 3 different gamemodes Quick Play’s where you complete stage after stage Overhaul is your speed-running gamemode and in Arena you fight an endless horde Luckily there’s also workshop support, so you yourself or the community have the option to make maps of your own There’s also a pretty good weapon selection, each having an alternate firing mode Some give you a hard time some are nods to other games and is that a BANANA? Overall I think there’s a lot to like, having been looking for a run and gun shooter for some time it’s a perfect fit for me and if you’re uncertain if the game’s for you, you can always try out the demo With the way shooting and accuracy works, I think it will be a perfect fit for the upcoming Switch port and being only 2/5th of the way through it’s update timeline I don’t think Get To The Orange Door should be slept on

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  1. The funny thing is I watched a game play video of this months ago, and well I slept on it. But I mean there's a banana gun so I don't know what I was thinking.

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