Doctor Plays Plague Inc. | The Ultimate Bacteria! | Wednesday Checkup
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Doctor Plays Plague Inc. | The Ultimate Bacteria! | Wednesday Checkup

– Hey folks, welcome to
today’s Wednesday Checkup, where we’re gonna have some fun and try and create a plague
to take over the world. (intense music)
(static crackles) (heartbeat beeps) (logo sizzles) Plague Inc: Evolved. I’ve never played the original Plague Inc, but I’ve seen a lot of requests for this and this is actually a
really popular video game. For players wanting a quick game. No one washes their hands,
researchers, doctors don’t work, sick people give hugs. Normal, 67.3% of people wash their hands, doctors work three days a
week, sick people ignored. Brutal, compulsive hand
washing, doctors never go home, sick people locked in prison. Mega Brutal, genetic
drift impacts evolution, doctors invest in research,
random medical checkups. I guess, let’s do Casual
just to get a quick game, to learn how this bad boy works. Name your plague, DM-V4. (laughs) I dunno why V4
but now it sounds scary. All right, you are a new bacteria. To win you must evolve and
spread across the world, wiping out all humans
in the ultimate plague. Select start location. Select a country to begin your plague. When you select it with the R2 button, you can see more information. Pop the start bubble with R2 to confirm, or select another country instead. Use the left stick to move the crosshair. Okay, world population 7.1 billion. Where should we start this? I feel like I don’t want the plague to kill anyone on the North-East
coast of the United States, so I won’t start there. You know what? Lets target the motherland. (laughs) Russia, population 160 million, there is planes, there’s ships, it’s rainy, it’s snowy, lots of leaves. DM-V4 has infected its first human. Weak but used to cold temperatures, it must evolve using DNA
points to infect more people. I’ve infected one person with zero dead. There’s airplanes flying all around. Okay, if I do Blood 1,
gives organism ability to spread to blood-to-blood contact. Water 1, pathogen can survive outside in fresh, warm water. That’s definitely not good for Russia cause there’s no warm water. Air 1 gives pathogen ability
to travel on dust particles. Common flea, no we don’t want rodents. Birds, insects, I say blood
through blood contact, that’s probably the best for Russia. Oh, symptoms. Painful cysts containing
pockets of the pathogen, slight chance of bursting
which can spread disease. And that costs two DNA points, I currently have three, let’s evolve. Woo, look at that evolving happening! You have spent DNA points
to evolve your disease and more options have opened up. Get more points by popping
DNA and Biohazard bubbles with R2 and infecting people. I don’t get– Oh, I popped. Oh, I just got DNA points! Okay, time to make this
a bloodborne pathogen. Yeah! Oh, this is gonna be bad. Okay, DM-4 has infected
hundreds of Russia, increasing the chance
that a infected person will infect a healthy person. Keep evolving your disease, cool. See, I wanna go for Blood 2 because then we can infect bodily fluids
and get mucus membranes going. It’s gonna be like the flu. We’re gonna make DM-V4 like
the flu but with cysts. This is really weird. Ooh, I like this. If they can get an abcess,
pockets of infected flesh are painful and act as breeding
grounds for the pathogen, increasing infection sites, yeah. Ooh, we got abilities. Pathogen evolves, yes! We need cold resistance, ’cause in Russia, it’s freezing, trust me on this. I’ve never thought I would be so excited about infecting the world. DM-V4 has infected thousands in Russia. People are being infected
faster and faster, yeah. 22,000, 23,000, okay. Oop, medicine in Norway slowing infection. Norway’s a wealthy country
with high quality health care. To spread faster, you may need to evolve the drug resistance ability. Norway, you got good
health care but I’m coming. DM-V4 is beginning to
spread around the world. Hit the Triangle button to see
which countries are infected. Wow, look at that, we got
Norway, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, China. I’m gonna create drug resistance to make sure Norway doesn’t
start catching up to me. I already got 2,000,000 infected. DM-V4 has infected more
people in the world than TB. It is a very infectious disease. My god, look at the
country being wiped out. 21,000,000 people, two dead. I’ve claimed my first victim. This is making me happy for
a really strange reason. Russia is the first to instruct doctors to begin research into a cure for DM-V4. The more scary DM-V4 becomes
by hurting and killing people, the harder humans will try and cure it. Remember this when evolving your disease. Oh, no, we have a million dead
as a result of my illness. Russia exterminates pigeons, what? What’s happening in Russia here? Oh my god, look at the government is dispensing bottled
water, exterminating rats, face masks are being distributed, exterminating pigeons,
what do the pigeons do? My god, Russia’s dropped already
$2,000 on medical research. That’s not that much money,
Russia, you could do better. Oop, oop we got a case in the US! Do we have a case in the US? Oop, 17 infected. All right, poor Russia is
just all red on this map. Greenland is about to wiped out. Am I gonna destroy the
population of Russia right now? 90% of their population’s infected. 10% of their population’s dead. All hospitals are closed,
they’re using mass graves. Jesus. Oh, it’s spreading into
Africa and Australia. Okay, I think I’m taking over. I think the world’s about to end. Killed more than the Black Plague. We’ve killed over 75,000,000 people. Tip: Fight the Cure. There are two ways to fight
development of the cure. Evolve aggressive symptoms
to destroy countries, more noticeable, or evolve cure resistance,
less noticeable. (gasps) The cure in the US
for DM-V4 is 25% complete. No way. (gasps) Research doctors
all over the world are completely focused
on developing a cure. No. Indonesia is leading
the global cure effort. They started to send research teams. Pop blue bubbles to
destroy their research. Stop doing research. They may find a cure. This might be problematic. ‘Cause I think I infected
all the countries and I think I was too aggressive with it. Oh, the cure of the world is 70% done. You know what I need to do? I need to create warm resistance
so it can spread to Africa. Let’s see if I can get
it to spread to Africa. The cure is 95% complete. I’ve only killed 362,000,000 people. The cure for DM-V4 is finished and it’s being deployed worldwide. Oh no, look at the number of infected. The world has survived
a devastating plague and will soon eradicate DM-V4 forever. Large numbers of people have died and the world is changed forever. No, this is so sad. No one’s officially infected. DM-V4 has been eradicated. There’s no way I’m gonna
finish playing this game without DM-V4 taking over the world. (car horn resounds) It’s the most obnoxious honk
in the history of honks. DM-V5 is gonna be fire. (fingers snap) Yeah.
Extra yeah. Edit name. DM-V5. (laughs) We’re going right for the US. ‘Cause I know the US weakness. I know the way to make this happen. I have my white coat. We’re gonna make a cure impossible. That’s the goal. This is all gonna be about
fighting the US ability to create a drug. I already know the strategy. We’re gonna keep the symptoms mild, keep the resistance on high,
ain’t nobody stopping us now. I feel like that’s a popular song. ♪ Ain’t no stopping us now ♪ Boom, demonetized. Genetic Hardening, yes. Look, see, no one’s even ready for this. They think they’re gonna
cure it with their money. Ain’t no money gonna stop us. ‘Cause I’m gonna genetically harden this medicine beyond cures. Bacterial Resistance 2, yes please. Penguin spontaneously combusts in zoo. Hmm? Kinda getting hot with this
lab coat, but it’s okay. Honestly, the eyeglasses help
the most ’cause I can see. Oh no, let’s do Bacterial Resistance 3. Bacteria survives in all climates. Minor disease spreading. In a normal checkup, a doctor
in the USA named Dr. Mike, I’m just kidding, found a new disease which
has been named DM-V5. It appears mostly harmless
but must be investigated. USA starts to work on cure. Okay, US, I see you. Look at this, Genetic Hardening. Good luck, DNA. US, with your research dollars. Okay, so it’s spreading pretty quickly. The deaths are gonna
skyrocket if I do pneumonia, but if you have a lot of deaths, then they’re gonna put
more money into the cure, so I don’t wanna do that just yet. You gotta be strategic
if you want your virus to destroy the world. Okay, here we go, this is
where I’m gonna strike. Transmission, you ready? Let’s do Insect. Oh my god, that Insect thing
is gonna put us over the edge. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Okay, let’s do another Insect. All right, we’re
definitely gonna take over. Look at that spread in Canada. Okay, let’s do bloodborne
transmission 2 now. Oh my god, oh, we’re
gonna get the entire world infected with this. More people than the common cold. It’s the ultimate infectious disease. Huh, they’re 1% to a cure, good luck. Vomiting, boom, let’s hit
’em with the vomiting. Let’s hit ’em with the pneumonia. Watch the number of dead
skyrocket right now. Look at that, 36,000, 95,000 dead. Let’s put paranoia in
there, let’s do seizures. How about we do a little
genetic reshuffle? Research doctors all around the world are completely focused
on finding a cure for me. Oh no, the cure’s 50% complete. I can’t lose this again. Oh, the cases in Greenland are spreading. Look at that, look at that,
look at that, look at that. Ahh, that’s so good. Oh my god, yes. There are no healthy
people left in the world. We all have DM-V5, yeah! Oh no, they’re at 83%, oh no. Come on, with all these symptoms how are people not dying faster? Projectile vomiting, okay,
cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Never thought I would say that. 6.2 million people are dead,
6.3 billion, 6.4 billion. This is the most evil I’ve
ever been in my entire life, but I’m here for it. 27,000,000 people left alive. 7.1 billion people dead. Oh my god, it’s to destroy humanity. The last few humans know that they are watching the end of history. 300,000 people, 200,000, 100,000, 80,000, 60,000, 50,000, 30,000. I’ve never been so excited for
humanity to cease existence. 5,000 people, 3,000, it’s like New Year’s. I’ve killed everyone on Earth. DM-V5 has successfully
eliminated all life on Earth. That’s what I was talking about. Just needed my stethoscope,
my lab coat, and my glasses. If you enjoyed watching
me play Plague Inc, I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy this playlist of me playing other games. And if you have suggestions, drop ’em down below in the comments. Stay happy and healthy. (intense music) Pah!

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100 thoughts on “Doctor Plays Plague Inc. | The Ultimate Bacteria! | Wednesday Checkup

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  2. I named my disease pink waffles so that every time it would say something like pink waffles has killed more people a year than malaria

  3. I was going to say you need to go for the countries that have the resources to find a cure fast and wipe them clean off the face of the earth. lol

  4. “I never thought I’d be so excited to infect the world.”
    “This is making me happy for a very strange reason.”
    “You gotta be strategic if you want your virus to destroy the world.”
    “I’ve never been so excited for humanity to cease existence.”

    My holy lord.

  5. I usually don't do any symptoms until I have 75% of the world population and 100% of countries infected. But I put everything into spread.

  6. If you start in Saudi Arabia it spreads a lot faster because they don't have health Care ( I'm not racist it's just a party of the game)

  7. my strategy in this game is to infect everyone without adding any symptoms then once everyone’s infected and i have a ton of dna points saved up i slam them all with the deadly symptoms

  8. An old saying about why you should NEVER cross the line with doctors or psychiatrists: No one knows how to take you apart like the ones who know how you're put together.

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  10. Doctor Mike knows trillion times more about medicine than I do, but when he got to play this game I was like "Oh my god, what a newbie! You don't develop cold resistance if your bacteria are native to Russia – it already is resistant to cold! No man, don't evolve symptoms so early in the game, let it spread undetected first!"

  11. Did anyone else ever just give the virus dumb names to laugh at the messages when playing this?

    Porn placed on watch list
    Legs begins to spread
    Experimental cure for cheese fatal
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