Doc McStuffins Toys Pretend Play Game for Kids | Baby checkup pretend play ! Jai Bista Show
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Doc McStuffins Toys Pretend Play Game for Kids | Baby checkup pretend play ! Jai Bista Show

Hi nanu Oh what happened what happened
yeah are you okay oh look let me see your ear piercing oh you got boo -boo over there oh you
got hard did you get boo-boo oh let me see the other one the other
side did she get boo-boo What happened did you get boo-boo? oh look at that. Let me call doctor hello hi doctor can you come Doctor where are you ? Maya is not feeling well hello doctor can you come Maya is not feeling well hello Okay I am coming. Hello Doctor can you come,please come in thank you for coming we did the ear
piercing for Maya and she is not feeling well Can you check what happened toher. I will listen the heartbeat, you gonna listen the heartbeat oaky oh do you want to check the temperature
okay what’s the temperature
– hundred I mean they’re not enough what does he need oh yeah her
ear got pierced yesterday it is infected we need to clean that there’s
boogers this booger inside yeah let me check her mouth
open I wanna check your mouth ah the teat is going under the boogers
are there too Checking her blood pressure Blood pressure is okay or not ? Yeah okay
She has to get a shot where yeah can you listen her heartbeat one more time don’t cry you gonna get lollipop it don’t hurt
medicine. she loved it, nice are you feeling good now? I know my Maya is feeling better that brother gave you a
medicine okay better good job
now he’s gonna give you a toy doctor doctor has a toy for you there you go
thank you I am gonna give her one more open open she is feeling better you have to take a
temperature then you can find out she’s I got a check Oh she is zero she is better now She is better now. I am gonna give her something okay do you feeling better
good job look doctor gave you a gift what is that that’s a
caterpillar Nanu. Thank you tow watching the Jai Bista show please subscribe my
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