Diabetes Prevention Program testimonial from John H.
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Diabetes Prevention Program testimonial from John H.

so John Hall our Partners for Health
member contacted us about his great results with the Omada diabetes
prevention program offered through our vendor Cigna, so we went to John and we
asked him three questions, how he got started what changes he made and what
his results were, so let’s hear it in John’s own words I received an email
from the state suggesting this new plan that would monitor is pre-diabetes heart
condition those high blood pressure those types of things so I thought hey
why not I’ll give it a shot and see what happens
I took sugar out of my diet I took some bread out of my diet and then I didn’t
really have to adjust too much what I was eating other than those two things
and then I was just being intentional about what I was eating monitoring it
making sure that I logged into my phone and becoming more aware what I was
putting in my diet I did add one meal added breakfast normally I was at
breakfast skippered but I became a breakfast eater and then I started
adding some fruits for some snacks I’m not a big fruit eater either but you know what they say an apple a day. I
started the program at 2:07 one year ago this week and as of this morning I was
at 171, so those are the results. For more information go to TN gov slash partners
for health click on other benefits at the top of the page and select wellness
then scroll down the wellness program page to the diabetes prevention program
information on this page you’ll find more information about the diabetes
prevention program

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