Dentalcare West host annual free check-up day
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Dentalcare West host annual free check-up day

To eat that delicious kai
we use our teeth. Dentalcare West in Auckland want New Zealanders to take care
of their teeth as it is an important part
of our body. For the sixth year in a row they have decided to run
their annual free day where anyone off the street is able to get either
a free filling or extraction. Our reporter Rapaera Tawhai
bit the bullet and got his teeth examined
early this morning ahead of the many lining up
for their free check-up. Its 7:30am and I’m the first
of many patients who will be looked at today. While I’m being prepared
for my check up, outside many are lining up
stretching right around the corner to get through for their free dental
work which only happens once a year. Oh the pain e kui. Now back to the operating chair, six years ago Dr Scott Waghorn
thought to create a free service day. And he did too. He knows about the struggle
it has on people’s pockets. That’s enough talk for now. So back to the drill with a bit
of waiata Maori to ensure he sees
every patient waiting today. This assistant agrees as he knows
the importance of our teeth. We are able to explore
many opportunities if we are to look after our teeth, especially us youth
because we wouldn’t be so shy. My teeth examination
is almost finished, but before that here are some tips
on how to look after your teeth. Brush your teeth, floss your teeth. It’s easy to look after your teeth. A free check-up putting smiles
back on our dials. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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