DENTAL WORK ABROAD: free dental check up in Croatia (with a patient from Australia)
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DENTAL WORK ABROAD: free dental check up in Croatia (with a patient from Australia)

Have you ever thought of coming
to Croatia to see a dentist? So not only enjoy and have a holiday,
but actually do something for your health? Well, I’m here with
Jozo from Australia, And he’s looking pretty relaxed talking to
dr. Božić, the dentist from Dentum. Watch this video until the end, and have a look
at what you can expect when having a free dental checkup here
in Croatia with Treatigo. Hi, I’m Lucija from Treatigo, your medical travel
concierge service here in Croatia. Today, I’m taking Jozo from Australia
to see his dentist here in Croatia for free But while we’re waiting for Jozo, I invite you
to subscribe to our You Tube channel, So you can get notified whenever we post a new
video on beauty and health treatments in Croatia. Did you know Zagreb is the new hotspot
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teeth production to others. And don’t worry, you can save a lot of money,
without going for the cheapest solution. Your health and happiness in the
long run is what comes first. So if you want to work on your smile, why not
go for a FREE dental checkup, like Jozo, which includes: Complimentary dental consultation
with carefully selected dentists, who are able to give you an expertized
opinion on what’s best for you. Complimentary dental x ray –
getting a picture of your teeth. Which gives a detailed information and helps
in recommending the treatment therapy. Personal Treatigo Health Manager for support
and assistance, so you can feel safe, Relaxed, knowing there’s someone
making sure everything runs smoothly. And coffee with us ‘in the Croatia’ way. When Jozo arrived, I decided to take him
for coffee first, as he seemed a bit nervous. After all, we are going to the dentist!
And who loves sitting in the dentist’s chair?! I’m here with Jozo from Australia and he’s about to
have a free dental checkup at Dentum, one of our Treatigo clinics
in Croatia here in Zagreb. Lucija: So Jozo, are you nervous? Jozo: not at all,
pleasure to be here Lucija. Lucija: I have 3 questions for you.
Veery uncomfortable ones. Lucija: When was the last time
you’ve seen the dentist? Jozo: it’s been a while, I wish it was sooner,
but this is the right time I believe. Jozo: I was waiting for
the sun to come out. Lucija: okay, fair enough.
Jozo: so it’s been about 2 years, I believe, yeah. Lucija: 2 years?! Okay, guys, every 6 months,
that’s how often you need to see a dentist. Jozo: don’t do what I do. Lucija: do you floss?
Jozo: Not enough! I do brush my teeth though, if that counts for anything. Lucija: well, yes, but you would also need to floss
I believe every evening after you brush your teeth. Jozo: here you are to teach me
about oral health care! Lucija: okay, guys, do you floss?
If you do, put YES! In the comments below, I’d love to hear about
your oral hygiene habits. Lucija: Why Croatia?
Jozo: why not? Jozo: beautiful country,
I heard the dentists are amazing Jozo: so let’s see if it really is true
and let’s see how we go! Lucija: okay, looking forward! Lucija: so, before we see the dentist,
first we need to fill in some forms, because don’t forget,
the GDPR is here. So while Jozo is having his dental
checkup here at the office with dr. Božić, I just wanted to tell you
a few words about dr. Božić. Dr. Božić is the kind of dentist you wish
you had when you were a child. He has such gentle hands,
his friendly approach and he is the most expertized
dental implantologist in Croatia. I would say in the region as well. He has placed over 10,000 dental implants and
he is the All on 4 dental implants expert. If you want to know more about
the All on 4 dental implants, I advise you take a look at the videos
I prepared on this topic as well. All right, it went really well! Dr. Božić is really
knowledgeable and he really knows his stuff. I was really impressed by everything he had to say,
the way he diagnosed me, said the plan going forward. What we need to do. The clinic itself is unbelievable,
it’s state of the art, I haven’t seen a clinic like this in Croatia,
even Australia to be honest. I can’t wait to go back. And I really have to thank Lucija for the
opportunity to check out the clinic here, Because she obviously knows
her stuff as well. She’s got the best contacts
in the medical business here, And she’ll definitely look after you,
if you come to Croatia. So, do come to Croatia,
don’t just come for a holiday, Also come and you know,
get your health fixed up as well. And most of all – enjoy yourself! I have a very special surprise for you. This is a very special gift card, So, if you want to enjoy and have a
dental experience just like Jozo had, This is the card you
want to download, because With this gift card, you can also enjoy
a free dental experience in Zagreb, You can have complimentary dental consultation, You can have a dental x-ray, for free My support and help throughout the whole experience, And we can also have coffee in the Croatia way. I will put this gift card in the link
in the description below of this video. So you go ahead, and download it. If you like this video, share it with your friends and family, Who are thinking about having
some dental work done. It’ll be my pleasure to help them on
their journey of getting a new smile! Bye for now!

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  1. Great video! I manage a dental office in Houston, Tx and I love seeing the new trend in dental advancements in Croatia.

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