Dental Technology Checkup for Your Dental Systems
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Dental Technology Checkup for Your Dental Systems

From your computer systems to your
digital X-ray sensors you rely on your dental technology every day to keep your
practice running and provide the best patient care. But when was the last time
you had a dental technology check up? Are you sure you’re getting the most out
of your current technology? With sodium you don’t have to wonder! Sodium’s dental technology experts help
you get more technology value by assessing the current state of your
systems and equipment. We’ll develop specific recommendations for your
practice to help you make the most of your current systems and find new ways
to improve efficiency and performance! At Sodium we specialize in dental
practice technology. We know which dental equipment, hardware, and software are
compatible with each other and how to make sure everything works together.
Sodium’s HIPAA the security experts ensure that our solutions are secure and
support patient privacy requirements. Our focus is to help you spend less time
dealing with technology challenges and more time with patients. You can count on Sodium for a wide range
of technology needs. Including technology planning, dental practice IT support,
secure backup for PHI, compliance assessment, and training. Computer systems,
digital diagnostic equipment, and cabling and installation. When you purchase
systems and equipment from Sodium your team will learn how to use them right
away with our free remote training. We’ll educate your staff so you can start
benefiting from your new technology and equipment immediately. We also offer on-site
training to provide the hands-on instruction for offices that prefer an
in-person approach to learning. At Sodium we understand that your dental
technology faces rigorous daily use that can limit its lifespan. This can be
especially true of digital X-ray sensors. That’s why when you purchase sensors
from Sodium you’ll receive warranties that are unmatched in the industry and
unlike other sensor providers Sodium provides sensor repair services that can
extend the life of your sensors at a fraction of what it costs to purchase a
replacement. Best of all it only takes one quick call to Sodium and we’ll handle
all your dental technology needs. Learn how to use and love your systems and
equipment to get started call 800-821-8962 or visit

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