Delivering world-class healthcare — and hope
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Delivering world-class healthcare — and hope

UC Irvine health for me is home. I’m very proud to be a member the UC
Irvine team. Our faculty here are outstanding, our
students are tremendous, and everybody else–the support staff,
nursing–are among the best I’ve ever worked with. I have never been at a place where there’s
more collaborative spirit. And for somebody who likes to innovate,
this is the place to be. We’ve been able to attract physicians
with national and international reputations and continue to do so, so the opportunities for leading cutting-edge research is right here at UC Irvine Health. After I finished my training at the Cleveland Clinic in neurosurgery, I had several options as to where I could go. And in the end, I decided to come to UC Irvine because I thought that we could really deliver world-class care here. Our strengths are cutting-edge
technology, technology that’s not readily available elsewhere, and also the ability to care for
the sickest and the most ill. I wouldn’t be here today. They wouldn’t
have found this tumor and I’d be dead. When patients come to me, they say that they’re frustrated and depressed because they’ve been told ‘no’ at many other institutions. But because of what we have available here, both in terms of our technology and the
techniques that we have, we are able to offer them hope. Working at UC Irvine Health, I can empower my patients. Now I have this. I’m okay with it. I still think I look beautiful. Patients are not diseases.
Patients are people. I love being a part of UC Irvine health
because it allows me to treat all of our patients as though they
are family. And while we provide extraordinary
expertise for a specific problem, we never forget the whole patient. The mission of UC Irvine Health is to
Discover. Teach. and Heal. And the discovery part
is that we generate new knowledge about the causes and treatment and
prevention of disease. Looking for new innovation, new
technology; looking for just a new way of looking at
things. In the teach part, we are training the next generation of
healthcare providers. Those residents and fellows are
incredibly dedicated young physicians who are very anxious, not
only to learn, but to serve. And in the heal part, we deliver
outstanding, compassionate, multi-disciplinary care across the entire spectrum. Which makes
this a world-class academic medical center and true center
of excellence. UC Irvine Health is such a great place to be a nurse. We are a magnet nursing
facility and it means that we’re the best
of the best. We really care about every patient
here at UC Irvine Health, no matter how large we get.
UC Irvine Health, over the last few years, has really
transformed itself. People recognize UC Irvine Health now as a go-to place for your healthcare.
No longer are people traveling long distances to obtain the kinds of
services that they now realize are here, right in their own backyard. Not
just that our main hospital campus in Orange, but in Irvine,
in Tustin, in Anaheim, and throughout the region.
When I think about the future of UC Irvine Health, I
know it’s very bright. UC Irvine Health will continue to grow, and flourish, and thrive. Accelerate the impact of our institution on our community, and
the next decade, with the right support, should bring UC Irvine Health to new
heights never before even imagined. I have a second chance at life because of the doctors here at UC Irvine.

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