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Deena Lari – wellness coach – Herbalife

I see everything here is ready.
Everything’s ready Then here, let me help you..
let’s go find a place for our picnic You’re a coach for proper nutrition
and health habits, so what’s the difference between
a dietician and a coach? Two differences, actually, most dieticians
rely on the assumption that today’s food contains all the
nutritional value it’s supposed to have, in the fruit, the vegetables, etc… Unfortunately, it doesn’t anymore,
so we add natural supplements. The second difference is the personal coaching. We tailor a plan to a person’s schedule,
her preferences, and there’s also the follow-up
and the support, because what we’re doing in essence,
is changing habits. If something is hard for you, or doesn’t
fit into your schedule, it’ll be difficult, and even if you stick with it for amonth
or two, it won’t become a habit So, how did you get into this profession? Six years ago, my son was just out of
the army. He had gained a lot of weight, so he went on a weight loss program.
He lost 22 kilos. He’s still slim. I went to meet his coaches,
I understood the process, and liked what I saw… Just a minute – he gained weight in the army,
or afterwards on a trip? Not exactly – it’s just that after
army food, between my cooking, and hisgirlfriend’s
cooking (she’s his wife now) … Tell me – let’s say I want to start a diet. What do I have to consider?
How do I get started at all? First of all, you have to check
with yourself – what’s the reason. You need a really
strong “why”. To be thin, of course, What good things it will do for you. And what
if you don’t… so you’ll have the motivation What problems do people face when they diet? The word “diet” has connotations of
“shutting your mouth” and not eating, and then there
are problems of deficiencies. Everyone knows what not to eat,
or just to eat a lot less. They’re not aware of what they need to eat, and then there are all the known effects of
“diet”, like headaches, fatigue… People start a diet and they start having health
problems? Even when they’re eating less? When they eat less. Because, yes,
they’re lowering their excesses, but their deficiencies are getting worse. We have to give the body all the vitamins,
minerals, proteins, that the body really needs. Every one of us lacks some vitamins,
some minerals, so when someone’s dieting, and eating less,
they lack even more. I believe in using natural supplements , that’s actually all the nutrition
you need in few calories. This is considered a supplement, then,
this shake? That’s right. We’re not only lowering our
excesses, but filling in our deficiencies, so the body feels terrific, full of energy,
no headaches, no fatigue, We can put the shakes..
Let’s put the shakes over here… So, why is the food we eat not nourishing
enough, when we’re on a diet? Today’s food is very industrialized. That means that fruits and vegetables are
engineered so they have a long shelf-life, and a lot of the vitamins disappear. Let’s say you pick a fresh orange from
the tree, especially if it’s organic, you’ve got lots of vitamin C. Leave that same orange for four days,
the vitamin C deteriorates, and it’s gone. So most of the fruits and
vegetables we eat.. They’re just pretty.. They have some vitamins left, but not enough. Only fat people need diets? Actually everybody, each person
for their own reasons. Athletes, for instance, need enough
protein to build muscle, enough carbohydrates so they have energy,
and also anti-oxidants There are specific things relevant to
each and every person. Don’t put .. actually, we have to
separate the plates, because I’m allergic to cucumbers.. though I know there’s some pigment in green
vegetables that’s very important for the body that’s good for diets, too, right? Every color of fruit or vegetable has
a specific group of vitamins, so even if you don’t eat cucumbers,
but you eat other green vegetables Lettuce? Lettuce is great.. Actually, until I was 18 or 19, I never
ate salad at all, I ate only junk food. I didn’t know what a vegetable was.
I ate cottage cheese, under pressure… but now… My body made a serious switch
and now it wants only health food. But I functioned just fine with my
less-healthy food… I guess I just grew A lot of people, at a young age,
don’t have good habits, but at that age, somehow the body
weathers anything. There are things people aren’t used to,
that they must get used to, like drinking water, for example.
That’s very essential, but some people tell me at the beginning –
“Water – I don’t drink..” Yeah, cola.. or some other drink Water is something you get used to –
you have to get used to it. OK, can we get down to the main thing?
Starting to eat? Bon Appetit!

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