Cushion Lab Weighted Blanket Review – Will It Help You Sleep Better?
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Cushion Lab Weighted Blanket Review – Will It Help You Sleep Better?

Marten Carlson: Hey, guys. Marten here from Mattress Clarity. Today I’m reviewing the Cushion Lab Calm Embrace
weighted blanket. It’s a brand new weighted blanket. I was really excited to try it out. I want to talk about its design, my experience
with this blanket, who it’s a good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for. Is it the right weighted blanket for you? Let’s find out. [music] Marten: I want to talk about the design of
the Cushion Lab weighted blanket, but first I want to say if you want to see a list of
my top picks for weighted blankets, just google, “Mattress Clarity best weighted blanket.” Well, let’s take a look at the Cushion Lab
here, starting on the outside and then working our way in. First off, it does come with a free duvet
cover. It’s got two sides to it. On this top side is going to be a minky polyester
so very soft, very fuzzy, a cozy feel. On the other side, underneath, you’re going
to have a cotton cover. This is going to be more breathable. Cooler on this side, warmer, cozier on this
side, but it is unzippable so we can go inside. Inside the blanket here, you’re going to see
these duvet anchors. They have 12 of these in here which makes
it very easy to tie your blanket into the duvet cover, keep it secure, keep it from
shifting around. The blanket itself, it’s going to be cotton
for the shell. It’s going to have a gridded stitching which
you can see. These boxes here are four inches by four inches. In these boxes you’re going to have some cotton
padding for a little bit of fluff. In terms of the fill itself can be glass Nano
beads very fine, but that’s going to add the weight to this blanket. In terms of size options, you only have one,
that’s 60 by 80 inches about the size of a queen-sized mattress. In terms of weight options, you also only
have one, 15 pounds. They say the Cushion Lab is made for people
between 120 and 190 pounds but to make sure it’s the right size weighted blanked for you,
use this formula. You basically take your body weight, you divide
it by 10, then you add or subtract one or two pounds. For instance, my weight is 230 pounds — divide
that by 10, 23 pounds. I like to add a few more pounds. I usually opt for a 25-pound weighted blanket,
but they only had the 15-pound option so of course, I went with that. Lastly in terms of washing, you can watch
this duvet cover at home, just make sure to machine wash it on cold and tumble dry on
low heat. Now I want to talk about my experience with
the Cushion Lab weighted blanket. First, we’re speaking about weight, they only
have one option, as I said before, 15 pounds. Again, I’m a larger person. I usually like a weighted blanket closer to
25 pounds. Right off the bat, it’s not quite heavy enough
for me, but I will say in terms of weight distribution, it’s very nice. These smaller boxes, four inches by four inches,
some nice, even weight distribution across my entire body. In terms of size, the weighted blanket again
we only have one option, which is queen size. I actually like something a little smaller
and more of a throw size to fit the shape of my body. This definitely fits the shape of a queen-sized
bed. There is a little bit of overhang. I did have some issues of being pulled off
by its own weight. What really makes this weighted blanket stand
out is this duvet cover. It’s very nice. You have these two sides so there’s very soft
minky feel on one side, very cozy, felt very nice against my skin. The other side is going to be a lot cooler,
little bit more breathable, but it actually works to actually make this weighted blankets
sleep cooler or sleep hotter. I can say, underneath this weighted blanket
with the duvet cover on, it definitely was sleeping hotter, even using this cooler side. I took the duvet cover off. Underneath that weighted blanket, I still
slept somewhat hot. Not the coolest weighted blanket that I’ve
come across. Weighted blankets are designed to help with
a couple of things like anxiety or insomnia or restless leg syndrome. I want to know why you’re looking for a weighted
blanket. Is it for anxiety? Is it for insomnia or some other reason? Just leave your answer in the comments section
below. How did it work for me? Well, I struggle with anxiety, I struggle
with insomnia as well. Using this weighted blanket, even though it
was on the lighter side, I definitely slept well. I slept deeply, woke up feeling very refreshed. Let’s talk about the pros or who I think the
Cushion Lab might be a good fit for. First off, if you’re looking for a good value,
I would definitely check out the Cushion Lab. Right now it’s only $100 for a queen-sized
weighted blanket, a very good deal for what you’re getting. Also, it does come with this free duvet cover. If you want to duvet cover to put on the outside
of your weighted blanket, it comes included, also a very good value. If you’re in that 120-pound to 190-pound weight
range, you should also check this out. The 15-pound weighted blanket with good weight
distribution, it should be a good match for you. Off of that, if you want a weighted blanket
with fantastic weight distribution, even weight across your entire body, you should definitely
check out the cushion lab. Let’s talk about the cons or who I think the
Cushion Lab might not be a good fit for. First, if you’re looking for a way to blanket
for a heavier person like myself, I’m a larger person, I like a weighted blanket closer to
25 pounds. You only have one weight option, 15 pounds. You might not find a weighted blanket heavy
enough for you. Off of that, if you are a smaller person,
you want a weighted blanket for a child, you might have this weighted blanket feeling too
heavy for you. If you’re under 120 pounds or, again, looking
for a weighted blanket for a child, you might want to look elsewhere. You also don’t have a lot of options in terms
of the size. There’s only one option, this queen size. If you want something smaller to fit your
frame or you want a weighted blanket to use with a partner, you might want to look elsewhere. Lastly, if you’re thinking about a weighted
blanket in terms of how it’s going to have you sleeping hotter or cooler, this is going
to have you sleeping somewhat hotter. If you are a hot sleeper, you’re worried about
warming up while you sleep, probably not the best weighted blanket for you. In the end, I did enjoy my experience the
Cushion Lab weighted blanket. I’m a little bit too heavy for this, but I
think if you’re in that 120-pound, 190-pound weight range, you’re looking for a good value,
you should definitely check out the Cushion Lab. If you’re not sure it’s quite right for you,
they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping, but that’s about it. Just when you start looking for a mattress
or mattress products, definitely check out If you have any specific questions, you want
a personal recommendation, just leave a comment below.

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  5. I didn't know what a weighted blanket was till I watched this video. Interesting Formula to determine how heavy the weighted blanket should be: Body Weight divided by 10 +/- 1 or 2 lbs.= Weighted Blanket. Do you think if you put the duvet cover in the dryer the top material will dry out and become rough or is it better to hang dry it just to be safe?

  6. FREE DUVET COVER! And I know what that is now thanks to Marten. πŸ˜‚

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