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Cupping Therapy Treatment | What the Wellness | Well+Good

(playful music) – Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove and this is “What the Wellness?” The show where I try
out a ton of different wellness experiences and treatments to find out what’s weird and
what’s actually worth it. So today on “What the
Wellness?”, I’m trying cupping. If you subscribe to Well+Good, which you should do right now, you probably saw my
gemstone acupuncture facial where I had cupping done on my face. Today, I’m getting the
full treatment on my body. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think about cupping, I think about Michael Phelps and those giant bruises
he had all over his back. Cupping isn’t just for
athletes with sore muscles. It’s said to help with menstrual issues and hormonal issues, insomnia and fatigue, and generally just helps move
the blood throughout the body, similar to acupuncture. Before I go in, I did receive
one tip from my practitioner, before you get a cupping treatment you definitely wanna make
sure to eat something. It moves a lot of blood around the boddy, and if you have low blood sugar, it can make you feel a little dizzy and a little lightheaded. All right, so first, before
I even go into the room I’m gonna learn a little bit more and then get the full treatment. (playful music) – Hi, I’m Klara Brown. I’m a licenses acupuncturist and a board certified Chinese herbalist here in New York City. – [Ella] What is cupping? – So cupping utilizes a flame, which goes inside of a glass cup, which creates a vacuum on the inside, and that goes on side your body. Now, what happens is,
as the heat evaporates it creates a really intense
suction that pulls upward at the muscle and connective tissue. You can kind of liken this to the reverse of a deep tissue massage, where, instead of putting downward
pressure into the muscle, the cupping is actually
pulling up and away at it. The benefit of that is it
actually is able to draw blood from deeper inside the
body up to the surface, and thus, be able to really
remove a lot of blockages. The goal with it, really, is
to help improve circulation and that helps the body facilitate its own natural healing process, and on a both emotional
and physical level, it’s able to unblock this sort of, stagnation or stuck-ness
that we tend to feel, which is the root of
so many health issues. (relaxing music) – All right, well let’s get cupped up. Hi. – Hi. All right Ella, so we’re
gonna have you get undressed, climb under this towel, and lay face down. – Great. (upbeat music) (zen music) I smell rubbing alcohol. – That’s what I need to light this with. So, I’m gonna start by
rubbing a little bit of a light oil on your
back to give your skin a little bit of glide. This will help make the cupping
experience a bit smoother. – [Ella] Did I see that it’s a jojoba oil. – [Klara] Mhmm. That’s what this is. So, I’m gonna start with
the cups on your lower back and we’re gonna work our way up your body. (playful music) The bruises are really indicative of how stuck things are
inside of your system, right? So, like I was saying about blood being, sort of longed on a
deeper level of the body, this is help drawing up what’s
been sort of sitting there and stuck and not moving, not circulating throughout your body. So, definitely the darker that you get, it’s showing just how
poor your circulation is, and it’s actually helping benefit it because it is moving it, and it is really invigorating it. – [Ella] It feels so good. – [Klara] Yeah, you should start to feel a lot of tension relief. – [Ella] I feel like that’s the spot. – [Klara] The other thing to keep in mind, is remember that these will leave marks. So, they can be anywhere
from three to about nine days and that’ll depend entirely on just how severe your bruising is. – I can feel pulsing into them, which is kind of a weird sensation and I like it. (playful music) It’s pretty intense. It’s kind of crazy how much more intense it is on my right side
versus my left side, and the lower back
points where my, kind of, sciatica issues present themselves, are definitely very intense. Also I can feel the
skin inside of the cups starting to get hotter,
which is pretty cool. So, maybe that means the
heat’s leaving my body. My back feels kind of tight,
like I’m not short of breath or anything, but with every breath, I definitely feel tension move. It’s sort of, you know
when you have somebody pinch your shoulders,
it’s kind of like that, but all over my back, and I’m here for it. I could stay here all day, though. This feels kind of good. – So, it’s interesting, you can actually see how
much heat is being released from her body by way of the
condensation inside the cups. It almost looks like a
bit of sweating going on. So, when I take the cups off, you can hear almost a little bit of a pop as the suction releases. (cups popping) – Mmm. I’ve been cupped. That felt great. – So, Ella, you’re all done (laughing) – That was cool. – Does it feel good? – Yeah, it felt, I don’t
know what I was expecting it to feel like, but it was
definitely a very strong sensation and I feel like
you could really feel my blood moving and the muscles moving and all the things moving and now I just feel sort of released. – Perfect. Yeah, and you can definitely
see some of the bruising that surfaced on your lower back, where you did say you
tend to have some issues. So, a lot of that stagnation
is now coming out, which is a really good thing. So, really important, that after this you drink lots of water. You know, all of this movement and circulation is gonna
really help release a lot of toxins in your body. So, you just wanna flush
them out as best you can. – Got it. Thanks. – [Klara] You’re welcome. (relaxing music) – I feel a little weird, which seems to be my
common reaction after my “What the Wellness?” experiences. I definitely could feel
things moving through my back. So, when she first puts
it on it felt like, it like, did that every single time, and then as it sat there and I started to feel
the tissue get pulled into the cup, also the
right side of my body, which I carry my bag on my right side, I’m a lefty, but I definitely do a lot of, kind of stressful, tense work with the right side of my body. That was a really good
presentation of how the cups are really working with
the tension in your body to pull out what needs to be pulled out. I would do it again, every week. It felt better than a massage. In 10 minutes, it’s
amazing how much motion and how much movement
was happening on my back, and how fiery it felt,
which was very cool. I’m Ella Dove and this
is “What the Wellness?” Wanna see more weird wellness experiences tested out on me? Subscribe to Well+Good
YouTube’s channel right now. (playful music)

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  2. So true with how strange but how good it feels. I had it done mid back down to lower bum (glutes) due to an accident. I had very dark round bruising for over a week. How often should you get it done?

  3. Love me some Klara! Have been going to her for years and she is AMAZING!! Her touch is magical and her aura is so calming. 🥰

    Also love Well + Good. Led me over to Clean Market for their awesome IV drip

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