Crying Pit Bull Goes Viral – But The Look On Her Face When She’s Adopted Takes Internet By Storm
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Crying Pit Bull Goes Viral – But The Look On Her Face When She’s Adopted Takes Internet By Storm

Crying Pit Bull Goes Viral � But The Look
On Her Face When She�s Adopted Takes Internet By Storm
A video of this pit bull �crying� in a shelter went viral and helped her find her
forever home. Sarah Sleime regularly volunteers with the
Greater Charlotte SPCA, and she was visiting a shelter in North Carolina that Charlotte
Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control runs when she came across this dog. Talking to the Dodo, Sleime explained her
reaction to this sweet, sad pit bull: I was waiting for them to health check a couple
of the dogs we were considering pulling, and I was walking up and down the kennels, and
I just saw this pit bull sitting there, and she was very humanlike � slumped over and
very solemn.� Sleime felt the need to get closer, so she: �Bent over and started talking to her.�
When she got a closer look, Sleime realized that this pit bull recently had puppies. The pit bull was seven years old, and her
puppies weren�t with her at the moment. According to Sleime, as she talked, the pooch�s
eyes watered and it looked like they filled with tears. Although experts still aren�t sure whether
dogs cry emotional tears like humans, Sleime could tell without a doubt that this pit bull
was upset. She had been recently surrendered and was
also extremely overweight. Sleime told the Dodo that the workers at the
shelter:�Believe she was confined and used as a breeding machine. She�s obviously had many, many litters.�
Because this pit bull was a big dog, however, Sleime knew that the Greater Charlotte SPCA
wouldn�t be able to help her. Instead, Sleime grabbed her phone and made
a video that she then posted on Facebook. It is only 37 seconds long, but clearly shows
the sadness of the dog, who was called Cinnamon at the time. You can even see the tears forming in her
eyes. Sleime also included a heartfelt caption,
that included: �Someone dumped this poor mama at the shelter,
minus her babies. Every time I stopped to talk to her and say
I was sorry her eyes would fill with tears.� The video was much more effective than Sleime
could have ever imagined. �Little did I know, it would be viewed like
700,000 times on the first day.� In addition to hundreds of thousands of views,
Sleime�s video of the pit bull led to messages from those around the world who wanted to
adopt Cinnamon or help in another way. Out of all those interested, Meghan Shelton,
a friend of Sleime, ended up adopting the pooch. Shelton also spoke with the Dodo: �I have a special place in my heart for
pit bulls. I think they�re a very misunderstood dog
and misunderstood breed. And when I saw her in that video, literally
crying in a cage, I cried. My kids cried. I showed my husband, and he said we would
go look at her tomorrow.�The following day, Shelton and her family weren�t the only
ones lined up to meet Cinnamon, but they were first. Everyone, human and dog, fell in love right
away. �She was super sweet. They had brought her into a room to meet with
us, and we just let her relax. My kids were on the floor with her, and she
sat on their laps and knocked them over with kisses.�
At that point, Shelton knew Cinnamon had a new home. They filled out all the paperwork, renaming
the pit bull Rosie. After the pooch was spayed, she went home
the following day. She got a new brother, as well, a three-year-old
pit bull male named Blu.Shelton initially planned to keep the two separate to see how
they would react to each other, but Rosie whined until she could socialize. She explained: �We just had them walk outside and meet. [�] They just kind of sat next to each other
with tails wagging.�

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100 thoughts on “Crying Pit Bull Goes Viral – But The Look On Her Face When She’s Adopted Takes Internet By Storm

  1. YES dogs do cry. All the dogs we have ever had were free to a good home or rescues. We have never had a bad dog yet they all stayed with us in their forever home and are still with us. All buried around a tree in the back yard, the comforter off our bed being their burial shroud. Currently have a bull terrier mix from a rescue shelter, youngest dog we have ever had as she is only 18 months old.

  2. Pitbulls are great dogs very affectionate loyal loving and smart this is a very good breed not their fault that bad people sometimes get them, i never met a mean Pitbull I've met many very loving and sweet dog I feel bad for them that they are so stereotyped

  3. Pitbulls aren't big; they are medium size dogs. I wish law enforcement would crack down more often on backyard breeders such as thise who bred and bred, misusing this poor dog.

  4. What a beautiful ending for these 2 precious dogs!!! They are both so beautiful. May God richly bless you sir for taking both of them so that they could be together always! You have a heart full of compassion for animals and that's a gift from God. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful!!

  5. I love this story ♥️🐾 this is a great one for those type of people who love to say “it’s just a dog”(I loathe that statement) Cinnamon now Rosie is a perfect example of just how much dogs have feelings and emotions just like we do♥️

  6. What about her babies? I was waiting to hear that the people adopting Cinnamon were going on a mission to find her babies for her. This makes the video incomplete. She was pining for her babies and evidently will be forever!

  7. Why people would adopt dogs, a few dogs, more than a few dogs, but never homeless? Or why people don't try to collective adopt or take in one homeless? Is it because dogs look naturally cuter than a homeless? I never understand this.

  8. A touching story, but I am tired of hearing this robotic voice accompanying non-video postings. I will not watch them in the future. Stop posting this crappy and false items here.

  9. PIT-BULLs are the most miss-understood, caring & down to earth loving dog you could ever have as a family pet. They're are very expressive at the same time, you can easily caught their pain & emotions on their face. I love all animals including dogs, but Pitbull & cat's are in a special place of my heart ❤

  10. Dogs reflect on the owner, if the owner is mean and an asshole so will the dog. Any dog not just pits, if the owner is a good person and shows the dog good care you will see a fun loving dog who is nice to everyone.

  11. The dogs feel as we do, they care and love to. Seen the momma dog overcome with tears of gratitude when her puppies and her were taken in off the street. She silently cried and cried big tears

  12. Why would anybody want a pit bull, they eat a lot, take up a lot of room, they poop big turds, then come in the house climb in my lap and ,,crap, I cant, pit bulls are the most lovable damn disgusting things you will ever encounter. Im on my third one, they do die.


  14. That poor girl breaks my heart the way some people can be so heartless and treat such a beautiful girl like they did, threw her away like she was a piece
    Of trash. Thank fox for this family who gave her her forever

  15. Omg…are people really this stupid !? Dogs don't fucking cry " tears " you dumbasses…..this dog has ALLERGIES, you can clearly see the lack of fur around the eyes and the " tear staining " . Humans have become so DUMB, it's scary .


  17. We have a similar story. I grew up a cat person but last year in March (I'm 61 years old!) I adopted a 4 year old female pitbull mix from the local shelter. She is my first dog ever, long story about how it all came about, but suffice it to say, she in her past life was most likely a breeder dog kept mostly in a crate and if out of that crate was beaten and abused mostly in a kitchen. We learned this, yes, we are assuming it but her behaviour in the kitchen clearly displayed distress and fear whenever we opened drawers, cabinet doors or clanked pots and pans. She is a very sad dog, she was skin and bones when I first saw her and it has taken well over a year for her to come more out of her shell. She is loving, funny, loyal and has such heart. We named her Gracie, she is so sweet, so wonderful and has brought something to each of us in our family, something we needed emotionally, physically and yes, even spiritually.
    I have come to believe (and this is not a put down to other breeds) that the pitbull terrier breed have something very special in them; something that other breeds I have not seen in them. Can I make that opinion without having had other breed dogs? Maybe not in some people's opinions, but I have been around other breeds of friends and neighbors and I have not seen the specialness in them I think, only other pitbull owners would know what I'm talking about. You have to have one to know this.
    God willing, our health holds out, when my husband and I retire to our property in a few years, we hope to be able to give older pitbulls a forever home, a place with love and a safe harbor from the world. Senior dogs are usually first in line to be euthanized when no one adopts them. We can't save them all, but if we can save a few…that's how I've had to deal with it because it just breaks my heart that these dogs are so ostracized by those who are uninformed about the dogs, taking what they read or hear instead of finding out for themselves. Not saying in all cases, one should just go to the shelter and pick one out. Find a local specialized rescue group who has experience in assessing the dogs for rehoming. Do your homework and get educated about the breed, their personalities are so awesome and whoever adopts one….their life will be forever changed.

  18. She is so pretty and has such sad eyes. Pits are mostly big babies and love to cuddle. We abuse them and they get a bad rap. I hope she knows nothing but love and kindness from now on.

  19. Yes dogs to have tears I have a dog here and when I talk to her big old tears come rolling down her eyes dogs or more forgiven then humans and yes they do get their hearts broken and they also have feelings they know, when they're being treated bad and when they're being treated Good they're not dumb

  20. Dogs don't cry. The animal obviously has some sort of inflammation of the eyes. Instead of pretending the dog was crying, this idiot should have insisted a vet check to see why the dog's eyes were running.

  21. The two dogs in my pic were born in my house,they grew up together. When one of them died last year the remaining brother cried out loud a few days later. I have never heard anything like that in my life. You could hear the sorrow.

  22. Only a pet lover have the right to have these cute dog.They are not just pet.They love us more if we show them so much love and take care of them.please stop hurting them.

  23. We have got to pass laws to stop these scum bags from breeding these poor pits. Hundreds of thousands of them are euthanized every year. It is so unfair to the dogs and the scum that breeds them needs to fined for irresponsible breeding!

  24. My mother-in-law had a Chihuahua that cried.She would ask Taco if he had a sore throat 7 years ago and the tears would roll down his face.

  25. In the 1800's and at the turn of the century pit bulls were used as babysitters because they protected the children when they were outside.

  26. So happy for Rosey . But these Hart felt stories need a human voice not computerized you can't have a warm story with a cold voice .

    I dont just mean their eyes get teary….I MEAN….THEY ABSOLUTELY CRY REAL TEARS!
    We human's call it ….SOBBING!!!
    How i no this is because my husband one day accidentally ran over my terrt-poo! He broke her pelvic bone right in halve!
    She cried all the way to the vets!
    She said….""I never knew a dpg could cry real tears!"
    Well…My little Missy could cry like a human!

  28. Oh animals do cry human tears, believe that! They feel pain, sadness an ❤️ break.. it's a shame knowing there are people out there that does not understand animals and just throw them away like garbage… Sad, truly sad! 😭

  29. POOR BABY!!! She was obviously missing her puppies, and didn't understand why she was in a strange place. I'm SO glad someone gave her the home and the love she needs, and deserves! God bless this family, Rosey, and her new playmate! ☺👍

  30. It gets me " the experts say " you know what these " experts " can kiss off of course animals have feelings and yes they cry emotional tears only some heartless asshole with a degree of " expertise " and no feelings would say that animals don't have feelings animals hurt just as much as humans probably more they are abused and torture thrown away no wonder some found on the street have such an attitude when approached it's just that they're scared of being hurt again I adopted a beautiful pitbull terrier mix 9 days b4 Christmas this last year she stole my heart just seeing the picture on the shelter website I knew I had to have her and she's been a wonderful blessing to me from minute one she walked in the room to meet me and it was instant connection with us she has my heart and I'm so glad I have her.

  31. These beautiful animals need a voice of a human;not a robot announcer. Shame on you. They wouldn't cheat you out of real love so get with it please.

  32. You are the true Angels on earth, this world needs more hearts 💕 like yours. God bless you all. 🙏❤️

  33. I have physically seen dogs cry. They hurt, like all sentient beings. I have seen cats cry. You have to see with your heart, not a stethoscope

  34. take the computer generated voice saying a script and ditch it… and get a human being to read the damm thing.

  35. Ohhhh, this sad and dissapointed eyes made me cry. I hate those people who dump or abuse animals. They are nothing worth and they had to be dumped…Happily Rosie found a loving home now and can forget the bad times 😍😍😍

  36. If I have a Dog, cat, birds or any animsl as my family pet, the second that I have them, they will become part of me. I would rather die, then take my beloved animal to a Dog shelter. Unless there is situation that my own has been compromised and I am no longer able to take care of them, i search anyone that could take care of my family member that is my dog, to provide shelter and food and basic nesacity to look after my beloved animal. In fact a situation like such came and I had to be away from my two beautiful dogs for 6 months. I found a couples who were caring and loving soul. When I approached them, they were more than happy to look after my two beautiful dogs. I gave $3000.00 upfront and told that, if the money ran out before I return, I would be more than happy to pay them. The couple a modest hone and huge backyard. When I came back, I came back to a happy sisters. Their is no way that I would abandon my two best friends. Ever!

  37. I'm so happy for her she's absolutely beautiful 🐕 I love her name it suits her I'm happy but she's safe 🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕🐾🐾

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