Concept Checkup: Theraph, the Arachnid Warframe
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Concept Checkup: Theraph, the Arachnid Warframe

Hello and welcome back to the Concept Checkup. The point of Concept Checkup is to dive into
the Warframe forums, look for a community-made Warframe concept, and talk about it. For the purpose of Concept Checkup, I will
use my custom-built evaluating method known as… ASS. Without further ado, let’s begin the Checkup. For today’s Checkup we have Theraph, the Arachnid
Warframe. Theraph was created by Krion112 on the Warframe forums. Unlike Furion who
has the ability to transform into beast form, Theraph himself does not transform into a
spider. Rather, he has full control over any arachnids he spawns, which act as minions
against Theraph’s enemies. Like Furion, Theraph has his own unique resource called “Substance”,
which I will get into in a moment. Because of his kit, Theraph functions as a mixture
of support and damage, allowing him to keep enemies pinned down for himself, his minions,
or his allies to finish off. Theraph is a bit of a squishy frame, as he has an average
shield capacity, high energy capacity, and an above average sprint speed, as well as
low health and average Armor. Much like a Volt, it might be best to mod Theraph for
the highest possible shield capacity. Theraph also has access to a unique proc called Snare,
which prevents an enemy from moving, but the enemy can still attack. While the passive is very fitting for a spider
themed frame, only being able to receive the damage buff by wall latching seems a bit restrictive
for a Warframe. I would suggest that Theraph also gain the damage buff while gliding, much
like a real life gliding spider. Anyways, Theraph’s first ability is Ensnare. Judging by how Ensnare is a single target
CC ability, if it can function against bosses and/or assassins, Ensnare would have a LOT
of team potential, particularly against Manic Grineer. Ensnare could also work as a semi
escape ability, since Theraph can pull himself to an Ensnared enemy. This would depend on
the range of Ensnare, however. In either case, Ensnare is basically a point and click root. Theraph’s second ability is Weave. I enjoy the idea of spawning
unique spiders each with a unique purpose, but spider turrets seem a bit too bizarre
for a spider frame. I know that this is Warframe and that a lot of things are bizarre, but
I expected more of Theraph’s spiders to be melee only rather than have a gun strapped
to their backs. All of Theraph’s minions do not live by health, but rather by duration,
much like Volt’s Electric Shield, except for Mites, which have health rather than duration. Theraph also has the Thrift Bind Augment, This Augment just seems like its mandatory for
Theraph, since it makes his minion spawning mechanic cheaper to use, as well as giving
them a temporary god mode period after being healed. I’d like to see some sort of downside
put in place to make Thrift Bind a trade-off Augment, but then again Augments aren’t mandatory
for a player. Theraph’s third ability is Mutagen Strands. It’s important to note that Mutagen Strands
gives a Warframe damage resistance of 25% when maxed, rather than damage immunity like
Trinity’s Blessing. Mutagen Strands looks like a great way to help out your team, whether
it be by buffing your minions into mowing down the opposition, or buffing your squadmates
to help them in combat. Theraph’s fourth ability is Orb. Orb seems a little overloaded, given that its a minion spawner, an ally buffer, and
an enemy debuffer all in one. To make things a little more logical and easier, I suggest
that the ally damage resistance bonus be removed and replaced with another enemy debuff; any
enemies that are drawn into the Orb become Ensnared until the Orb ends. That way, Orb
behaves a little more like an actual spider web. Orb has the Strung Veil Augment, which turns
all allies near the Orb invisible after a few seconds of not attacking. Yeah, I really don’t see much use in Strung
Veil. Orb is an enemy attraction zone, so not using Orb to kill as many enemies as possible
just seems a bit like a waste of energy to me. With supportive and damaging abilities together,
Theraph is sure to pack a punch in any possible team composition, even on a purely offensive
one. Since Theraph also has to manage energy and Substance, the skill level for Theraph
might be a little weird to get into, since no other Warframes have a secondary resource. Now, here are Theraph’s scores. For my personal thoughts, while I’m not a
fan of having to micromanage energy in addition to another resource to keep up minions, I
do however like the idea of being able to have AI do all the work for me. So that’s Theraph’s Checkup. Tune in next
time where I will perform a Concept Checkup on Vigil. Thank you for watching.

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23 thoughts on “Concept Checkup: Theraph, the Arachnid Warframe

  1. prowlers should be invisible, low health ninjas
    watchers should be able to mark enemies on the miminimap and through walls
    collectors sound great
    and mutilators could just be fast melee units

  2. And apparently DE actually decided to use this concept for a new Warframe. Difference being that it's female and instead of spider minions it's a mechanical kavat. But the spider theme is still there.

  3. Wait, so you’re telling me I can be Spider-Man if this dude is implemented?

    Digital extremes better look further into this one

  4. I have an idea for a warframe, that is in fact a spider themed frame. But this one is nothing like mine. Where can I go to lay out my ideas? and do I NEED images with my idea? As I have a wife, kid, school, and job so not much time to draw lol. please someone let me know

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