Concept Checkup: Enigma, the Hacker Warframe
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Concept Checkup: Enigma, the Hacker Warframe

This Concept Checkup was supposed to go up on Sunday, but I totally forgot about the forums being down at the time. with that aside, hello and welcome back to the Concept Checkup. The point of Concept Checkup is to dive into the Warframe forums, look for a community-made Warframe concept, and talk about it. For the purpose of Concept Checkup, I will use my custom-built evaluating method known as.. ASS. Without further ado, let’s begin the Checkup. For today’s Checkup we have Enigma, the Hacker Warframe. Enigma was created by Arthur Scherbius in real life, and by FinnishHim on the Warframe forums. Enigma is a unique Warframe not because of its hacker theme, but because her kit allows her to support her squad by manipulation of the environment, enemies, or just a simple buff. Enigma is a somewhat squishy frame, with low Armor, average health, and above-average shields. Enigma has slightly above average energy capacity, and an average sprint speed. Don’t let Enigma’s mediocre stats fool you, what Enigma lacks in endurance she can make up for in usefulness. Yes. Enigma is a female. Enigma’s first ability is Binary Spike. That’s a lot for a single ability. I really like the diversity that Binary Spike provides for just a first ability. Typically powers that are in the first spot are either some type of utility or damaging skill. Enigma on the other hand trades damage for variety, since Binary Spike does not deal any damage. Binary Spike might make Enigma a decent stealth frame, since Binary Spike does not break stealth when being used. Overall I really like Binary Spike, as it’s the first true counter we have to those annoying Eximus, but at the same time we still have those pesky Nullifiers to worry about. Enigma’s second ability is The Warden. I don’t see this ability seeing much use except maybe in situations like T4 Defense and possibly Survival, where squads are grouped together for large amounts of time, and when injuries are common. Otherwise, The Warden could have some use in Sorties. It’s a nice supportive skill, but it might not see much use, much like Hallowed Ground. Enigma’s third ability is Gridhack. Gridhack is truly hacker-esque, with its nullification of spawns and cameras as well as hacking of doors and turrets. If built for duration, I can see Gridhack being slightly to highly useful, depending on the map. On Grineer missions, the only noticeable effects would be the friendly Arc Traps and laser doors, on Corpus missions on the other hand, Ospreys and Moas would not spawn, turrets would be friendly, and laser doors could stall advancing enemies. This is a very large form of crowd control, as enemies would either have to fight the rogue turrets or impeding laser doors. On Void missions, the hacked turrets might be useful, but really they might just be garbage on T3 and T4 missions. Gridhack can be a meh or great asset to a squad, depending on the location. Enigma’s fourth ability is Overclock. I think the idea of hacking your own frame for a power boost is fine, but in Enigma’s case it might be too strong. Overclock might be useful when Enigma’s about to face a large crowd of enemies or when near death, but the numbers are simply too high. The recharge delay is fine, but the shield capacity and recharge rate buffs should be reduced to probably around the 75% to 100% range, where it’s less ludicrous. The Binary Spike buffs seem fine. Considering Enigma’s target disable, team support, global map manipulation, and self-buff, I don’t see a particular comp where she doesn’t have something to offer, except for maybe farming teams on T4 Survival. Really I see Enigma as a slightly better jack-of-all-trades than Oberon. With rambling out of the way, here are Enigma’s scores. For my personal thoughts, I enjoy the idea of a hacker Warframe, much like I enjoy the idea of an interdimensional magician. I’d like to see some version of Enigma to exist in the game, because once Stealth 2.0 drops, I’m sure that a hacker Warframe can be made. So that’s Enigma’s Checkup. Tune in next time where I will perform a Concept Checkup on Tock. Thank you for watching.

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33 thoughts on “Concept Checkup: Enigma, the Hacker Warframe

  1. enigma sounds quite useful in a variety of situations, but i think you forgot to mention hijack missions during her 2nd ability overview. grid hack sounds dubious to me, as i didn't see it specifyng whether or not it was map-wide, or in a certain range.

  2. My opinion on overclock:
    Instead of boosting all of her stats, it could be some form of hyper boost to all forms of regeneration. Like shield regeneration/health and energy.
    And tbh, it would be best if it was also an TEAM buff, to synergy with the already support roll she has got.

  3. passive: Doubled console hacking timer for corpus, and more chances on grineer consoles before failure, making her good for spy missions

  4. it would be cool if the first ability could place a "trap" on panels and if an enemy attempts to use it, they get zapped

  5. I don't care about abilities, just give us more sexy giant ass(like Black Widow in OW) female warframes. I need them for research purpose.

  6. Love the idea. Perhaps the overclock should come with, say, a reduction in shields after the duration ends? Would make sense, since you're overworking your frame. Passive could be something to make hacking easier, like slowing down Grineer consoles and giving Corpus consoles more time. Otherwise, it's already pretty solid without any sort of ridiculous passive. Maybe give sentinel companions a little extra shields or something if need be.

  7. Well for a hacker warframe a passive could be simply extra hacking time to the better the first time you fail a hack nothing happens no alarms or other shit now if thats to much do extra hack time with chance to not have the alarms trigger on first fail

  8. "Nullifies emixus effects, That includes energy leech"
    That sentience is what i wanted to hear for 5 years.

  9. I have warframe concept but I don’t know how to draw so the only concept i have is ability

  10. How about a passive where when a robot attacks her it is automatically hacked and fights for her for 10 to 15 seconds?

  11. I think we need an anti limbo. What i mean is limbo is god tear in infested and grener. But limbo is shit agents to corpses

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