Community wellness center opens in Coral Spring following deaths of MSD shooting survivors
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Community wellness center opens in Coral Spring following deaths of MSD shooting survivors

action is being taken after the recent tragedies in parkland where two school shooting survivors took their own lives local 10 News reporter Ian marble is live for us in Coral Springs there’s a new community Wellness Center that just opened up that’s important for that community in extremely this is Eagle Haven right here behind me this corner place it opened a month early so early they don’t even have a sign up yet but they are already doing a lot to help this community heal as is typical after tragedies people tend to isolate a little bit because the pain is too much after the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors their families and others who were affected were bombarded with support so much so it could have easily become overwhelming so with that in mind plans were put in place to create a community wellness center that would provide a central location for information about those services and also serve as a safe place for healing everybody heals in their own way at their own time and that’s why we’re also seeing a lot of people including the teenager saying I’ve been numb for a year but now I think I need to work on this the center called Eagles Haven was scheduled to open in April but after two suicides of MSD survivors that schedule got changed quickly it was spring break so we knew that the schools would not be open and we needed to make sure the community resources were available now open since Monday Eagles Haven is staffed with licensed clinicians who are trained to deal with trauma and know what it looks like but they want to stress they do not do therapy there they can and will recommend therapy to people who are seeking it but that isn’t their main goal which is a major key for survivors like Annabelle claprood if I walk into a place and you tell me to go to therapy I’m just gonna turn around and walk right back out I don’t I don’t want you to tell me what I need to do I want to feel comfortable and confident that I can come here and feel safe so in addition to connecting people to those services they say they’re also going to start doing wellness activities things like kickboxing yoga activities that people can do after school coming here just to have a good time and healing in their own way we can give you more information about this you could follow me on social media at Ian’s Marvel WPLG on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and give you everything you need to know live in Coral Springs I’m Ian Margo local 10 News

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