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Common health questions about BMI | NHS

What is BMI how can I work mine out and
what do those numbers mean? Welcome to Common Health Questions, I’m Caroline
Health Editor at NHS.UK and I’m here to answer your questions. Pretty simply
BMI or body mass index is a measurement that uses your height and your weight to
work out whether your weight is healthy so the measurement will give a healthy
weight range for any particular height but it’s not perfect, for example it’s
probably not very useful for muscly bodybuilders and athletes because it
might give them an obese score when they’re perfectly healthy, but for most
of us BMI is a really useful guide and a BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 is ideal. So if you’re BMI is under 18.5 that would
put you in the underweight category. If it’s 18.5 to 24.9 you’re in the healthy weight range 25 to 29.9
would put you in the overweight category and if your BMI of 30 or above that
would mean you’re obese. The NHS site has a BMI calculator that will work out your BMI for
you, but if you’d rather work it out yourself that’s absolutely fine just take your
weight in kilograms, divide it by your height in metres and then divide the
score by your height again to get your BMI If it turns out you’re underweight,
overweight or obese don’t worry. The NHS site has lots of small realistic steps
you can take to become a healthier you You’ll find a link to the BMI calculator
and some diet and exercise advice in the text box below this video. Thanks
for listening.

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  1. Mine is 19.6 on average these days, but there's like no fat on my body, and muscle clearly weighs a lot more than fat, so I'm actually much skinnier than those numbers would imply. Does this still mean that I'm a healthy weight? Don't you need to know where the weight is coming from, in order to properly judge if I'm too skinny?

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