CHEST PAIN: When to Worry? (2019 Update)
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CHEST PAIN: When to Worry? (2019 Update)

Hey, this is dr. Berry Let’s talk for just a few minutes about which Kinds of chest pain you should worry about in which kind you can get to when you get to it Chest pain can be a very concerning symptom and you should be concerned about it But you don’t want to be running to the emergency department for every little tweak you feel in your chest But at the same time and much more importantly you don’t want to stay home because you think your chest pain is no big deal So I want to go through the different types of chest pain you might experience and when you should go to the emergency Department or see your doctor now if you have any doubt whatsoever Obviously called 9-1-1 and if you’re having chest pain right now why are you watching this video call 9-1-1 Okay, because you haven’t watched this video yet. So you don’t know the difference, so don’t take the time to watch this video Initiate your emergency medical services now, okay now if you like videos that help you with your health and your nutrition and your diet and your lifestyle Please consider subscribing to this channel. Click that little Bell notification button right beside the subscribe button So every time I get a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first to note now. Let’s talk about chest pain so You’re not wired the same in your chest that you’re wired Out in your your fingers and toes if I cut you right here. You’re gonna hurt right there It’s not like that in your chest You can be having a severe lung problem or heart problem and just kind of hurt all over I have a vague uneasiness or pressure you’re not wired the same and so that’s why it can become so confusing with chest pain and then also if you have other problems like diabetes or previous heart disease lung disease Then that even Muddy’s the water even further as you’ve probably seen in the media women don’t always have the same classic signs that most men have not all men but most and so for women also women tend to ignore things because they’re trying to Probably do something to take care of, you know their man And so they ignore themselves and you should not do that. If you’re having chest pain you need to listen to this video Think about this and and get emergency services or go. See your doctor. If you’re concerned about your chest pain. Don’t put that off Okay, three types that you don’t have to worry about right off the bat first If an exercise gets I mean if if chest pain gets better when you exercise Then it’s probably nothing to worry about almost no serious chest pain is going to get better when you exercise and so if you go for walking that makes it better or you Just get on the rowing machine or whatever and it go it goes away that’s not anything to worry about the next is if you have a Pinpoint pain in the chest almost never is this a problem if you say if you can say oh it hurts right here Right here or right here. That’s almost never a pain to be worried about now You may still need to see your doctor if it continues and really bothers you but it’s probably not your heart Which is what we’re always worried about if you have a pain that is a shooting pain or like an electrical shock or it’s like oh I just had a it was just for a second and it went from here to here or here to here or here to here Doesn’t matter from where to where but if it’s a shooting quick pain like that That’s virtually never a problem or anything to worry about Okay, and there so those are the ones if you had and we all had those from time to time I just had one just in it’s nothing to worry about. Don’t worry about that unless it Continues and gets worse than of course. See your doctor. Now. Let’s talk about the types of chest pain You should worry about these can these can be a big deal. These can be life endures. And so you have to take these seriously Yes, even you women who are busy trying to do chores for you or whatever You got to take these things. Seriously. These are not something you can ignore safely. So if you have chest pain With shortness of breath and so any chest pain you’re like, yeah I’m also out of breath or you know, usually I can take this flight of stairs, and it’s no big deal But now I have this discomfort this pressure and I’m more short of breath now I mean immediate you got to go see the doctor that could be bad that could be your heart or some heart lung combination Don’t wait. So your doctor Next is if you have chest pain That you also have swear in your ankles in your feet in your legs It’s like I yeah, I don’t know my chest has been even vaguely uncomfortable and I have all this swelling in my feet now Immediately go to the doctor right now That’s that’s hard until proven. Otherwise And so chest pain was shortness of breath or chest pain with new swelling and your feet and ankles and legs All bets are off go to the emergency department and get checked out. Okay now what if it’s just the chest pain typically that we worry about is if you have a a Squeezing pain or pressure like an elephant sitting on my chest or it feels like somebody’s got me in a bear hug And I can’t get a deep breath and I really feel pressure and tightness in my chest That’s the classic engine chest pain that doctors worry about don’t hesitate go see the doctor right then if you have that tightness or that pressure, and that’s kind of the Universal sign of this like, I don’t know it just like something to go to the emergency room You need to see a doctor for that and it may turn out not to be your heart But for that kind of pain, you’re a dummy if you don’t go to the emergency department, okay? And now let me tell you this you may not know this about me But but for the first few years of my practice, I was an emergency room physician I took care of all comers at the local emergency room. And so I was the guy and so never feel like you’re going to Inconvenience the emergency department staff the doctor there or you’re gonna embarrass Yourself if you are of appropriate age and you haven’t been here 12 times and you’re you’re 12 years old We’re not gonna be upset with you if you come to the emergency department With chest pain. No, I don’t work in the emergency department anymore, but I can tell you from my experience Never did we get upset with somebody? Who came to the emergency department with chest pain of any kind because we know that’s very scary and we know that has to be ruled out that it’s not something serious, so don’t Worry about what the nurse is gonna say or the doctor is gonna think none of that crap Matters, if you’re having chest pain that worries you go to the emergency department Okay. Now the next one is if the if the chest pain gets worse with exercising when I say exercise. I don’t mean You know running on the treadmill at full speed I mean that If you’re having chest pain that usually you carry your little bag of groceries up one flight of steps and you don’t have any problem Now that causes chest pain that’s a problem. That’s a red flag You need to see your doctor ASAP If you if you’re like, you know just walk across the street now and I have this pressure You need chest pain that gets worse with walking with taking a flight of steps with exercise. That is angina or stable angina until proven otherwise and you know the way to prove otherwise is to go see The emergency physician or your regular doctor ASAP and get that checked out If you had and so we already talked about the aching and the crampy deep kind of pain Chest pain that can kill you almost never is a sharp shooting pain or just a sharp Short-term pain it’s a deep Visceral ache and so that’s the kind of pain that you should really be worried about now with the two exceptions One is if you’re a diabetic all bets are off because One of the things that diabetes does is it causes neuropathy and now diabetics know what neuropathy and their feet feels like it’s that numb tingly ant crawling up your sock Discomfort but you can also have neuropathy and these nerves as well And so you might very well not have any of the classic Fred Sanford Oh Elizabeth I’m coming to join you you might not have any of that at all and I’ll tell you one example Years ago working in the emergency department I had a little lady come in who’s a severe and controlled diabetic and she came in because she couldn’t stop throwing up she had Severe nausea and vomiting. That was her only symptom and she wound up having a massive heart attack and we didn’t save her and so she had waited hours before she came in but if she had known that as a diabetic if you have any Discomfort from your nose to your navel all the way out to your fingers Anything in from the nose to the navel if you have discomfort You’re a diabetic Especially an uncontrolled diabetic or a newly diagnosed diabetic a diabetic who’s not eating the ketogenic way of eating You got to go to the emergency department to make sure that’s okay And so just remember my little lady that came in with nausea and vomiting and now is no longer with us because of the severe heart attacks She was having the other Group or class of people who really all bets are off if you have discomfort between the nose and the navel is women Women don’t have that classic middle of the chest Substernal chest pain women can have shoulder pain they can have upper belly pain they could have any of these kinds of pains and It’d be a heart attack and that doesn’t mean every pain you have is a heart attack It just means that you can have weird pains and I’ll tell you a story from the emergency department I had a sweet little lady come in when late one night She couldn’t sleep because her shoulder was killing her and she was very stoic the lady. She was not a complainer at all She’d never been to the emergency department before and so She had no injury to his shoulder but she so convinced me that she had a rotator cuff problem in her shoulder that actually injected her shoulder to try to give her some relief so she could go home and get some sleep and after 20 minutes she said No, it’s no better. It’s still killing me at that point I as a young ER physician said, you know, maybe we should get a chest x-ray on this lady She was having a heart attack. And so Thankfully we didn’t dally too long and we were able to get her to the cardiologist and she’s still with us today But as a young ER doc I missed it She totally convinced me that it was her shoulder And actually when I first suggested it an EKG, she said oh, I don’t need that. It’s not my heart. It’s my shoulder But it was her heart and so ladies out there if you have any discomfort Between your nose and your navel that bothers you You need an EKG. You need to go see your doctor You need to go to the emergency department if it’s severe enough to make sure you don’t have a heart problem So that’s really chest pain in a nutshell I hope this has helped but let me end this video again by saying if your having any discomfort in your chest That’s getting worse that you’re not sure what’s going on You need to go see your doctor Okay I personally suffered from from reflux for years and I can tell you personally it is very very severe and Remember how I talked about we’re not wired the same in our chest as we are in our fingers It can it can hurt here and it’d be several different things But if it’s hurting here, then it’s severe you need to see your doctor because you need something diagnosed. Okay? Now if you enjoyed this video and you think that you know, someone who might enjoy this, please share this video You can really help me to help lots of other people by sharing this video on any of your social media on Twitter on Instagram On Facebook that helps me help lots of other people. Alright, this is dr. Barry. I’ll see you next time

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100 thoughts on “CHEST PAIN: When to Worry? (2019 Update)

  1. I don't know what it is ive had it for over two weeks. I hate hospitals. I have more a stabbing pain a sharp ache right in center of my chest (more like a sharp squeezing?). I don't have swollen ankles so may be nothing. My upper back shoulders area is achy all over and I lost my voice for nearly 3 wks, trouble sleeping and dizzy but probably recovering from that and getting asthma now ugh. I am allergic to all antibiotics (anaphelaxis) so not great. Maybe mines from coughing. Ill see my doc next week.

  2. A while ago had a pain, pressure tighting ache from hell in my left chest, and i was grabbing the area, and i was hunched over, in so much pain, i couldn't breath, lasted like 10 seconds (i was sitting at the dinner table play cards when it started)
    (I think in my 28 yrs, I've had it a few times)
    I never went to the doctors, as i was fine, in a few minutes, so i thought i will be ok. So i didn't wanna waste doctors time.

  3. So about two months ago I had to go to the ER, I was having some chest pains, I felt very dizzy and lightheaded, and it felt like my heart was racing and then slowing down over and over. I was 100% convinced I was having a heart attack. Dr’s In ER labeled it a panic attack and gave me some medicine to calm me down and put me to sleep. (They ran every heart test possible in an ER, all came back good except for early Repolarization).

    Fast forward two months, this past week it’s started happening again, not as severe though. I feel a slight discomfort on my left chest side, right above the nipple and a little in towards the center. I went to the urgent care by my house yesterday, they did an EKG found the ERP again and recommended I go the ER. I didn’t go because I didn’t want them to tell me it was a panic attack and send me on my way

    Today I went and sat my PHP, she took some blood, examined me and scheduled me for a total stress echo this weekend, and then to follow up with a cardiologist (I’m guessing to read the test results).

    I’m 28 years old, in great physical shape, eat ok, but I do smoke cigarettes and have for around 10 years. Could this pain in my chest. Becoming from my left lung and not so much my heart? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated Dr.

  4. I don’t know if I am just not getting enough exercise or if I have a legit problem. When I do go for a run I get mild chest pains toward the left upper part of my chest and it hurts most when I take deep breaths in. Then I notice my heart rate has increased a lot along with my pulse. Although the pains go away after a few seconds of rest along with a reduced pulse.
    I have been on summer break for the past 3 months and I have been walking the dog at lunchtimes for an hour everyday but that’s basically it.

    I think it could just be not enough exercise or maybe to much Diet Coke for my 14 year old body to handle. Please help.

  5. I know I have heart a condition but The only reason why I'm holding off going to the ER is because of the money I'm having really bad pains pressure on top of my stomach and I was pushing around my belly button to stop some of the pressure from going up but rolls up to my chest and to my heart and I've been hitting and pushing grabbing at my chest for 7 days the pain come in like waves and now I just feel the pain only in my heart/ chest with pressure and with shortness of breath it's hard to walk up steps now and I workout regularly but still hurt after and eating before and after during I just feel I'd rather drop first then go before having to and pay more medical bills. I did go to the doctors she did say if anything go to the ER but I don't want to. Should I go? I was taking over the counter pain killers and it doesn't work anymore.

  6. I paid to have done a cell nutrient test, The test came back that my body is pumping out coq10 like crazy and biotin b7, every other nutrient was extremely deficient. I've gone from vomiting daily to some sort of seizure like episodes, to not being able to walk or stand on my own any longer. I go to the hospital they run test and send me home. I go to the GP he sends me some place else and they run their test to tell me i'm fine, nothing to see hear. So I sit here eating my keto hoping things will get better but my c-reactive protein is still sitting at 40+, this is the best insurance can do for me? I'm wondering why my husband put 20 years in the military for health insurance that appears to be doing nothing since any test that actually mean something I have to pay out of my own pocket anyways. I show the doctors the nutrient test results and they dismiss it with a shrug of the shoulders. I show it to my endo's and they just nod their heads. Is nutrition not important?

  7. doctor im having a chest pain that is like a electric shock in my chest and it goes away after a second and it always happening on me when im in slouch. it it looks like the pain is moving some times it is in here sometimes there. what is this doctor? and what should i do? is this a serious pain that should i worry?

  8. In the case of treatment for chest pain…the doctor said that he has cancer.. please doctor say me…if he survive..we are very worry

  9. Hi sir.
    I wanted to ask so in elementary school I never did any sports so the start of high school I started sports and everytime I run cause i did athletics and that's when my chest pains would start but I never took it serious. But this year cause I've been going through anxiety and I googled chest pains so now I think I've been overthinking alot about heart attacks and I've been experiencing heart attack symptoms so I don't know if that's just my head but I do experience the Angina pains. They come and go when I get panic attacks.

  10. I just went through an emergency quintuple bypass 2 weeks ago due to 95% blockage in 3 arteries and 85% blockage in 2. I am also a diabetic treated with 1000mg of metformin. Of course now they want me to follow the diabetes association diet and eat carbs and fruit which of course increase my blood sugar.

    I want go with keto and see what it does for me.

    Am I safe in doing this?

  11. But in India the reputed hospital s are private ones&,if u to them complaining chest pain they will never allow you to leave & they will fleece u a few hundred thousands.

  12. Thank you for the advice. Last month I had chest discomfort for a short period of time, but they did angioplasty & squeezed 240,000 rupees.Shame on them

  13. Mom had chest pain many times that kept her from sleeping. She would call the Doctor in mornings and he would chastise her saying , you didn't die during the night so it's not your heart! She died at 66 of massive heart attack. Dad had stroke at 65 that disabled him permanently. I am now 60 and worried about it.

  14. Dummy here, I'm not sure if I'd call it pressure. Kinda feels like a cramp in my chest. It goes away pretty fast. A drink of water makes it go away. I've had these pains for 25 plus years. I'm getting a physical in a month and I'm going to bring this up again.

  15. I had a friend who was severely overweight – not sure if he was diabetic or not – that had several heart attacks. Most of them had classic symptoms (he had multiple bypass surgeries) but he told me once that one of his attacks had almost no symptoms. The only indication he had that something was wrong was a cramping pain in his left big toe! It got to bothering him so much that he called his doctor and was told to go to the clinic. The attending physician just had a hunch and had the nurse do an ekg. When he got a look at the results he immediately called my friends cardiologist and had him admitted to the hospital. The result was a pair of stents (this was prior to his third bypass surgery).

  16. had some dull aching on and off in one spot of my chest for 2 days, the pain itself was extremely weak pain like less then 1/10 if 10 was broken arm and i have broke my elbow before so i have a good reference of pain, so anyway ambulance came out ECG and blood pressure showed nothing, went to hospital had anothereECG, blood pressure and blood tests that showed the following: blood cell Count, enzymes wich are telltale signs of a bad heart or attack i believe, and other organs like kidneys and liver were also checked with the blood tests. the doctoers think it was stress and anxiety, i had alot of stress before this all starder. some of the time when i rest i get dull ache but exercising maakes me feel great, i also stopped smoking cannabis a few days before it happened and stopped smoking tobacco days after, when the pain started as i was not sure if it was withdrawal from cannabis or a heart issue, so i think my body might be having trouble quitting cannabis and tobacco at the same time.

  17. I have tightness in my chest followed by constricting in my head. Sometimes accompanied by dizziness. I’ve had it for about 6 months. I’ve had a stress test done, all ok, but seriously considering seeing a cardiologist for further testing. Bp is normal with ace inhibitor.

  18. I do have chest pain but I think that’s because I have a iron deficiency. Do I need to eat more iron and wait if it is going away? I don’t feel the other symptoms because I’m mentally not stable, so I don’t know if my tiredness comes from my menta, health or my maybe iron deficiency.

  19. I had extreme burning pain down my chest and back. Around my stomach and pain under my left shoulder blade and right down my arm. I've even been to the ER, but they just gave me antibiotics and sent me home. They said it was colitis and golfer's elbow, and gave me antidepressants to treat the chronic symptoms. Did a CT scan and x-ray. Sometimes it burns from my chest down to my navel and it's like a band of pain around my stomach.

  20. I've had chest-discomfort going on 11 days now. Sadly still have not seen a doctor as I'm waiting to try to get insurance. I feel better when I lay down, but the pressure seems to come back when it wants.

  21. does all this applies to people from the UK too? i been in hospital twice since mid July. I am a professional driver for a living where I can be on the road upto 16 hours per day 6 days per week. I am 35, got a little bit of weight but not considered to be at risk of being over weight. I dont eat at regular intervals. I dont drink Tea or Coffee. Although, I drink lucazade and mountain dew every now and then. but i prefer to drink milkshakes as I suffer from heartburn. I am a none smoker, I take no drugs other than those I am prescribed. I not drank alcohol since 2008 due to my job and being a carer for my disabled wife. I also have asthma.

    Before I was taken into hospital. I had been getting odd pains in my chest that would spread around to my back between my shoulders and then into my lower back. I could usually walk it off. But then they got more frequent and one point I was in so much pain. it would ease while I stand sort of slouched position. but as I go to take a step forward or stand upright. I would get severe pains. I ended up in hospital later that week when I collapsed in my uncles house after being having slight pains all day, but then became breathless and very sweaty and collapsed. I still dont know what it is. my doctor seemed to brushed it off. I was told potentially having a blood clot. but then that was ruled out after taking Apixaban for a few days when they eventually put me in the CT scan. I been back into hospital again about 6 weeks ago when I lift my dog up and passed out after getting a pain in my chest. but I was sent home the same day and not heard anything back

  22. I went to the er with chest pain and shortness of breath..they said it was a panic attack after putting those sticker things on me..I was there for like 40 min…6 months later and im having chest pain with dizziness and just feel something isn't right…sadly our healthcare system is just crap sometimes and even though I pay for insurance through my job its still too expensive to see a Ive found a few things that help…
    Laying in bed and propping my legs up on the Wall… Meditating…chugging a bottle of water lol I told the er I have a 7 year old who needs me as I'm all he has so to please not shrug it off and really really check…I hope theu took it serious.

  23. I'm 18 and was feeling a slight pinching pain in what felt like my heart but it wasn't too painful but it was a specific spot I could point out, it felt like I don't know just tight, I may be diabetic but I am so skinny that you can see my abs, im not sure if I get nausea but I do get blood rush to my head almost every time I stand up, i suffer from heart burn and it feels like I can always feel my stomach sloshing around and making noises, and recently I'm starting to hear this noise that sounds like a flashbang

  24. I am a 31 year old woman and I smoke. I have had chest pressure and shortness of breath on and off for about a year. It also almost feels like my bronchial tubes are closing, even up into my throat. I feel a weird achey feeling from my throat up into the sides of my neck. I've considered carotid artery? I might sound crazy but I swear I can feel blockages around my heart. There's a fullness and achiness and I want to rub it. I told a doctor and they immediately diagnosed me with COPD. They didn't even examine me. I was angry that they jumped to that because I know something more is going on. Because I'm only 31 and I smoke, no one will take me seriously. Heart disease and diabetes runs in my family.

  25. If I get dressed I have shortness of breath with chest pain excessive sweating then my shoulders and arms get heavy….If I try to walk my dog I feel as if Im having heart attack even when I walk super slow…I am so scared I been to ER to physician to specialist all they done is rip me off!! I have a swollen right leg I trulky believe I had a blood clot when I went in my leg was very swollen, pain was 10 and this girl touched it and I would burst in pain agony impossible for her to apply firm pressure and she ruled out blood clot!!! No x-ray, no ct, no DDimer, or mri and billed my insurance $89,000

  26. I was diagnosed with anemia due to large amout of blood loss daily iron level 4% and hemoglobin 7!!!
    All I received was iron pills!
    Upon me having an attack I checked my oxygen it was 52!!!
    They are letting me die, I am so scared

  27. I get pain when I sleep and I wake up sometimes I can't sleep on my left side it hurts must sleep on my right side I smoke and run looks like I have hi blood pressure to feels like my head wants to pop as well I keep feeling tired alot can't even do anything then I want to sleep my left side did go num I was diagnosed with bascilar headaches as well

  28. It hurts all the time in the left lung when I breath, and my left shoulder is acheing, what do I do? 13 by the way and has asthma, but its not really bad.

  29. When I sneeze my chest burns and my left arm burns pins n needle for about 10 sec and i almost fall to the ground it happened to me two times this year. Should I be worried

  30. What if you're a runner and when you try to run faster, harder, & longer than normal you start to feel chest pain where your heart is? Is that just pushing the athletic limits or does that necessitate a Dr. visit?

  31. Thanks for the video.
    I have far left right below my breast pain that comes and goes and when I take a deep breath it does not hurt. Is this a type of pain I should worry about? 2 months ago I went I went to see the doctor because I had pain in the middle of my chest and they did an x-ray and two blood tests including CBC test and all came back negative. Doctor noticed I had swelling in the middle of my chest and this was due to heavy weight lefting, he told me to reduce the weight.
    I’m a male

  32. what about coldness of chest.?
    then the pain in chest area keeps moving day by day..
    And sweating.
    and left back pain also..🙄
    i went to see doctor and every report shows normal but still m not ok.

  33. How long should one feel this stabbing, energy-draining (left) chest pain to be classified as something not normal? is 12-18 seconds still normal and should not be a source of worry?

  34. I just turned 39 and I've been having tightness in my left chest side and it radiates to the back,i also feel numbing back there and even thought i can breath i feel the need to gasp for air constantly,feel very tired and even talking,walking sucks my energy,i am lightheaded and just feel sick,i been to the E.R and all they blame it on is anxiety,just recently i got diagnosed with pre diabetes.😥

  35. I’m 20 and I’m having palpitations in my heart and head and quite okay now with it but now I’m having chest tightness. It’s seriously annoying. Will go to the hospital for check up just to make sure.

  36. I am 23 years i have chest pain for about 3months …and before i have h. pylori till now ,.i take medicine given by doctor but still pain now also …please help me ….what should i do..,?I am from myanmar

  37. Im 19yrs, went to the docs as i was having bad chest pain for 2 days, it was to the point i was just holding my chest. I dont get chest pain anymore but i feel dissy all the time!!! And i feel weak and out of breathe and the doc found nothing wrong. I walk up stairs and out of breathe and dissy to the point i feel im gonna black out and its worrying 🙀

  38. I have angina it’s awful that is why I was out on lower fat and low stress ughhh yeah life is hard 😂 i get it when I’m stressed

  39. I often have chest pains. I am young 26. I have dropped weight from 130 to 100 pounds. I also whenever I see the doctors my blood pressure spikes high/heart rate. I cope with the stress of osteoarthritis in my joints shown on a CT scan diagnosed by a Rheumatologist. In the cold mornings my body "freezes up." causes my joints to feel "fused together." pain flares. This stress has caused me to nearly lose my job over my medical problems. Depression/anxiety follow. I try my best to stay active and healthy. Sometimes my legs feel tingly/numb. I hope things look up for me. Not only do I deal with medical conditions but I live alone and my family which I try to avoid they pull me into their conflict and show up at my apartment.

  40. In 2019, this guy assumes women are too busy cooking/cleaning/doing something for their man to take notice of their chest pains. Good advice though, sometimes you just gotta finish loading the dishwasher, fold the clothes, leave your man's dinner in the microwave and then ask his permission to go to the emergency room, right doc? 🤔🤬

  41. today i have fever because of my chest pain and i cant move a lot even it's hard to breath i stayed at home because i think its no big deal so i take medicine for my fever

  42. I have asthma and in band we move stuff and run because it's heavy, is that why I have chest pain it's like mostly in the back though like a pin 😛

  43. I'm having shortness of breath, chest pain and pressure, left arm going numb accompanied by armpit pain, and various pains down my neck and back. I don't have insurance or I'd go the doctor. Guess I'm going to wait until I have to call 911. It sucks being poor. LOL

  44. hey doctor i have some problem in my body some time my all body going cool and start sweating and my heart beating is so fast and alot of anxiety…. my age 25 some times i m felling like a little pain in my chest is that heart problem or stomach problem?



  46. I’ve been having chest pain for a couple of min and I might know why. If you swallow food to fast (rice) without chewing, could that be why because that’s when it started

  47. loved the video ,, useful nutshell ,, although 911 thing really put me in tears ,,, simply because i am from Egypt

  48. well i’m 13 and i’m watching this video cuz like i’m having bad chest pain on my left side and idk what to do, should i go to the doctor?

  49. I use to work construction and I would work fast pace then one day I felt like a squeezing feeling in my chest I began breathing fast it was hot outside but the pain was in my wrists and under my tongue it made me gassy as well (please dont laugh other commenters lol) but it would stay for a while and after I stopped moving around slowly it would ease up.

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