Check-Up: What is a Widow Maker? (Christopher Chiu, MD)
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Check-Up: What is a Widow Maker? (Christopher Chiu, MD)

The widow maker is the nickname for the most
important artery in the heart. Our heart has three major arteries. The one going down the middle is called anterior
descending. In general, it is the largest artery and supplies
the most amount of heart muscle in the heart. And, the artery with a blockage very proximal
having closed off would cut off the blood supply to a large area of the heart. So, that’s why they give it a nickname the
“widow maker.” All heart attacks are dangerous. About 30% of the patients with a heart attack
never make it to the hospital. But, since the widow maker is the largest
artery, and when a patient has that heart attack, it would be very big heart attack. So that’s why it’s more dangerous than
the other ones.

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