Check UP – Vitrine Revista – 30/06/2017
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Check UP – Vitrine Revista – 30/06/2017

Most of your day you spend in
the company you work for, this is natural. it is part of our rotine
now, How do you enjoy this time? what about the snack time? And How can you take your colleagues
to a physical activity that is also a time for pleasure the company values is quality of life,
so, the company worries down to the smallest details, since a fruit which is served in
the company, you can see the guys there during the break, until a wallking
that is took in the end of the day, It’s a project of running which we’re motivating
the guys, and it’s nice because when a person goes, others want to go too, so one
keeps motivating each one, we see their results We see it in practice, in doctors
numbers uh!, cholesterol, anyway, all the the doctors exams that the guys do and
bring us, so it’s in this situation that we can see improvements, for sure
the diet is one of the most important points to talk about
How are your meals? while you think, come to the stairs with me,
Is it a challenge for you to look at so many steps? It seems that when you are involved in
your daily routine, your life is like this, a staircase that you only go down, and it’s not
good for your health and talk about steps in this staircase,uh! if you, life so many people, are
breathless when going downstairs, it’s about time you changed this habits,
Where should you start? today we are going to show in “check up do dia” What’s your name? – Daiane
Daiane how did you decide and how did you support Diego in this change of habit? Well… Actually it comes a little from my
family, my parents, since I was a child, they had this good eating habits,
so at home we had always started eating with more vegetables, food rich in
fibers, so we’ve taken it since a long time ago, so I believe it came to
add when we got married, and we try follow this good eating habit
Fabiana is also an example, a year ago we were invited to join
a running group, I couldn’t run so far, I ran like this, 100 Meters, 200 Meters and
I thought I couldn’t really do it because it’s pretty challenging and after three
months I was really running, so today I run, I have already some medals at home,
today I run 5km, I’ve already run 6 in a street running, and it’s very good.

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