Check-Up: Meal Planning for Diabetics (Jessica Heckman, RD)
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Check-Up: Meal Planning for Diabetics (Jessica Heckman, RD)

The diet is composed of three main
nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and carb is the nutrient that
affects the blood sugars so all carbohydrates are broken down, turn into
sugar, and absorbed into the bloodstream. Just because you’re a diabetic, you don’t
have to buy any special foods. What we talk about is a basic general diet
that’s healthy for anyone. We just specify the amounts of carbohydrates you
should have and it’s all about balance – balancing carbs, proteins, and fats
together. A simple way to meal plan would be to start with the plate method. The
plate method is designed to help you create a plate that is well balanced. The
key is to have a quarter plate protein, a quarter plate carbohydrate, and half a
plate of non starchy vegetables

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