Check-Up: Common Heart Valve Problems (Dave Chalupa, PA)
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Check-Up: Common Heart Valve Problems (Dave Chalupa, PA)

Congenital is patients are born with a problem
with their valve whether it’s the aortic or mitral valve. Then degenerative as we get older, sometimes
the valves begin to calcify, or they just don’t open-up quite as well as they may
have in the past. The rheumatic is not as common any more nowadays
in the United States but is still prevalent throughout the whole world. When someone mentions they have a leaky valve,
the leaflets of the valve don’t always close tightly when they’re supposed to. And so, we’ll sometimes see where instead
being nice and snug when those leaflets close, they don’t quite meet up or coapt and we’ll
see some of the blood leak back from where it came from. If there’s just a tiny bit it’s not necessarily
a problem, but as the degree gets worse and worse than it can have an impact as it changes
the overall structure and the physiology of the heart.

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