Check up clinico nei Rapaci da falconeria
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Check up clinico nei Rapaci da falconeria

A complete medical check-up in falconry hawk Many pathologies of birds of prey are devious and difficult to identify. A complete clinical examination allows the veterinarian to evaluate the patient’s general condition, his body condition, and other important aspects. The control of the foot is important to rule out pododermatitis or “bumblefoot”. To avoid stress, and to improve the effectiveness of investigations, the raptor is sedated. Radiology allows the veterinarian to quickly assess the size and condition of internal organs. The pharyngeal swab is essential to rule out parasitic diseases such as the well known trichomoniasis. Blood analisis allow to assess the presence of ongoing infections and to establish the functionality of organs and systems. Some diseases such as Aspergillosis, a very common fungal infection, can only be treated if detected early. This is why the endoscopic examination is essential. Airsacs and internal organs are inspected. The examination ends with a rapid tracheal endoscopy to exclude fungal formations in the siringe. Thanks to the use of gaseous anesthesia, the patient’s awakening occurs rapidly after the procedures are concluded. Birds will be able to fly even the same day, but we advised to wait until the day following the exams.

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